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Interview: German ambassador to Ghana John Ruediger urges patience for Kwesi Appiah

Published on: 16 July 2014's Rahman Osman (left) and German ambassador John Ruediger.

By Rahman Osman

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German ambassador to Ghana John Ruediger reflects on his country’s World Cup triumph at thee just concluded tournament in Brazil.

He also spoke on the Black Stars performance and says the team has the potential to blossom in future tournaments with the backing of Ghanaians.

Ambassador Ruediger spoke exclusively to’s Rahman Osman

GSN: Ambassador how did you feel when Gotze scored the winner?

Ambassador: Very easing I must say we were all sitting on thorns before the final goal. But very satisfactory.

GSN: What did you make of the teams overall performance?

Ambassador: I think for the second world cup in the running we played as a unite the only difference is that this time we had luck, football is interesting after the preparatory game against Cameroon people didn’t believe in the team but that’s when we actually went on to win it.

GSN: What did you make of the 7-1 score line against Brazil?

Ambassador: I never saw that coming it was unexpected I doubt anyone saw that coming but that tells you how football works, I think after that people starting believing this was our time. Despite the score line we made a lot of mistakes but I must admit Brazil were a bit poor.

GSN: Did you for once feel Ghana could qualify alongside Germany?

Ambassador: Yeah that was my hope. I am German and Ghana is my second home so I really wanted Ghana to go through alongside Germany but unfortunate it wasn’t to be. I feel Ghana have an exciting team of course Boateng and Asamaoh are world class. I think they will come good with time.

GSN: How do you rate the German coach’s performance?

Ambassador: I think Joechim Low has  his fair share of critism in the past but the good thing is that he believed in his philosophy and stuck to it. Most people in Germany were beginning to get tired with him but I feel he learnt well from the failure in South Africa.

GSN: How do you compare Low with Kwesi Appiah? 

I think Kwesi Appiah was ok. Not a good tournament for him but am sure he will come good if Ghanaian’s allow him time. Low almost left and now everybody is hailing him so with a bit patient it gets better

GSN: Who was your best German Player?

Amabassador: I know who you are expecting but I will disappoint you a bit for me it was Manuel Neuer without a doubt simply the best in the world at the moment.

GSN: Final message to Germans in Ghana?

Congratulations and let’s celebrate as all Germans do knowing that we can only get better.

GSN: Thank you ambassador


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  • benny says:
    July 17, 2014 01:00 pm
    Maubs your comment is a mature one.Well done mate. However l find Yaw's comment childish and naive.Should Ghana continue to pay that clueless coach all those money plus lavish travel to UK ,to be with his family payable by the Ghanain tax payers in the cover of ideas sharing. AA has had an unprecedented opportunity than anybody in the country.AA is not a smart person and it doesn't matter the training and patience he will amount to square one.He has shown to be a waste of space.Listen again to his comments after the USA game.He wanted to bring in his strong players after the USA team is tired.How daft is that. If Ghana had a better manager ,we could have made it to the finals at least in Brazil. lt just makes economic sense to employ a qualify manager and pay him that kind of money and let AA start as PE teacher to learn coaching.Nobody in his right mind will offer a top job to somebody to learn on the job.What coaching badge has AA got? With AA's catastrophic failures, if he was a CEO of any company,the company would have gone bankrupt.
  • Blow says:
    July 16, 2014 10:20 pm
    Respectable coaches have retired after a teams poor performance in a tourney; why not Appiah after so many failures? Appiah must go now and quick.
  • benito says:
    July 16, 2014 10:29 pm
    For how long will the coach build the team'he has building since he took over and still building. It's crystal clear that he struggled with his tactics in Brazil 'poor reading of the game and wrong substitutions .we have shouldnt lost against the USA and Portugal 'we shouldn't.
  • yenkasa says:
    July 17, 2014 06:26 am
    Germans don't need our ambassador opinion to effect changes if they want. This is a cheap journalism. Is simple as that; Gfa and incompetent Kwasi Appiah failed and they have to get out. A coach who only manage to won only one game outside Africa with sort of players at his disposal....hmmm
  • maubs says:
    July 17, 2014 07:55 am
    yaw i see your point but i dont know what to make of it. if a man cannot ride a bicycle would you give him a job as a train driver and let him learn on the job? oh my God.Why give a senior team job to someone who is going to be learning on the job? oh Ghana how are we going to get any better? once upon a time the credential for a national team coach was must have managed a few club sides successfully for a long long time. when Mourinhno was asked to coach a national side he said he needed a lot more club management experience and when he is older he may consider it. Wales appoint young men all the time since Bobby Gould and what do they achieve? The only time i see a youn person or relatively not lon experience person get such senior job is if he has studied and played under some different proven greats and has been the captain for such great names in coaching; where he has the charisma and personality to inspire confidence in others. The situation with regards to Ghana is simple. the most wicked ghanaians always put on this pretence of being goody goody and dog humility. Appiah may be a cool guy but please as a player his time in blackstars was shrouded in camp troubles between abedi and yeboah factions.What goes around comes around. As a young manager has he got the charisma and real self confidence to inspire and motivate others?
  • PITO says:
    July 17, 2014 12:36 am
    My fellow Ghanaisns Let us keep Akwasi Appiah. Signed... PITO!
  • Satan says:
    July 17, 2014 12:56 am
    This is not original PITO,somebody is using his moniker.I am Satan and I will go into that persons body and give him problems,if he does not stop using that name.Mark my words.
  • Malik says:
    July 16, 2014 11:23 pm
    No wonder a bribe taking zongo man by name Rahman wrote this garbage. How are the people going to respect us when all it takes to fool a zongo man is to bribe him or her. Imagine even Israel killing our brothers and sisters in Palestine meanwhile we are here receiving gifts from those same Israeli people in the month of fasting. Where are we going as zongo people. ”Anduru Uwah” Rahman my foot. Why not keep that kwesi appiah to yourself after your kickbacks from the GFA to publish this garbage. Don’t you get it that we don’t want kwesi appiah and we will do anything to know he is not the coach of the team in Ghana if we are even to attack him physically, we will do so and trust me. We don’t want kwesi appiah. Most of us will prefer nyantakyi than kwesi appiah
  • Malik says:
    July 16, 2014 11:16 pm
    No wonder a bribe taking zongo man by name Rahman wrote this garbage. How are the people going to respect us when all it takes to fool a zongo man is to bribe him or her. Imagine even Israel killing our brothers and sisters in Palestine meanwhile we are here receiving gifts from those same Israeli people in the month of fasting. Where are we going as zongo people. ''Anduru Uwah'' Rahman my foot. Why not keep that kwesi appiah to yourself after your kickbacks from the GFA to publish this garbage. Don't you get it that we don't want kwesi appiah and we will do anything to know he is not the coach of the team in Ghana if we are even to attack him physically, we will do so and trust me. We don't want kwesi appiah. Most of us will prefer nyantakyi than kwesi appiah
  • maubs says:
    July 16, 2014 05:50 pm
    what are they going to say next time that Jesus Christ and Asase Yaa says to keep Appiah? German ambassador with all due respect was not talking as a football adminstrator was he? the line was once Germans wanted to force Jogi( j.low) out but he come good with time. The German manager has been finishing tournaments at semi finals till now. In his time German football has become exciting, vibrant and better and consistently produces results. Someone tellme how many times germany has lost a game since Jogi was appointed? could you say the same for Appiah? Metro Newspaper of yesterday quotes one of the german players has taking ten years for the project to come to fruition. Low deserves a lot of credit, he is a fantastic manager he kept all the players together and happy all these years. Can you say the same about Appiah? has he got the charisma to do that? so please whoever wrote the article stop this gutter journalism and sensationalism some of which has led us to this situation. How many times have you seen Germany describe Goetze or Kroos as whizz kid, wonder kid etc but thats all we get with ghana journalists. So whwen we go to tournament and the whizz kids believe the hype and cant relate well with team mates we then start moaning. There was no need for the headline of the article. Irresponsible journalism at its best
  • selfmade says:
    July 16, 2014 06:03 pm
    AA is a coach who has a nice attacking philopshy with poor selection and bad defensive mentality! If a coach wants to succeed, he needs to have a strong defensive mentality otherwise all his works ll be cos90! Right from the qualifiers and the AFCON, our defensive line has been poor and my question is this, why did our defence had it right against the Germans? There was something they obviously did well against the Germans and the technical team needs to sit down and review that particular match over and over again! Maybe, AA is not a learner or he doesn't listen to opinion or suggestions! Prior to the WC, a lot of people came up with nice stats about our WC campaigns but we committed the same mistakes in Brazil! loew was taking notes of our team with emphasis on our physical strength, wide play, trickery and sometimes our pace and skills, all that AA was taking about is TACTICS!! What is tactics anyway? Does he understand the word tactics in football? I have been AA supporter here and I want him to succeed but he needs to up his game! Football strategy and tactics are quite simple if only u understand them! Its about time, our coach employs the tactics he so much talked about in our games! Sometimes, he plays a typical 442, sometimes 433 but these are mere formations and layouts and mere formations doesn't win matches! Every formations comes with his unique TACTICS for eg, 451 relies on counter attacks, 442 is possession orientated and we need to combine both the formations with its accompanying tactics! The experiments and the mixing up is too much and he needs to have a solid team with gradual intergartion of the younger ones! Why did he allowed opare to play the whole 90/mins when it was obvious the guy is having a very poor game? It baffles that a coach cannot see what the fans can see clearly! Opare completed 11 crosses with ONLY 3 going thru!! He needs to be up and doing! Any coach wld be taken opare out of that game but not AA!! Finally, he should stop the ABUSUMANSO in the team and he should learn to let certain things go!
  • yaw says:
    July 16, 2014 06:14 pm
    I wonder what all those calling for the axing of Akwasi Appiah are up to. To begin my argument are these people the best in their various employment? How competent are they in what they do and did they achieve mastery overnight without errors. I am very sure that many of these so called commentators who hide under strange pen names might have been pardoned at their work places on many occasions. I agree that the coach took some decisions that were wrong and moving forward he needs to accept that there are some non-coaching Ghanaians who can profer very good suggestions to help him in his work. I am sad when I read from nameless and shameless individuals who insult the coach as if they are not cultured and are very perfect in the work they do. I concur with those calling for the coach to be maintained and helped to sharpen his skills.
  • Rasheed says:
    July 16, 2014 06:15 pm
    @Osman Rahman for how long will continue to lick people's boots in order to make a living?.I feel pity for you when I see you doing that,like going to interview the German Ambassador brcause your corrupt boss sent you there.
  • Rasheed says:
    July 16, 2014 06:41 pm
    @Yaw,I don't know how much you collected from Appiah,before posting your comments.This is not about making mistakes at work,but about a wimpy coach who is clueless and uses the method of trial and error in coaching.If Appiah is a worker in a company he would have been fired.This is a coach who has being an assistant coach from 2008,and in that year we played the semi finals in AFCON 2008. and played finals in AFCON 2010 ,reached the quarter finals in the world cup We achieved all these under white coaches.Appiah took over and messed up, and up till now,he does not know his first 11.Appiah traveled round the world chasing shadows all in the name of scouting for the end he brought a useless player like Adomah,that even Yaw can play better than him.
  • yaw says:
    July 16, 2014 07:11 pm
    @Rasheed. I appreciate your response to my comments but let me first inform you that my comments are independent and not based on what I am offered. I believe in "deep thinking" without insults and unnecessary villifications as REAL MEN discuss issues dispassionately and since thousands of people visit this site to obtain information on sports we should keep it clean. First on what grounds are you terminating the coach's appointment and what do you describe as incompetent. Trust me what you call perfect systems and strategies are the imaginations of coaches which can be successful in scenario A and 'backfire' in scenario B. What I consider as unfortute in our coach's case was his refusal to heed to advice in the selection of his players. Was he not the same coach who led the team to defeat the Pharoahs? In as much as some of us may think and act as perfectionists in our work places and homes, I am a strong student of learning through experiences and developing the skills of individuals without killing their potentials. What I think l our coach needs now is further training and a bigger heart and listening ear to include the opinions of others. He can surely make it. I rest my case.
  • kisongo says:
    July 16, 2014 07:54 pm
    can some give me AKwasi Appiah's first elleven ever since he took the mantle as a coach?
  • Rasheed says:
    July 16, 2014 08:24 pm
    @Yaw,I am sorry we don't want any more heartaches and apologies from a wimpy&clueless coach. after AFCON 2013,Appiah and apologized to us and we forgave him.Now after messing up in the world cup he has come again apologizing for us to allow him kill us finally in AFCON 2015.No amount of training will change wimpy and clueless Appiah.Yaw,yen ma Appiah en kun yen Wai.I rest my case.
  • Ansong says:
    July 16, 2014 09:12 pm
  • yaw says:
    July 17, 2014 07:17 pm
    @Benny. You may be right to comment on whatever you think is prudent from your 'perfect world'. I stand by comment that the coach should be given more programmes to develop his skills. Are you telling that the great coaches we have achieved their feat overnight without the patience and support of others. I only get sad when I read comments from people who act as if they are infallible and perfectionist. What our coach did was not the best and I dont think any Ghanaian is happy about it. Hasty decisions such as terminating the coach's appointment right after the world cup based on somebody's 'perfectionist judgement' is most unfortunate and such people when given appointments in big establishments only end up destroying such businesses because they do not give considerations to their actions. I am very happy that experienced persons such as Mr. Ben Kwoffie who has seen it all concurs with the decision to at least extend the Coach's contract by two (2) years. To say that the coach is clueless, not smart and a failure is the last thing I would want to even read about. I appreciate the efforts people make in achieving their goals in life and no matter how you may think you are using 'hidden blinds' to the destroy the coach and make him look bad in the face of others you will certainly face same in some years to come. I would continue to decry the 'perfectionist' assertion that the coach should be dismissed because he was not able to progress from the group stage....that is most unfortunate and hypocritical of many people. Can we really come out with detailed argument in support of what we term clueless and more so the dead end of the coach that cannot be mended....I am very sorry.
  • benny says:
    July 17, 2014 07:59 pm
    Yaw you surprise me with your insistence of given AA time.Time till when? AA has shown no framework that warrants continuity. Must Ghana waste money on something that is not working? AA doesn't know his best 11 to date. AA is clueless meaning that he doesn't know how to manage a team nor coach. ln my job here in the UK ,if l make those mindless mistakes ,people will loose their lives and l will end up in prison. To say we should let AA continue to experiment with the black stars and continue to help him is unfortunate statement. Football is about results.How much money did Ghana loose as a result of AA'S shambolic tactics. What annoys me is his hypocritical demeanour.What was Adomah doing in the game against USA?All because he wanted to give him game time. Yaw you live on a difficult planet.As far as l concerned,AA should not be allowed any where near the black stars. He can start off somewhere.