Italy-based seer Frimpong predicts massive win for Ghana over Egypt

An Italy-based spiritual has predicted a massive for Ghana over Egypt

An Italy-based spiritual has predicted a massive for Ghana over Egypt

An Italy-based Ghanaian spiritualist Evans Frimpong has prophesied a massive win for Ghana over Egypt in their 2014 World Cup qualifying play-off. 

The young Ghanaian immigrant living in the Italian city of Genoa claims he has had a direct vision from God and the revelation has it that the Black Stars will record a 5-1 aggregate win over the North Africans.

Frimpong who rightfully predicted the score-lines in Ghana’s victory over Zambia last month in Kumasi and the Ghana U20 triumph over Brazil in the 2009 FIFA U20 World Cup, claims Ghana will hammer the Pharaohs 3-0 in Kumasi on Tuesday before completing a double over their opposition with a 2-1 win in the return fixture.

“Just as God revealed the score-line of the Ghana-Zambia game and I made it known to people, God has also revealed to me that Ghana will win 5-1 on aggregate over Egypt,” he told Asempa FM’s Enock Walanyo.


Both Ghana and Egypt have resulted to spiritual formula for the game with Egypt’s Mohammed Abou-Treka set to commission a mosque in a suburb of Kumasi on the eve of the game.

Ghana fans also assembled at the Accra Sports Stadium to offer sacrifice and pray to God to grant them victory in the encounter.

Egypt boost of a favourable dominance over the West African giants and are counting on their superiority to make an appearance in a modern world cup.

The last time they appeared at the mundial was at the 1990 tournament in Italy and they also played at the 1934 edition.


  1. askantwi says:

    5-1 aggregate in favor of Ghana. So shall it be. They’ll finally realized that Ghana is the greatest soccer nation in Africa.

  2. Rubbish. Fake prophet. You and your black stars will be disgraced come Tuesday. He is not even known in Ghana let alone in Africa. The only true prophet we know is TB JOSHUA. GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  3. Troy says:

    hahaha Go and Check TB joshua said Ghana would win the 2014 World cup after the 2010 penalty missed by Gyan. and i dont knw how Ghana would win if Ghana doesnt qualify.

  4. Speed says:

    Ghana..Ghana..Ghana..Osey yie……..
    Ghana will triumph over the Egyptians for sure.

  5. phillbanger says:


  6. Gyan johnson says:

    May the prophecy come true.God bless the stars.amen

  7. Chu says:

    Can be true but l dont want to believe

  8. Maxwell Johnson says:

    Phillbanger, hahahaha!! Yh its very obvious that noni looks very ugly. Selfmade once saw his pic on FB and he said that fella looked like an old albino with a fucking disfigured face hahahaha! Its very obvious that this fuck face is jobless and has nothing better to do with his miserable life but rather spending his whole time on GSN commenting on every single article jux like his pal collynzoo a.k.a pornolynzo. Let him keep ranting here cuz he doesn’t have a job, at least you’re been kind to offer him one. He can make a living outta the car washing job hahahaha!!

  9. blakroze GH says:

    a “wise” nigayrian once told me that they were more “civil” than us, and faaarr developed than us, oh did I mention that he said we were apes who didn’t deserve to be amongst they the “humans” in Africa?…..well tell me guys, if this is how humans behave, them I’m quiet good being an “ape”……….”Halt the violence now, Northern govs tell security
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    Kaduna, & Uche Uche, Damaturu, with agency reports
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    of at least 40 students of the College of Agriculture,
    Gujba, Yobe state by unknown gunmen, suspected to
    be members of Boko Haram.
    The latest massacre came 13 days after the Yobe
    state Governor, Malam Ibrahim Gaidam recalled
    students back after about 10 weeks closure of
    schools in the state, which followed the killing in June
    of 28 post primary students in another school in
    Mamudo town, also in the state.
    According to reports, some unknown gunmen around
    1am yesterday attacked the agriculture college’s
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    Chief Medical Director, Damaturu Specialist Hospital,
    Dr Garba Fika, yesterday confirmed that 40 of the
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    Garba made this declaration when Governor Gaidam
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    He said that five students including three with
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    “unconscionable, heinous and barbaric”….. Don’t be decieved, these creatures “claim” intellectual superiority over us o…. I always wondered why they kept flooding our uni’s now I know why……

  10. Mumbi says:

    This Frimpong witch is a lier. Maybe he prophecy the opposite. Egypt will triumph over the apes. @Blakrose, ghanaians are too ugly thats y we call them apes. Imagine meeting with Muntari in equatorial rain forest, can u see any difference btwin him and a baboon? BIG NO, Richard Kingstone or even Ghanaman and Selfmad on fb? no difference with a chimpanzee. Ghanaians are a disgrace to africa.

  11. Final Whistle says:

    @Mumbi … Yes Ghanaians are ugly but a Ghanaian lady was the 2nd runner up in Miss World 2013. Where were ur ladies?

  12. church boi says:

    NONI(9JA 1ST SON) .. get a life ok.
    be careful wat u say abt a man of God.
    must u judge? shud ur comment abt GH always b negetive? Hu is being Fake here. smh. anyways, naija aint no match 4 GH. we wont even comment abt u n Ethiopia.
    if we cnt trash egypt then we hav no business goin to brazil.
    we thinkin of Spain, uruguay n de rest.
    De hope of Africa (Ghana) …
    De Revelation will surely come to pass (5ghana–egypt 1) it iz .
    Oseeeeyy!!!!! Ghana!!!!!

  13. ken says:

    Exactly, 3 nil was the scoreline I also saw in my dreams which was in favour of Ghana.God bless Ghana and make it great & strong

  14. blakroze GH says:

    @final whistle…..please put it on record too that whilst the Ghanaian babe was getting that enviable position in the beauty pageant, well, her zambian…or should I say ZOMBIE competitor was busily looking for legal papers to prove that she wanted to go for the competition but not to infect people with AIDS as alleged…..personally I was of the view that she had ulterior motives judging by the way she vehemently denied it….c’mon @mumbi tell me it’s a lie since u guys can’t even stand the sight of your “fine” girls till the extent that you rather RAPE a chicken than be with a zombie woman not forgetting that u guys “beat” your women to death…. I mean like are u seriously going down that path with this track record of yours? @mumbi? The mumu?…..seriously?

  15. crusader, NJ says:

    I hate to read these kind of articles from this site. .

  16. asanteni says:

    stupid nija born,Ghana is numba one in nija pple envy Ghanaians.may BOCOHARAM bomb u all

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