Ivory Coast star Didier Zokora is the latest African player to battle divorce proceedings

Didier Zokora

Didier Zokora

Ivory Coast star Didier Zokora is set to pay a whopping €4m alimony to complete his divorce with his wife Mariam Diallo as the woes of African footballers and their spouses surge on.

Zokora becomes the latest African football star to get into trouble over strained relations with his once cherished better half.

The Trabzonspor defender however appears ready to dish out the cash in order to be free to marry his girlfriend Dorcas Seri in a planned glamorous ceremony in Istanbul next month.

The Ivory Coast player’s issue joins a series of recurring cases with African players in recent times.

Ghana defender John Mensah has been ordered to sell off his plush mansion in Accra to compensate his former wife Henrietta following the completion of their divorce.

Another Ghana defender John Paintsil could be heading into a similar direction even though he has vowed to save his strained marriage with wife Richlove.

Former Ghana players Arthur Moses and Nii Odartey-Lamptey are also battling similar cases though in different degrees.

Moses has reportedly been ordered to sell off four of his houses to compensate his former wife while Odartey-Lamptey is in court looking to kill off his marriage after finding out the three children between him and his wife are not his.


  1. Nabi says:

    What these unsuspecting footballers have failed to realise is dat most of these women r gold diggers n don’t love nor care about them(footballers).They date these players n trick them into marrying them while keeping amorous r/ships with men they truly luv.Fire burn them self

  2. Nabi says:

    Self seeking leeches(women)

  3. Nabi says:

    What happened to pre-nuptial agreement?

  4. spellBOUND says:

    what stupidity in reporting is this??? GSN, is this a footballing site or reality show for the off field antics of football stars, let alone a non-ghanian…. idiots of the highest order….

  5. Asenegal says:

    Spellboun just shut up. This is a football site. Zokora is a footballer 4rm Africa n is having same issues asPaintsil n Mensah so what is wrongabout this story?

  6. Asenegal says:

    Pls up n coming soccer stars b very careful about whom u chose as wives. U need 2 pray vigorousely b4 u think about getn married

    • spellBOUND says:

      wow REALLY mate, how many reputable sites out there publish reality show type stories like this??? GSN preys on people like u. anyone who comes on here regularly knows that this site posts stories that have absolutely no intent but to illicit responses not related to football……its a joke. there’s a downside to having tentacles in everything… u lose focus on what matters… i will hold my tongue and spare u any insults.

  7. keith from germany says:

    My fellow forumites i have to honestly tell you that most of these players are responsible for their missfortunes.
    Some are casanovas and have been cheating on their wives.
    Some of these players cant keep their organs in their trousers.
    And eventhough they know that some of these gold diggers or hood rats are home-wreckers they still have sexual intercourse with them.
    In a case there are always two sides to hear.
    What happened to odartey lamptey was very bad and i feel sorry for him but as for the rest i have my doubts.
    Didier zokora wants to marry in six months so that means eventhough he is married to his wife he was having sexual intercourse with another woman.
    Most of the players have themselves to blame.
    Blaming the ladies all the time is not fair.
    Thats food for thought

  8. Assisi says:

    Blame our stupid and incompetent judges and lawyers who has copied literary what western judges and lawyers interprete their laws. African laws are different and do they so these gold diggers should get very little from their supposed husbands. What on earth can they order a husband to sell his properties because of divorce? That is ridiculous and it should be challenged.

  9. Women!!! But @times I will blame those players, I like mikel 4 taking his time bcos most of dis laddies are pure gold diggers

  10. Misty says:

    Thankyou @keith from Germany,u seem to be the only one speaking sensibly here.u cannot keep breaking sacred vows nd hope to get away with it.how do u think these women feel.idiots calling them gold diggers.smh @ Spellbound ,the least said abt u the better.if I were u I’ll refrain from commenting on here cos u only expose ur ignorance each time u do.cery pathetic! Smh

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