JE Sarpong wants Black Stars to play CHAN team in pre-World Cup friendly

JE Sarpong

JE Sarpong

By Rahman Osman

Experienced Ghanaian coach JE Sarpong wants the senior national team to play the CHAN team as part of their World Cup preparations. 

The home-based national team were runners-up at the just ended 2014 African Nations Championship hosted by South Africa.

There are calls for some members of the Local Black Stars to make Ghana’s squad to Brazil and Sarpong pitting the two sides will settle the debate.

“Yes a game between the two sides won’t be a bad idea, it will create healthy competition and save the FA money even,” the former Liberty coach told

“For me some of them have made a good claim for themselves and will definitely stand a good chance now than before.”

Ghana have lined up to play Montenegro on 5 March and another against the Netherlands on 31 May in pre-World Cup matches.


  1. Kofi(Atlanta) says:

    Bad idea. It’s good if we were about to play tournament like ACON but not the World Cup. What kind of experience can we get from the Local player if you are going to play Germany and Portugal.
    These old coaches have run out of ideas and trying to put us backward. Why not suggesting countries like England, Ireland! Sweden, Scotland or Mexico, Costa Rica and Honduras because of USA?

  2. Lord Dennings says:

    Absolutely a great idea

  3. garzy says:

    It seems ghana do not want to represent africa with her best legs, if ur local black stars plays the main team I’m so sure with their taikwando style of play there would be broken bones everywhere after the match. Greetings from naija

  4. askantwi says:

    It’s a DUMB and DANGEROUS idea. Some of these local Black Stars are jealous of the members of the Senior team. They won’t hesitate in playing it so hard to hurt those already in the squad. Besides, their over enthusiasm to impress will definitely cause injury to some of the senior players. This CONFLICT should be avoided at all cost. Moreover, not that one match would prove who deserved to have a late call up to the senior squad. This is an absolute dumb idea.

  5. Kofi(Atlanta) says:

    Thank you Askantwi and Garzy. Why do you have to play recruitment friendly now.

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