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JE Sarpong wants Kwesi Appiah to quit Black Stars to save integrity

Published on: 14 August 2014
Kwesi Appiah has been advised to quit his job

Veteran Ghanaian coach JE Sarpong wants Kwesi Appiah to quit the Black Stars to save his integrity in the wake of a looming appointment of a technical adviser.

The former Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko trainer feels the appointment of a technical adviser represents a slap in his face and confirm suspicion that the FA has little faith in him to lead the team to success.

The Ghana FA has appointed a three-man committee to hunt for a new man who will supervise the work of the under-fire coach.

The move has become necessary following the Black Stars disastrous campaign at the World Cup where questions marks have emerged over his competence.

Many have criticized him for losing the dressing room while his critics have questioned his tactical ability after the Africans crashed out at the first stage.

There are those who also feel the move is just a ploy to frustrate him to leave the post and experienced coach JE Sarpong has advised him to leave with his head high.

“If I were Kwesi Appiah, I will quit the job because it simply doesn’t make sense to me,” he said

“What is the point in appointing a technical adviser at this time? For what and for what purpose?

“It only tells you that they (FA) don’t trust in his abilities and so I don’t understand why he’s still there.

“In my view it’s better to quit now to save your integrity than to stay with all the uncertainty hanging on your neck."

Former Ghana FA vice and an executive committee member Fred Pappoe revealed this week that Appiah requested the service of a technical help.


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