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Jordan Ayew, Andre Ayew on target as Marseille return to winning ways

Andre Ayew joins his younger brother Jordan to celebrate his strike

Ghana pair Jordan and Andre Ayew were both on the score sheet for Olympique Marseille who defeated Montpellier 3-2 in the French Ligue 1 on Saturday. 

Andre opened the scoring for Les Olympians on the 14th minute mark before turning the architech for Jordan Ayew to score Marseille’s second eleven minutes from time.

Former QPR captain Joel Barton weighed in a cross for Andre to beautifully turn in from inside of the box to put Elie Baup’s side ahead.

But Argentine international Emmanuel Herrara cancelled Andre’s opener three minutes later before Nigerian forward John Utaka gave the visitors a 2-1 lead.

Andre then laid a shortish pass for Jordan to finish off from inside the box on the 79th minute mark.

French international Andre-Pierre Gignac claimed the maximum points for Marseille in the stoppage-time.

The two brothers scored for their French on the eve of the Black Stars playing their first match in Group B of of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.


  1. Maxwell Johnson says:

    Kudos, keep on scoring. Your services will be needed in the WC qualifiers.

  2. Troy says:

    Yeah wish them Good. Let them keep scoring we need them and they also need us. Some Ghanaians refuse to think. I respect our coach’s decision but o also want to see my boy Andre and the Brother Excel. Will never wish any Ghanaian player bad.

  3. dozos says:

    These guys are gonna be missed by ghana at afcon for sure. Allez L’OM!!

    • Askantwi says:

      They’ll never be missed. We have never won afcon with or without them. Why are they suddenly exhalting themselves. Even Michael Essien was not missed.

      • TT says:

        Many countries are laughing at Ghana for leaving out these great talents. We could have presented the best BS squad ever.

        • GH FUO, THINK BIG!!! says:


      • how old r u? says:

        pls boss,dede led the under 20 to win both afcon and world cup in pls say you re not happy with da incident which occured bt for dede and da brother,they are good.i wish black stars well thouh

  4. Bengin says:

    Kwesi appiah shd go for de cup or de xclusion of de ayews will end his job…..Dede no size

  5. Paul says:

    Pls GSN we dont need any mideocre updates. We are thinking seriously about our first match. No more Ayew news!

  6. BABYLON says:

    Ghana we always fight our potential prayers, that is bad. We should learn how to gather them. if you think about Ghana YOU wont say what you are saying
    no more Ayew news, what news do you want to hear, stop hypocrate

  7. wonderful kwame says:

    I told you Ghana people to include all the 3 Ayews. These 3 brothers can do wonders for you. I watch the match today. Why is everybody saying Ghana have a chance this year? I keep telling you you have only two matches to win. Maybe you already got those wins in your friendlies. If not, then you go win only two games. Only two games or nothing. Next year, if you play your selection cards right. Then you go win something. You got the best players in the world but you just dey kill them spirits always. You people don’t know how to build a team. Think about next year and forget about this year.

  8. Wont Stop says:

    The Ayew’s are good but too controversial. Perhaps Ghana can only get the best from them when their father is the Coach.

    With them what did we do? Ghana is bigger than individual players. We happier with

  9. tank God we are nt zambians says:

    @kwame ”wo maame tw3″ guy lyk u shud be hanged…fake pastor wit stupid fake dream.i tink too much masturbatin is drainin yor brain

  10. dadaba gonshots says:

    These goals could have been for us against DRC later today…
    Ghana fo mp3 adze pa…
    Good show boys, show them how to score.

  11. killer says:

    Seriously this Afcon is too tough, all the countries are great and better, you can’t underestimate any country,hmm let see what Ghana can do

  12. SAIDU says:

    The editor of GSN has some mental problem!!! How does this news change the price of tuo zaafi?
    @TT, u ve some mental problem and u know nothing about football.
    @wonderful kwame, u have some mental problem too.
    I’m very proud of black star players who are in south Africa.

  13. ADEBAYO says:

    Hate it or not these Jordan and Andre are good and the coach made a serious blander by leaving them out!!!.He will surely mis their services at the 2013 AFCON!…you may not like what i have said BUT THIS IS THE TRUTH they are in form and exellent NOW!!!

  14. Tribalistic appiah says:

    Money cant buy class like or not the are ayews are true class bs coach is clueless his gonna badly in this africon no good coach will ever drop player with such quality.will i wish Ghana best of luck.

  15. Tribalistic appiah says:

    Money cant buy class like or not the are ayews are true class bs coach is clueless his gonna badly in this africon no good coach will ever drop player with such quality.will i wish Ghana best of luck.i rest my case.

  16. Paul says:

    When these two ayews are in BS camp they think they are better off than all the players and the technical staff. They don’t want to abide by camp rules and create cöntrovercy over camptaincy nd jersey numbers. They think they are bigger than GHANA. Black stars will surely win this afcon based on the quality of the two matches played so far. Go black stars!

    • Spirit says:

      Sorry but where did you hear or see all that rubbish. We keep heaping conspiracy stories to kill great talents. Have you even set eyes on this boys before. So how do you judge them. That is why the whites continue to see us as monkeys because we don’t appreciate what we have. shame on you.

  17. Don Holy says:

    In actual fact we gona miss Dede. A talented player with full of motives. But all the same lets pray black star shld bring the cup home.

  18. raymond asante jnr says:

    de AYEWS r gud but de BLACK STAR r 222 gud,n we r goin 2 shoot de ANIMALs in our group down.GO BS GO!

  19. pito says:

    “l am very of the our coach for acting like a man.he`s giving the youth of Ghana both locally and abroad an opportunity to promote themselves.All the best GHANA and the coach

  20. pito says:

    “l am very proud of our coach for acting like a man.he`s giving the youth of Ghana both locally and abroad an opportunity to promote themselves.All the best GHANA and the coach

  21. nana says:

    Kudos Dede and Jordan, may the Lord grant you strength so that you fight for your nation whenever you are called upon,I know you have the nation at heart,don’t bother about the critics.

  22. rass phill says:

    All our stars can not play let surport the couch and wish the stars stars the best of luck.the evil that man do…

  23. Spirit says:

    They are truly demonstrating what they know to do best. “getting results.” I pity all who are hoping to see the Black Stars make it beyond the group stage with a team led by a joker. I wonder who would save Ghana next this time when we face Mali. Stop the conspiracy and acknowledge the talents that God has blessed us with.

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