Jordan Ayew, Baffour in Ghana's AFCON squad - Adiyiah, Abeyie, Kingson axed

Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic will name the leading scorer in the country's top-flight in his squad for the 2012 African Cup of Nations, can exclusively reveal.

Jordan Ayew and Emmanuel Baffour are in the squad for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations

Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic has named Jordan Ayew and the local league’s leading scorer Emmanuel Baffour in a 25-man squad for the 2012 African Cup of Nations, can exclusively reveal.

Turkey-based striker Dominic Adiyiah and Quincy Owusu as well as goalkeeper Richard Kingson were axed from the squad.

Bristol City’s in-form winger Albert Adomah will be disappointed that he could not make the team for the tournament in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Former Germany youth international Charles Takyi gets his place in the squad as he joins the number of players hoping to make their debut in Africa’s flagship tournament.

South Korea based striker Derek Asamoah and Stromgodset duo of goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey and Mohammed Abu will be fighting to make their first appearance in Africa’s showpiece event.

Home-based goalkeepers Daniel Agyei and Ernest Sowah will swell the number of home-based players in the squad to three as they take Kingson’s place.

Kingson pays the price for being without a club for more than six months.

New Edubiase striker Emmanuel Baffour, who has scored 11 goals in 11 matches, is part of the 25-man squad to be unveiled on Thursday.

Jordan Ayew, the son of legend Abedi Pele, will also be included in the squad following his excellent showing for French side Marseille.

The squad is good mix of experienced and young players with John Mensah leading out his colleagues for their camping in South Africa early next month.

The Black Stars will be relying on trheir top players like Isaac Vorsah, Kwarasey, Derek Boateng, Andre Ayew, Sulley Muntari Kwadwo Asamoah and lead striker Asamoah Gyan to help them get their fifth title.

The 25 selected players will head to the South African city of Rustenburg for camping ahead of the competition which starts on 21 January.

The coach wanted to take 23 players to camp in South Africa but he was convinced to add two more which might have paved the way for Baffour to join the team.

The Black Stars have been drawn in Group D where they will lay Guinea, Mali and Botswana.

Ghana squad:

Goalkeepers: Adam Kwarasey, Daniel Agyei, Ernest Sowah

Defenders: John Painstil, Samuel Inkoom, Daniel Opare, Massawudu Alhassan, Lee Addy, Isaac Vorsah, Jonathan Mensah, John Mensah, John Boye

Midfielders: Derek Boateng, Anthony Annan, Jordan Ayew, Emmanuel Agyemang Badu, Abu Mohammed, Dede Ayew, Sulley Muntari, Charles Takyi, Kwadwo Asamoah

Strikers: Asamoah Gyan, Prince Tagoe, Derek Asamoah, Emmanuel Baffourr.



  1. osayGhana says:

    I will still wait for tomorrow. Albert Adomah can’t be axed like that. He is gud and where is Quincy Owusu Abeiye?

  2. osayGhana says:

    The coach should not select players he knows for sure will not get the opportunity to play during the AFCON…(i.e warming the bench till the tournament is over or we are kicked out of the tournament)

  3. headlessman says:

    what did john Boye do to be included that afful or rahim ayew didn’t do.Hei coachie,eyes are watching you oooo….

  4. Andrews says:

    All is well. All Ghanians are looking up to the coach to make the right selection to bring the cup to Ghana. He should not forget that if he fails, he would be axed. God bless Ghana. Amen!!!.

  5. kofi osae attah says:

    where is adomah

  6. A cool guy says:

    Where is Quincy? Where is Adomah? Why is Prince Tagoe always automatic?

  7. grow the fk up says:

    no disrespect buh Jordan ayew n no quincy? you guys will be shocked. Jordan is not as good as ppl mk him out to be

  8. chaleboii says:

    hahahaah people are funnyy oooooooooooh…..almost everyday a different squad xd hmmmm….im curious for the REAL one……i know this one is fake like all the others…they are just guessing….

    pluss Quincy cant be axed…i mean..charles takyi is there and not Quincy? or even Adomah? fake list….

  9. chaleboii says:

    ahahaha hmmmmmmm people are funny oooooooooh…..almost everyday an other squadlist xd…..its all fake…lets just wait till tomorrow.

    btw it cant be real , i mean Takyi ahead of Quincy or even Adomah? hmmmmmmm dont think sooo oooooooooh

  10. atiao says:


  11. osayGhana says:

    Quincy videos ep1
    Quincy Owusu Abeyie vs Real Madrid 2010/2011:

  12. Aguero one says:

    Why Tagoe and john mensah and not adoma and afful this is a fake list. Morow we go see then hear.

  13. Fakulty Gh says:

    what is prince tagoe and lee addy still doing in this squad,anyway,it is no news as some few of us know both players are managed by the consortium that scout for coaches for Ghana,but i must say that as far as corruption still exist in our game we are also not going to win any laurel whatsoever.

  14. Fakulty GH says:

    People like Atiao are the ones to be given the chance to express their views,the rest have less or no knowledge about football..Atiao….BIG UPPS..

  15. Who is john boye? Who is takyi ? & without afful n Quincy tweaaaaaa dis make me nt belief,am waiting 4 2moro oooo….

  16. Keage says:


  17. Nananom says:

    If this is the real squad, then I’d say that apart from Quincy not being included (should replace Takyi), this is a pretty good squad. Personally, I’d add two more: Nana Kwasi Asare and Albert Adomah.

  18. zion says:

    The list is not all that bad ,but i have a problem with the prince of goals who has hanged his scoring boots somewhere.

  19. Joe. says:

    U guyz shld leave de coach alone. De man says he’ll be naming his 23 man squad on Thursday but I wonder how u guyz came by this list all b’cos of ur stomach. Pls u ppl shld give us a break.

  20. mukmin says:

    Good squad though I woulda preferred Quincy over Tagoe. I just hope Baffour is ahead of him on the pecking order.

  21. Amponsah says:

    Let’s all wait until de coach comes out with de squad den we can’t cmnt. But Prince Tagoe and Adiyiah shd not be in de team at all.

  22. Amponsah says:

    Let’s all wait until de coach comes out with de squad den we can cmnt. But Prince Tagoe and Adiyiah shd not be in de team at all.

  23. david says:

    let’s all wait and see wat happen. i think tagoe should be replaced by quincy.

  24. Nana (RSA) says:

    If this is the squad, l will say it is a good one because it perfectly suits the Coach’s attacking style of play. The only thing he can do to make it perfect is to Push Tagoe to Midfield because he is a Workaholic and pair Gyan, Jordan and Baffour upfront in a 4-3-3 formation. With this we can destroy all the teams trust me.

  25. Kwab says:

    If this is the squad Plavi is an idiot. Jordan Ayew is NOT a right winger. It should be Gyan + Jordan up front with quincy on the right side of midfield. Goals go flow !

  26. Essandoh says:

    Let wait for the coach list becouse the squard without Quincy is black sa

  27. ghanaba says:

    opinions are varied and if all the 24 millions Ghanaians should have the chance to express their opinion, we would have 24 million different views about the BS squared for AFCON 2012. Anyway, all of us may have our views but the coach decides who fits into his plans and takes the blame if he should fail. Anyway I find Atiao and nana (RSA)comments interesting.I also think Tagoe had been given enough chance to impress but keeps on disappointing. You remember AFCON 2006 in Egypt. He had then just won the Ghana premiership goalking but was a passenger in egypt. Look at his performance at the world cup in SA and u will know he has nothing to offer.

  28. AA says:

    Where is Lewis agyemang in the squard?

  29. king west says:

    Prince tagoe needs to be droped! He is rubbish. Where are adomah and qiuncy. This squad is built on bribe

  30. Troy Boateng. says:

    Pains me Quincy is not part. Hope its not true. Because I’d be very disappointed. He should be part of the team. But Good squad indeed. We need the talented and dribbling magician Quincy in the team.

  31. Troy Boateng. says:

    Charles Takyi is a very good player. I really like him. We seriously need him in the team.

  32. Kwalife says:

    Quincy was dropped for discplinary reasons

    Prince Tagoe was our leading scorer during qualifiers…

  33. Bemol says:

    Prince tagoe has got enough he shld be left out this time baffour & quincy standout.

  34. Amoah Daniel Nyanor says:

    Please,Prince Tagoe should will remove from the final 23 man squad.

  35. Bongo says:

    Quincy cant be dropped for any reason.The guy is good and have to be in the team.@bt 80% of comment posted so far @bt this story want his inclusion and that is a signal

  36. peter piper says:

    so Goran did not take Harrison Afful. this coach is a big goof indeed!

  37. Sam says:

    What division is adomah playing by the way,is it 3rd division, cause i watched little bit of his games and i swear hes not a black stars material, the games looks like high school games. U guys are a joke,u crying for ur favourite player playing in division 3 to go compete against a player in a top flight leauge.

    • Papa Nkrumah says:

      i guess what u watched was Adomah some years ago when he was in the much lower divisions. you need to see him at Bristol City in the Championship where even our own Paintsil is often unable to make the bench at Leceister City

    • king west says:

      Adomah plays in the championship u fools. Championship is the second tier to the premiership! He starts all the games. Plays better than most of the ghanaian midfielders! Go on you tube and type in bristol citys african attack, .. Then start talking. He has pace and delivery. That’s what ghana needs! This so ghana team is a shamble. All the players paying bribes to get in the team. They only certified players are gyan the goal keeper adomah and quincy. And ayew. The rest needs to retire. Pantil and mensah too old for the team.

  38. Guru-Mamo says:

    Why it’s always some ghanaians attached emotions and sentiments to important issues. Please let respect those in charge of our teams.especially the coach’s decisions.Each and everyone want his choice to be in the final 23 why? Let support n pray for the Black Stars.

  39. Paa Akwasi says:

    to hell with the inclusion of prince taggoe n lee addy,ivory coast is calmly waiting for us n we shall see another 3-1 defeat

  40. AJ says:

    you guys talk too much, aaba.. The list wud b out today..stop critisizing players, u cnt do any better when put on the pitch..after al they get their money n dnt share it with u..let ghanain players be..they are al unique their own way.Aaba

  41. Saani Banini says:

    I have my doubts about this squad.Where is Quincy and Adomah,I personally think John Boye shouldn’t have been in the squad.We will settle for anything less.

  42. thomas aduko says:

    my problem is prince tagoe, wht is he going to do there? he is alwys boring in e field of play n lee addy is alwys panicking, we dnt wnt him to cause any penalty but Albert adomah can make it to 2013 nation cup 2014 world cup so he wrk extra harder.

  43. natia says:

    ahhha prince tagoe for wat my granny may make the cut for afcon instead

  44. resurrection says:

    u are making this site full of fake rumours. i thought there is always a lil truth in every rumour but yours have nil. how many squads have u leaked so far soccer net? guess you are getting to 69 man squad by now.

  45. JERMPAPA says:

    I’m more than happy to see e best midfielder alive Derek Boateng playing his first cup of nation in a decade. Go high Maestro u will continue Bossing e midfield. Mayele Papapaaaaaaaa

  46. king west says:

    ADOMAH and QUINCY needs to be selected full stop!

  47. Kwalify says:

    Before you ask for any player to be selected name who they should replace. Keep in mind that the list we have now will have to be trimmed by 2 players!!!

  48. Sammer, 9ja says:

    Y’all want tagoe to be axed, Quincy & Adomah included in the squard. Why can’t u wait for the official list from the coach before u start commenting. Any player selected by the gaffer i think deserve their place. God bless Gh.

  49. seidu says:

    there is no necessary for us to worry about the players. we should pray that God will help us to lift the trophy for sure

  50. Desmond says:

    lET ME aSK A qUESTION …iF What happens during the Tournament when Asamoah Gyan get Injury ..What Happens Tell me???

  51. Yaw says:

    Abeyie and prince tagoe who is the best. Why do we always include him in our games. Over the yrs he has prove tn us that he cant play. Also the defenders are too many. Why are going to play a 6 3 1 formation. Damn it

  52. Paa t says:

    Massa quincy deserves a call up. Folks i hv nt seen or dnt know muc abt charles takyi

  53. essien fun says:

    i wish u there best ghana

  54. nicholas marfo says:

    I think Abeyie suppose to be in the squad instead of P. Tagoe. But corse for alarm. GOD BLESS GHANA…

  55. ZINSER ALEX says:

    comerades, did the coach take soli from prince tagoe? or did he take kasapreko alomo bitters before announcing the squad? goran if you don’t want to run from gh then go, run fast for quincy before he dissapears and kick tagoe out with emmediate effect ookkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. mojahadine says:

    This news is stupid, amateur and tantamount to undermining the authority of the Blackstar coach. This is not the official selection. It did not come from the GFA and the coach. I am sick and tired of the useless media in Ghana always circumvention the authority when it comes to the Blackstars. It will be wise for everybody to not pay attention to this nonsense until the actual release from the GFA and the coach is released.

  57. king west says:

    John pansill is rubbish! He doesn’t even get on the bench at lecster city.

  58. popetorcha says:

    what have SAMMY ADJEI done ? …. i think he deserves a place in the list .

  59. dave says:

    quincy out,i cant believe it.i just dont understand why the coach cant just see anything in this player he is far better than most of the players selected,if not the best we simply have not been fair to him.

  60. i wish coach plavi and all his boys the best of luck in the upcoming AFCON competition but think sammy adjei deserve a place in the team

  61. Nas says:

    You guys think we are soo stupid for this news huh? Where is Abeyie and Adomah? You can’t be serious. You are just joking. Stupid news.

  62. sharky says:

    I personally think Jordan Ayew is not ready for the big stage yet. He needs to be givn time to improve and develop as a plyaer before thy include him in the national team.. They cant tell me that Jordan is playing better than Quincy at this stage…simple!!!

  63. Chu says:

    bomboklat 2 MTN 4 bringin us dfrent lists evrday.jenalists of ghana like rushin 2 much.plavi’s list is not in, jst wait.

  64. mark fish says:


  65. sharky says:

    Jack I’m not happy with the inclusion of especially Jordan Ayew while Quincy has been excluded.Quincy is as good as Aaron Lennon, shawn wright philips or Theo walcot.. The pace the guy brings to the game is exceptional.. This is unacceptable… simple!!!

  66. o'courageous says:

    Why not calling Jerry Akaminko and Shaibu Yakubu who plays prof. in Turkey.Jerry has captained under 20s b4 and best defender why then? I Can’t fathom it.We must try from all angles.Tnx.

  67. The best never rest says:

    Please!please!please i beg the coach to drop prince Tagoe and charles Takyi out from the squard or else i will not watch the tournament come 21st Jan. P. Tagoe cannot even control ball on the field of play oooooh am sorry!

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