Jordan Ayew gutted over his AFCON axing but confident of Ghana success

Ghana striker Jordan Ayew is praying the Black Stars excel at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations even though he is disappointed he was not selected for the tournament.

Jordan Ayew hopes his brother will win a medal with the Black Stars at the 2013 AFCON

Ghana striker Jordan Ayew is praying the Black Stars excel at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations even though he is disappointed he was not selected for the tournament.

The Marseille player was not part of coach Kwesi Appiah’s 26-man squad for the competition in South Africa which starts next month.

Ayew, who has been in impressive form for Marseille this season, but his recent outing for the Black Stars has been unimposing.

Jordan Ayew is understandably disappointed to have been overlooked, but is looking to take the positives from his omission.

He said: “I am disappointed but Marseille will gain from this, because they need me in January.

“I wish Ghana good luck and hope my brother comes back to Marseille in February with a medal.”

Only four players currently plying their trade in Ghana have been called upon by coach James Kwesi Appiah.

The majority of the squad ply their trade in Europe, with the likes of John Paintsil, Christian Atsu, Derek Boateng, Kwadwo Asamoah and Anthony Annan adding vital experience.


  1. albaashar@T- Town says:

    what experience is Atsu bringing to Ghana, stop propagating for other players. we all know Atsu is incredibly good and we all like him, but has never been to Afcon. so be careful about your choice of words.

  2. Floating voter says:

    I have been watching Jordan lately in the French league and I must say he is in top form.
    It is rather unfortunate that Akwasi Appiah omitted him. Not too good in my view.
    I hope it is not revenge time, because the captaincy was stolen from Akwasi Appiah and was given to Abedi Pele in 1992. That brought division to the team. Now AA is paying the kids back for what their father did to them.

  3. muftawu says:

    i personally think jordan was dropped not for football reasons,there is behind his axing.

  4. kimco says:

    he might in top form for his his club but his showing for the bs is not impressive. I don’t fully agree to his axing but i understand.

  5. boss says:

    okay AA ur telling me that he is not evn part of the best 26 players in gh n solomon asante is?? fuck you n ur lies.Bully of a coach

  6. Papa Nkrumah says:

    “UNIMPOSING”. Interesting choice of words. Does it mean that in recent times players like Clottey, Yahaya Mohammed and even Gyan himself have been imposing for the Black Stars? Please tell us the truth behind Jordan Ayew’s axing. Jordan is the best Ghanaian player in Europe this past 2 months. Not Kwadwo Asamoah or even Atsu

  7. abdulahi says:

    U ppl should stop accusing AA for dropping jodan,he is too soft for AFCON,we need strikers with physical presence to play african oppositions.that is the football reason the coach is talking dede not the son of abedi too?

  8. Adanko says:

    AA is very funny, someone strikes for Olympique Marseille scores goals and create goal scoring chances yet you picked a striker in our local league ahead oh him…….SMH.

  9. Kwamina says:

    I was also surprised not to see Jordan Ayew on the list but I really can’t get the logic behind this whole conspiracy theory that AA was revenging by dropping Jordan. If AA wanted to revenge, he had the perfect opportunity to drop Andre (for misbehaving in Malawi when he was substituted)and then add Jordan to it for footballing reasons. If he wanted to revenge, why has he been inviting him all this while anyway? I really don’t think this revenge theory makes sense.

  10. anokwale says:

    I am a bit surprised by all this pro Jordan talk. I like Jordan, but being objective, he was not that good in his Black Stars appearances. With the Black Stars it seems that his mind is moving faster than his feet so he gets in situations where he looks like he is about to score but he holds the ball too long and gets dispossessed.

  11. Chu says:

    Goood. this shows that afcon is not for toddlers who cant release ball when they should

    • Big mouth says:

      we do not only need to send those who can last the entire 90mins or more for the tournament. we need to have a programme in place that will seek to develop other talents while building on their experience.

  12. kuukuphilly says:

    guys jordan has been given plenty opportunities to impress and believe me he has not lived up to it so the coach needs to look elsewhere for glory.

  13. YY says:

    The Black Stars will fail in SA because we don’t have a solid coach. Please don’t call me a prophet of doom. The coach makes decisions with his emotions and therefore he is not a leadership material that can lead the Black Stars to lift the cup in SA. He has no reason picking Yahaya Mohammed as a attacking option ahead of Jordan. It is a shame, but this is Ghana where some of our best talents never get selected for major competitions because certain faceless people want to prove that they are in charge at the expense of national interest!

  14. Nana says:

    What about Kwadwo Asamoah playing for Ghana? Do you really see him perform like he does for Juve?

  15. Great says:

    AA has no tangible reason 4 leaving jordan out of de squad. Among ghana strikers he plays de more competative leaque . Why do u drop such a player?

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