Jordan Ayew handed two-match ban for misconduct

Published on: 5 years ago

Olympique Marseille striker Jordan Ayew has been handed a two-match ban, one of which is suspended for misconduct by the LFP.

The 20-year-old was punished by the league's disciplinary commission on Thursday evening for his altercation with Lille duo Lucas Digne and Dimitri Payet during a Ligue 1 match at the Velodrome.

Ayew will be missed for Marseille's match against Guingamp in the Coupe de France on 6 January.

The last son of Ghana legend Abedi Pele has been in top form for Marseille by scoring four goals in 17 appearances.


  • junior mafia
    says: 5 years ago
    I thought u were gonna work on ur attitude
  • Agenda
    says: 5 years ago
    4 goals in 17 matches and in his form of life? No u can't b serious!
  • Don Justy
    says: 5 years ago
    4 goals in 17 matches is 23.53% of conversion rate. That's a failure marks in all educational institutions i know in Ghana. He's nothing more than an overated, overhyped egotistic spoiled brat just like his father... Beat that... Mtcheeew
  • Dr Who
    says: 5 years ago
    Top form indeed!
  • mannie
    says: 5 years ago
    stop ur stupid analysis. he is used as a sub on the team. u cant fairly say his average is 23%.
  • Luapula Fish
    says: 5 years ago
    Ghanian players are very imdesplined both on and off the field . In Ndola we witnessed something that has never happened ,Jordan and some team mates started attacking the referee and also kicked microphones for a broadcaster.It was a bitter loss but they only had themselves to blame and their performance was uninspiring.They were made laughing dolls when they accused zambian police of attcking them coz the cameras clearly showed their miscondered and how olicetriwd to prevent them
  • k poku
    says: 5 years ago
    are u really on form when you score 4 goals in 17 matches?
  • Jimmy
    says: 5 years ago
    That is the truth...
  • Dready
    says: 5 years ago
    Very indisciplined boy yet he wants to play for BS bcos he thinks his father is Abedi Pele.