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Jose Mourinho return to revive Michael Essien's Chelsea career

Published on: 04 May 2013
Essien was on loan at Real Madrid

Chelsea could be set to give a lifeline to former star Michael Essien next season when he returns to the club likely to be managed by Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho is heavily expected to take the reigns at Chelsea this summer, and he could help Essien kick start his second spell at the Blues as it has been widely reported that he has reached a deal.

Essien joined Mourinho's Real Madrid last August after struggling with injuries in West London, and despite a mystery illness in November he has become a key member of the Spanish outfit's squad.

But the Ghana international is already looking to his return to Stamford Bridge, with his chances of playing regularly boosted by talk of Mourinho's homecoming.

Mourinho signed Essien for £24.4m in 2005 for Chelsea, and was determined to bring him to the Bernabeu last summer as he believes the 30-year-old can still cut it at the highest level.


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    Father & Son's thing,Lots of thanks go to Papa Mourinho for massive trust in Essien's capability on the field of play.Only a good coach can have that focus..