Kevin Boateng in fresh haircut ahead of German new season

Kevin Boateng's fresh haircut

Kevin Boateng’s fresh haircut

Shortly before the start of the German season Kevin-Prince Boateng has again indulged in a fresh haircut.

His barber came all the way from Italy to visit and gave him a new haircut where one of his teammate Dennis Agogo also benefited from the contract.

The suspended Ghana international is gearing up for the start of the new season where he is expected to play a key role for Schalke 04.

He posted his new look on his official facebook page,  signalling his readiness for a busy schedule this term.



  1. George says:

    Kevin. You will come back ok. After AA is gone. We will campaign aaa till he’s gone. Nonsense

  2. fish says:

    Kevin in fresh hair cut for the season,and so what should we do?.Should we collect Kevin’s pieces of cut hair and put them on our heads,or what,GSN.By the way,the white man in the middle looks like a squirrel.

  3. Collins Cudjoe says:

    New cut and so what?
    What extraordinary player is this too know guy. Is he the best player Ghana has ever seen.
    He has benefited at the expense of Laryea Kingston who many condemn as indiscipline player.
    But between the two Kevin is worst and yet some too know Ghanaians want to pretend as if he is the one to take Gh to the world cup again.
    He can go to hell. Some of us will make sure he doesn’t come back.
    Ghana is bigger than any player

  4. godfred oppong says:

    k.p boateng ofunu new hair cut and so what.take your football serious and stop beautifying your hair always beautifying your hair does not make you a better are too no ofunu player.

  5. fish says:

    At least Kevin is better than Collins Cudjoe.

  6. May his peace prevails says:

    who is the KP boateng ?Is he the one in the middle ?

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