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Picture: Damaging photo of Kevin-Prince Boateng smoking and drinking beer in Schalke dressing room leaked, sabotage suspected

Published on: 25 February 2014
Kevin-Prince Boateng

A damaging picture of Ghana star Kevin-Prince Boateng drinking beer and smoking in the Schalke dressing room has been leaked to the media by an unknown person at the German club, calculated to soil the reputation of the famous midfielder.

Boateng, who is a role model of millions of kids on Africa and Europe, was pictured with the ciggie and beer just before he went for a doping test after a Bundesliga game.

While a lot of things happen in a team's dressing room these happenings are not supposed to be released to the public as it is regarded as a secluded area.

Players in Europe are known to celebrate famous win by drinking beer or wine in the dressing room with some occasionally smoking cigars.

So the leaking of the picture is seen by many as an attempt by someone at Schalke to damage the Ghanaian's reputation with the release of the photo to the public.

On February the 15th Schalke picked up a 2-1 win away at Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga, and now a controversial picture has been leaked online from the Schalke dressing room after the game.

Making the picture all the more interesting is the fact that Boateng is said to have been pictured before taking a doping test.

Schalke manager Horst Heldt has since been questioned about the picture, and the manager has revealed he was fully aware of KPB’s post match activities.

Heldt claimed it’s common for footballers to have a beer to help them urinate for a doping test quicker after sweating for 90 minutes.

Moreover, KPB is said to be well-known for smoking a cigarette after a win.

Boateng will now be on the look out of those seeking to dent his reputation at the club after he recently had a bust-up with a Greek team-mate Papadoupoulous.

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  • Osei Owusu says:
    February 25, 2014 02:50 pm
    Please,kindly stop misleading the public with these sensational stories.You honestly know this story is untrue,and the slant you have put on is only intended to serve a purpose you only know. Fact is the source of the picture is the director of the club,who openly explains the cigarette and the beer. I don't honestly see how it then can be a leaked picture to cause any harm to the player as you want to suggest with your story. One too many times your stories have turned out to be untrue and this comes as a huge indictment on you. the original story as it appeared in the BILD newspaper is below for all to read.below will also be the translation.. stop the cheap journalism... Schauen sie genau hin! Hier blicken sie in das Innenleben der Bundesliga. Vergrößern Schalke-Manager Horst Heldt Schalke-Manager Horst Heldt Foto: Gerd Scheewel Kevin-Prince Boateng (26) sitzt auf dem Waschbecken, pustet Zigarettenqualm in die Luft. Daneben steht eine Flasche Bier („Gaffel Kölsch“). Rechts im Spiegel ist das Profil von Schalke-Torwart Hildebrand zu sehen. BILD zeigte Schalke-Manager Horst Heldt (44) das Kabinen-Foto eines BILD-Leserreporters. Heldt klärt auf: „Das ist nach unserem 2:1 in Leverkusen bei der Dopingprobe. Prince raucht entspannt eine Sieger-Zigarette. Und jeder weiß doch: Bier treibt. Das trinken fast alle Sportler nach Wettkämpfen, damit sie schneller mit der Dopingkontrolle fertig werden.“ Nach 90 Minuten Höchstbelastung mit einer Menge Schweiß ist das Pipimachen keine einfache Aufgabe. Die Lösung: Ein Bierchen. Und wenn‘s etwas länger dauert, kann man sich die Zeit auch mit einer Zigarette vertreiben. Hoffentlich sind die Schalker nach dem Spiel morgen gegen Real Madrid noch genauso entspannt, wie hier auf dem Foto... Check it out exactly ! Here they look into the inner workings of the Bundesliga. Enlarge Schalke manager Horst Heldt Schalke manager Horst Heldt Photo: Gerd Scheewel Kevin -Prince Boateng ( 26) sits on the sink , blowing cigarette smoke into the air. Next to it is a bottle of beer ( " gaff Kölsch "). Right in the mirror to see the profile of Schalke goalkeeper Hildebrand . IMAGE showed Schalke manager Horst Heldt (44 ) the cabin photo of BILD reader reporter. Heldt explains: "This is after our 2-1 in Leverkusen in the doping test . Prince smokes relaxed a winner - cigarette. And everyone knows : drives beer. The drink almost all athletes after competition , so that they come faster with the doping control. " After 90 minutes, maximum load with a lot of sweat the Pipimachen is no easy task . The solution: a beer . And if it takes a little longer , you can pass the time with a cigarette. Hopefully Schalke are after the game tomorrow against Real Madrid just as relaxed as here in the photo ...