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King Faisal owner Gruzah warns BA United against hooliganism

Published on: 20 August 2014
BA United will play in the Ghana Premier League


King Faisal president Alhaji Karim Gruzah has warned BA United against acts of hooliganism as they mark a return to the Ghanaian top-flight after a ten-year absence.

The Apostles of Ghana football secured the top-flight status after wobbling in the second-tier league for many years.

The Sunyani Coronation Park has been touted as a notorious ground for crowd trouble over the years.

King Faisal owner Karim Gruzah has advised the returnees to desist from acts that will bring the game into disrepute.

“Ten years is enough. They should play football. Gratuitous fighting, attacking away clubs and referees must stop.  Banning of the field contributed to BA United being relegated, true or false?” he quizzed on Sunyani-based Ark FM

“People spent money they could have used to cater for their families to help the club qualify. God should help and restore everything those people have lost on the club.

“The fans should support them rather than insult and attack them.”

United will step up preparations ahead of the start of the new season when the move to Cape Coast.


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  • OBED says:
    August 20, 2014 03:05 pm
    GSN shd stop pasting dis outdated picture of B/A..for God sake dis pic was taken in 1999...hw silly it is fr u to b using such a pic..if u nid current pics jst contact da P.R.O simple
  • Fred B Kyeremeh says:
    August 25, 2014 09:11 am
    Alhaji is perfectly right on this.I can clearly identified with what he is saying,having grown up in Sunyani and played the game too at the colts level. I have personally experienced 'proper beatings' at the Coronation Park before in 1999 or so when I travelled with Kotoko fans from Kumasi for a league game.I was hit by a supporter with a gong beneath my lower eye lid and went back to Kumasi with a cut and a swollen eye which took days to heal.My crime was for shouting at a goal attempt by Kotoko only for them to pounce on an innocent Senior high school Kotoko supporter, at the 'Moole Moole' stands. Supporters in Sunyani should be well educated about the laws of the game so they can appreciate some decisions by referees.Some decisions made by some of these referees are correctly made yet by virtue of the fact that it goes against the home side will mean that they have to 'discipline' innocent referees and opposing supporters. Growing up,I always supported B/A Utd over Bofoakwa in the local derbies and am very happy happy to see my 'Sure United' back to the top flight league again.However all the efforts made by the management and playing body will amount to nothing if United and for that matter the 'moole moole' supporters do not comport themselves during league games.Support is necessary but it should have positive impacts on the home team. Welcome back, SURE UNA,APOSTLES OF POWER SOCCER.