Konadu lawyer dares critics to produce evidence of logo ownership

General News of Saturday, 12 May 2012Source: Joy Online Counsel for former first lady Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings has challenged critics and doubting thomases to produce evidence of ownership of the National Democratic Congress logo.

Stanley Ahorlu told Joy News his client has proof of ownership of the logo with the evidence palpable at the registry.

He said the critics can continue “shouting on roof tops” about the ownership of the logo but what matters most is that his client has the evidence.

Mrs Rawlings is threatening to take back the logo she claimed she designed and registered in her name after complaining of party disunity and infringement on her intellectual property.

The party is yet to come out with an “official response” but the Works and Housing Minister ET Mensah, a founding member of the NDC and hitherto a close confidant of the Rawlingses said Mrs Rawlings cannot claim exclusive ownership of the logo.

He said the logo which is an eagle on top of an umbrella was a compromised decision by cadres and members of a coalition which metamorphosed into the party, NDC.

He explained the choice of an umbrella came from the 31st December Movement, led by Mrs Rawlings but the Eagle came from the Eagles Party which was part of that grand coalition.

He said after series of deliberations it was agreed the logo will be a merger of the Eagle and the umbrella.

Mrs Rawlings can therefore not be said to be the owner of the logo, he reiterated.

But Stanley Ahorlu said any person with contrary evidence must be ready to produce it.

“For now I have no grounds to disbelieve the claims of [Mrs Rawlings]”, Stanley Ahorlu noted.


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