Kotoko coach Draman touts team’s depth in quality

Mas-ud Draman insists he has the best players in the country

Asante Kotoko coach Mas-ud Didi Draman says he has the best arsenals to retain their Premier League crown.

Kotoko have jumped to sixth on the table after a frustrating 0-0 with Hearts of Oak on Sunday.

Kotoko have an array of stars in their fold including Michael Helebge, Michael Anaba, Isaaka Yakubu and Rashid Sumaila among others.

Despite their inability to make their imperious form count against their arch-rivals, coach Draman insists he has the best men to take on any team in the top-flight.

“No-one can deny the fact we have the best players in the League. You look at Helebge, Anaba, Akuffo, Kofi Nti Boakye, and Issaka Yakubu and they are all Black Stars materials,” Draman said

“Daniel Nii Adjei and Ben Acheampong have been called up into the Black Stars in the past and so there is no doubt in my mind that we have the best me to help us retain the league title.

“We’re playing well but just unfortunate we couldn’t make our superioty count against Hearts.”

Kotoko will next travel to Tema to face Tema Youth on November 25.


  1. Ansong says:

    Who thinks unqualified kumasi coach can win AFCON? 1.He doesn’t have UEFA licence 2.No head-coach experience 3.Never play pro abroad 4.Tactially blind.wise up*

  2. Kwabena says:

    ur mother,stupid idiot.God go punish u 4 ur senseless comment.



  4. Devildog6773 says:

    Kwabena, Why do you have to conclude that what the guy said is senseless and start insulting his mum among other things. Please confine yourself to disccussing issues regarding sports and let us not get into personal stuff here. Thats his opinion, respect it, you don’t necessary have to agree with him. Make your point and leave the rest to the truth. God does not operate like that. Lets keep His name out of sports.

    • Thegreatest says:

      I beg to differ with you. Do you realize that calling a coach a “Kumasi coach” has a “tribal connotation?’ I cannot call the President a “Northern President” simply because he has been a disaster for our country. Be fair next time.

  5. ChoCho says:

    @Ansong..You are very stupid and the good Lord will punish you and your entire family…Kwasiaba ..Keep on calling them Kumasi Coaches and you will face the concic..Woho fo se aponkye…Aboa nkye wo nwe..

  6. Maxwell Johnson says:

    B/S materials my ass!!! These “Red Pharisees” never cease to amaze me, always hyping their average players. We are all waiting to see how they’ll fare in Africa next yr.

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