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Kotoko coach Dramani says Kingston does not deserve Ghana call-up

Published on: 20 November 2012

Asante Kotoko coach Mas-Ud Dramani claims Hearts midfielder Laryea Kingston has not done enough to merit a Black Stars call-up.

Kingston, 31, received rave reviews for his displays in Sunday's 0-0 draw against Dramani's side in the Ghana Premier League derby.

Experienced coach J E Sarpong was impressed with the output of the former Heart of Midlothian player and clamoured for his return to the Ghana squad ahead of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

But Dramani, who guided the Ghana U17 girls team to win bronze at the 2012 FIFA U17 Women's World Cup finals, believes Kingston's performance was ordinary.

''Many have asked me that some coaches are calling for Laryea to be introduced into the Black Stars.I say we should be serious with our football," Dramani told local radio station Angel FM.

''We need to be really serious about our football. You ask yourself what positive football did he play.

''Football has gone pass the level where I play to myself okay. How many final passes did he give?,'' he added.

''He had some individual brilliance, of course yes. Technically, he is a good player but he needs to have the conditioning to be able to play with the team; moving forward and then moving back as the team loses possession,''

Kingston has not played for Ghana since he was snubbed for a place in the 2010 FIFA World Cup squad.



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  • Ruddy Mens says:
    November 21, 2012 10:40 am
    Shut up Didi Dramani. If Laryea is ur son or plays for your weakling Kotoko team will you say this? You are an enemy of progress, fire burn you. Laryea was a thorn in the flesh of your team performance that day. He devastated your team during the encounter! Laryea, no size. He is better than any other player in Kotoko. He deserves a call up
  • Bright says:
    November 21, 2012 02:08 am
    Well said,just respect his opinion fools
  • Talata says:
    November 20, 2012 11:53 pm
    Why these insults? Those involve shd stop now it does not help. Have u monitered Sulley Nuru? He is one the best, what abt laryea,moro abubakar and philimon so do u want to tell me they don't deserve to justify their inclusion into the local B/S [email protected] i'm not those who support partialy and i'm well respected for that I don't care if a player plays for club A, B,C deserve a call up he shd be given a chance.
  • Accraboy says:
    November 20, 2012 10:29 pm
    Andre is now struggling in the french league.Appiah is not taking Rabiu to South Africa.
  • I says:
    November 20, 2012 10:46 pm
    Idiot kotoko coach. Go and bring your sons to play. Are u really a coach at all?
  • Accraboy says:
    November 20, 2012 10:26 pm
    You a fool Ghanaman.You must be sent to the zoo to live with the animals.
  • Akokoba says:
    November 20, 2012 10:05 pm
    I prefer for Laryea to play for the National team cause he is the best and a player who can play for us especially our 7 position he is good so please give him a chance again thanks
  • Fresher says:
    November 20, 2012 08:22 pm
    @ Talata-: It has been my wish to see Samuel Inkoom, Anthony Annan and Derrick Boateng dropped from from the Black Stars because they are not performing beyond the half of what they used to perform. Show us one player in the current Hearts of Oaks set up who deserves a call to the Black Stars and I will point to over four players from different local clubs who play similar positions and roles but are far better than those playing for Hearts of Oaks. My friend, we shouldn't be besides ourselves with disgust or apprehension simply because a player that plays for our darling club is not invited to the national team, so those at the helm of affairs at the national team are bias against my club's players. If truth be told, you are well aware that Hearts of Oaks are just buying average players in recent years, whom the club always ends up offloading or transfer lists at the end of every season, this season is no exception as Hearts Of Oaks has done what is synonymous with, ie, purchasing scrap and average players. Or as I can say on authority impulse buying.
  • Talata says:
    November 20, 2012 06:35 pm
    Well said bro, tell me does Derick or Inkoom play frequently in their clubs? But they're always invited into the B/S. U and I know the impact Laryea makes in the team Did u acess him during the 2nd round last season and even when he returned from suspension to feature against RTU.The diference was clear moreover nobody is imposing him into the B/S team. Just look at the 23 local players call up and tell me the gospel truth are they all better than some of Hearts of Oak players? Even a stunch fabu friend complain bitterly abt that selection.
  • Don Justy says:
    November 20, 2012 04:54 pm
    All those calling for the inclusion of Laryea in the BS are definately smoking something making them higher than what i noe. Tell me, what have u been smoking?...
  • Don Justy says:
    November 20, 2012 04:48 pm
    Oh Ghana! Laryea for what? BS. Are u serious? Ok i get the point. Bcos he can hit the ball? My mother does same. Bcos he can dribble past 1 player? Abedi Ayew, polo cld do beta than dat. BS has neva had player like foyoo, frank amankwaa, tony baffoe n prince polly. We as well cal dem,bcos d're stil gud. Get a life...
  • Dready says:
    November 20, 2012 04:28 pm
    I don't know why some ghanaians are calling for that undisciplined player who thinks he is good for BS.Laryea will disrespect AA the same way he did to CK.He thinks he is a senior player so he has to invited to the BS.Senior player my ass!
  • Fresher says:
    November 20, 2012 04:14 pm
    @ Talata-: you are well aware that Hearts of Oaks has over the years stopped recruiting top notch players to beef up their team, but instead go for average inexperience players that's why their players always find it difficult breaking into the national teams lately, whereas B. Chelsea, Medeama and Asante Kotoko recruit best talents in the country. The best ones in the Phobian team like Philemon Mccarthy, Mahatma Otoo and Uriah Asante have made it into the national teams before and no one ever insinuated or complained about their involvement with the national teams because they rightfully deserve the various national teams they were called to play for because they proved their worth and why they merit it. But Laryea Kingston's situation is a different matter compared to Daniel Nii Adjei and Yaw frimpong's case altogether, these two players played many matches over the seasons and they did impressed every single impartial observer that, they were really knocking hard on the doors of our national teams, whilst we all know that one match show does not necessarily merits a Black Stars call up, Laryea must prove himself in subsequent matches and we all Ghanaians will definitely shout out for his inclusion into the Black Stars. So on the case of other locally base players invitation to the Stars, even when people like you make VICIOUS and CYNICAL noise against their invitation to the national team, your comments would be treated like ONE BIG YAWN not worthy of paying attention to. To VAN-: Tnx for your timely additional reminder Mr. VAN.
  • van says:
    November 20, 2012 03:22 pm
    @fresher wani ebie paa dont forget he had abismal coaching career in south africa
  • Talata says:
    November 20, 2012 03:06 pm
    @fresher,smt i feel sad for people like u who follow football blindly. Players like Nii Adjei, Frimpong are very good and deserve to be in the national team. So shd i say bcos they're kotoko players so they don't deserve it? Wake up and call a spade a spade and praise your oponent when is due.
  • Fresher says:
    November 20, 2012 02:24 pm
    Well said Coach Didi, if this is the kind of touch and play football exhibited by Laryea merits a call to the Black Stars, then Kwaku Essien would have been in the Black Stars for Good. @ Talaata & wow-: If winning a bronze medal with an under 17 girls team in a world cup competition doesn't make one a good coach, then Coach David Duncan does not come anywhere near coach in the Ghanaian coaching circles, David Duncan achieved nothing @ Hassaacas as a coach, he virtually failed to win anything as a coach of Ashgold in over five years coaching the club as well, he inherited the best ever assembled under 23 national team Ghana has ever had from the cream of the under 20s that won the world in Egypt with Sellas Tetteh as head coach, and yet David Duncan performed abysmally with the team that spelled our doom to qualify to the London Olympics, not forgetting David Duncan's craptacular performance at Peru, inspite of this spectacular failures by Duncan for both country and club the phobian fraternity had the guts to call Duncan a good coach. Come again guys.
  • wow says:
    November 20, 2012 01:19 pm
    Winning bronze with the small girls also doen't make you a good coach. Win gold or cup before you will recognised as a good coach. Skin pain coach
  • emmabank says:
    November 20, 2012 01:24 pm
    why alway the black star but not good for any team outside ghana like chelsea,ajax,juve, man u etc.if he is good as u people are saying,then he should think of playing well in all match but not just one game pls let be serious for once(even if that is true).
  • Radian says:
    November 20, 2012 01:00 pm
    Useless coach. U are an ignoramus. Take a look at the national team and show me any creative player comparable to Laryea. Till we disengage from the sort of politics where anything from ur opponents camp is seen as not Gud enough, we shall languish in the misery of not winning the African cup.
  • ahoofe says:
    November 20, 2012 12:48 pm
    Let the coach decide pls, cos he was my best player during the day and if he can only play like this then obviously he is good than many of the current black star players
  • Talata says:
    November 20, 2012 12:55 pm
    I'm not suprise at all, i was expecting such coments fr this ladies coach. It is because Laryea spoilt your party in KSI? Or are u better than the other coaches who are calling for his inclusion into the black stars team. Then coach mind yr business and leave Laryea alone.
  • makaa maka says:
    November 20, 2012 12:17 pm
    this is skin pain... he can. he is the only good play maker ghana have at the moment.
  • nene says:
    November 20, 2012 12:20 pm
    Opinions are like noses, everybody has one. Either he should be call to the Black Stars or not depends on the coach
  • onevim says:
    November 20, 2012 12:30 pm
    am agree with the coach he dont come when the team loss ball he was tired from 60th mins going..
  • Fiifa 1 says:
    November 20, 2012 12:16 pm
    Coach You are hundred percent right, i don't know what is wrong with people in our football fraternity, they just talk for talking sake and nothing sensible comes out of it, how would you expect any coach to drop players like Andre, K Asamoah, Rabiu M, A Badu, D Boateng, A Acquah and all those players for Laryea Kingston? Ahh we must b serious with our football as the coach rightly said.
  • Ghanaman says:
    November 20, 2012 11:47 am
    Thank you! He should not be anywhere near the team!!
  • emmabank says:
    November 22, 2012 09:03 am
    massa not even local black star,pls