FT: Ethiopia 0-1 Ghana at CHAN



Watch Ghana play Ethiopia in a final Group C match in Bloemfontein at the 2014 African Nations Championship.


  1. 2krazii says:

    Local blackstars have no formula to their game play. Utterly disappointing. It is actually really painful watching them play.

  2. Viper says:

    The players have abundant of energy,they just need to calm their tits down,why the “stomach direction ball?” Even today they have improved…

  3. SELFMADE says:

    These local Black Shits will lose, they are just playing like drunkerd apes.

  4. Boro says:

    The local black star sucks! Jordan is tired. We are not able to win simple 50-50 balls. Just running and shooting aimlessly. The missing link in the team now is Mpong. He has been breaking our attack anytime we have the chance to attack the Ethiopianns either by wrong passing or being bullied. You see if you follow what you can get now rather than the future by following your stomach this will be the end result. I think Maxwell needs to be dropped from the BS technical team for Brazil because i do not see his technical ability or what he brings to the technical team. He should settle with his bribe money if it is true that he takes bribe and be dropped lower the perking.

  5. King says:

    They need to improve their game and also stop the over elaborating .

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