LIVE UPDATES: Portugal 2-1 Ghana

90+4′ Referee ends the game. Ghana bundle out of the tournament without a win. They have been beaten here by Portugal.

90+3′ Gyan hits the free kick but it was always rising.

90+2′ Ghana really look broken. Joao Moutinho also enters the referee’s book.

90+1′ Fatawu Dauda yets again denies Cristiano Ronaldo.

90′ Harrison Afful almost kicked into his own net. Four minutes added on.

89′ Portugal substitution: Beto comes off for Eduardo. And Asamoah Gyan misses yet another chance.

88′ Asamoah Gyan shoots but it was very feeble.

87′ Pepe cuts off an intended cross to Gyan and now Portugal can counter.

85′ Ghana gets a free kick after Wakaso was raced down.

84′ Gyan was looking to feed Atsu but Bruno Alves intercepts to concede a throw.

83′ Fatawu Dauda comes up with another big save to deny Cristiano Ronaldo.

81′ Ghana substitution: Mubarak Wakaso comes on for Andre Ayew.

80′ Cristiano Ronaldo scored off a mistake between Ghana goalkeeper and his defence.

79′ Acquah wins tha ball in midfield and feeds Jordan for a Ghana attack. But Ayew’s intended delivery to Gyan was over hit.

77′ Yellow card to Jordan Ayew for elbowing his man.

76′ Agyemang-Badu hits one from deep but it is way off target.

75′ Ghana substitution: Rabiu Mohammed is replaced by Afriyie Acquah.

74′ Ghana gradually losing its momentum. They need two goals in the last 15 minutes to qualify as USA is down by a goal against Germany.

73′ Cristiano Ronaldo looking for a cheap penalty but referee having none of it.

72′ Long ball played in behind the Ghana defence but Afful has it covered.

71′ Ghana substitution: Jordan Ayew comes on for Majeed Waris.

70′ Ronaldo goes on an exciting run and crosses well but no one there to finish for Portugal.

69′ Portugal substitution: Eder coming off for Vieirinha.

68′ Referee waves off Ayew’s shout for a foul on him.

67′ Kwadwo Asamoah hits one from a rebounded free kick but it curls wide.

66′ Gyan sends a cross in for Waris but he is not allowed to turn to take the shot.

65′ Referee awards a soft foul against Ghana.

64′ Asamoah Gyan couldn’t reach that ball. All the momentum now with Ghana.

63′ Ball sent back to Beto to do some mopping up.

62′ Joao Pereira comes off for Silvestre Varela for Portugal.

61′ Ball sent calmly back for Dauda to start an attack. Free header for Waris at the far post and he astonishingly misses.

60′ Foul awarded against Ghana, not sure what it is for.

58′ Afful concedes a soft free kick but Dauda make amends with a clean catch.

57′ Great delivery from Kwadwo Asamoah and Asamoah Gyan heads in to equalize for Ghana. GOOOAAALLLL!!!!!

54′ Ghana really really struggling to get going. Atsu goes into the book for leaving a foot in a challenge against Bruno Alves.

53′ Fatawu Dauda grabs well to snuff out Ronaldo’s aerial threat.

52′ Ghana trying to get an early goal to get back into the game and now Ronaldo wins a clever free kick off Rabiu Mohammed.

51′ Asamoah Gyan takes the initiative to drive forward but his final shot went wide.

50′ Atsu misses a step at a vital moment to lose the ball in a promising Ghana attack.

49′ Waris win a clever free kick for Ghana.

48′ Boye blocks away a Nani shot to concede a corner kick.

47′ Gyan puts pressure on goalkeeper Beto to concede a throw.

46′ Pepe bundles Majeed Waris over.

45′ Ghana resumes us for the second half and concedes a goal kick already.

Both teams are back on the pitch for the start of the second half.

45+1′ Portugal with a throw-in and the are taking all the time to take it. Referee ends the half.

45′ Just one minute added on at the end of the first half and John Boye almost scores another own goal.

44′ Ronaldo shoots from deep after picking up a ball but it is way off.

43′ Ghana unable to carve out the needed chances to go level here.

42′ Ghana is being beaten to all the second balls. Gyan goes down in the box but referee says no penalty.

41′ Portugal mounting pressure in search of another goal before the end of the half but Dauda comes out to gather.

40′ Atsu’s curler goes agonizingly wide. Missed chance for Ghana.

39′ Kwadwo Asmaoah fouls after losing the ball to Veloso. Afful now gets book for a bad foul on Ronaldo.

38′ A dangerous back pass there from Alves but Beto covers well.

37′ Moutinho almost picked out Ronaldo who had pulled away from John Boye.

Ghana face Portugal in final group clash

Ghana face Portugal in final group clash

36′ Atsu picks out Asamoah Gyan in the box but his header is wayward.

35′ A cool grab from Beto. Ghana looking very weak in attack and vulnerable at the back.

34′ Amorim’s shot ends up in the side-netting.

33′ Now the antics are out for the Portuguese team. First Cristiano Ronaldo and now Nani.

32′ A bad time to concede a goal when Ghana appeared to be gaining grounds. Fatawu Dauda comes up with another big save from a Cristiano Ronaldo shot.

31′ Goal for Portugal. John Boye’s miscued clearance ends up in his own net.

30′ Referee intercepts a good Ghana pass and now Portugal can counter.

29′ Corner to Ghana but Asamoah Gyan’s header at the near post was miss-directed.

27′ Ghana awarded a free kick in their own half. Cristiano Ronaldo goes on an exciting solo run but the ball eventually ends up in teh arms of Fatawu Dauda.

26′ Cross intended for Bruno Alves over hit. Throw-in to Ghana.

25′ Portugal trying to get their neat passing going but Veloso loses it.

24′ Kwadwo Asamoah gets another chance to cross in from his failed corner but put behind again for another corner.

23′ Kwadwo Asamoah delivers one into the box onto the head of Asamoah Gyan but Beto gathers.

22′ High boot from Eder there. He gets a verbal warning. And now Agyemang Badu is fouled on the near side. Play halted.

20′ Nani’s ball intended for Cristiano Ronaldo was over hit.

19′ Asamoah Gyan almost scored the opener but Beto came up with a big save with his shin.

18′ Bruno Alves pulls away Asamoah Gyan to concede a free kick just inside his half as Fatawu Dauda comes up with a big save to deny Cristiano Ronaldo.

17′ Cristiano Ronaldo tumbles in the Ghana box but referee rightfully waves his penalty shout off.

15′ Ghana now beginning to come into their own in this game.

14′ Portugal struggling to get out of their half as referee awards a free kick to Ghana.

13′ Afful dummies his marker well but his cross was too close to goalkeeper Beto who gathers.

12′ Not the best of starts for the Black Stars, their nerves all over the place.

11′ Ronaldo over the kick, hits it, but Dauda parries away to concecde a corner kick.

10′ Ghana making an incursion, Afful delivers a cross on the overlap but it is cut out by Bruno Alves. Now Portugal awarded a free kick in a promising position.

9′ Dauda launches one upfront off a free kick.

8′ Referee awards a free kick to Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo already hobbling.

7′ Quick throw-out from Dauda to Andre Ayew to start an attack for Ghana.

6′ Portugal has been the most threatening side in these opening minutes.

5′ Cristiano Ronaldo’s intended cross hits the cross bar with Fatawu Dauda simile beaten.

4′ Play halted with an apparent injury to a Portuguese player.

3′ Afful tries to find Gyan with a long ball but cut out by Bruno Alves. Portugal still with possession.

2′ Portugal retaining possession quite well but it’s early days yet.

1′ We are underway, Portugal kick us off and are already looking to attack. Goal kick to Ghana.

Ghana in all-white will be kicking off from left to right from commentary position.

Welcome to the live text update of the final Group G game between Ghana and Portugal here in Brasilia.

Both teams have a chance of making it to the Round of 16, hence the importance of this game at the Estadio Nacional.

The result in the other group game between Germany and USA being played simultaneously in Manau will however have a bearing on this game.

For Ghana, it is that simple, beat Portugal comprehensively here and hope Germany does the business over the USA to go through.

The situation is even more complicated for Portugal due to the inferior goal’s difference.

Both teams have completed their warm ups and have headed into the dressing room to get suited up for this clash.

Portugal lineup:

Beto, Bruno Alves, Pepe, Miguel Veloso, William, Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Moutinho, Eder, Nani, Ruben Amorim and Joao Pereira.

Ghana Lineup:

Fatawu Dauda, Asamoah Gyan, Christian Atsu, Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu, Andre Ayew, Mohammed Rabiu, Majeed Waris, Jonathan Mensah, Kwadwo Asamoah, John Boye and Harrison Afful.

Both teams have been ushered unto the pitch and are getting ready to observe the national anthems, Portugal first.

Anthems have been observed, now we ready ourselves for the game.


  1. GHANSON says:

    It shall be well Ghana.
    Germany’s line up shows their clear intent…they’re going for the kill!
    No such thing as fixed draw..

  2. kwaku bonasm says:

    Kwaku bonsam wo maaame tw333333333333333!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mumbi says:

    Go Portugal Go!!! hummer those donkeys.

  4. Da Zambian assassin says:

    Goodluk pipo bt tht KPB guy shud be banned u dnt need him trust me.

  5. Nana Adwoa T. Kese says:

    What a useless Coach

  6. Johnny says:

    Portugal 1-0 Ghana. John Boye scored one for Portugal.

  7. banger says:


  8. Stallion says:

    You kiss the stash of money, you score an own goal…its fair I guess…lol.

  9. PITO says:

    QUICK tactical changes we only have 45 minutes left. Bring on Jordan for Warris! At least Jordan got some skills, height and has already played two games so he is settled!!

  10. Boro says:

    The Portuguese have been launching all their attacks through Harrison Afful because of the tactical indiscipline of Agyemang Badu who appears to be doing an unecessary running upfront but failing to recover because of tiredness, to protect that part of our defense. I hope this dumb coach can see through this.

  11. beautiful says:

    Boye kissing money and scoring own goal.

  12. Piotoo says:

    $100,000 = 1 goal
    John boye scored his own left with the rest. Ghana will lose.

  13. Nwa Naija says:

    Yes, I subscribe to bringing in of Jordan. Ghana should not lose hope. It is not over until it is over! Miracles do happen, you know!

  14. African Consciousness says:

    Coach must replace John Boye with Sumaila, tired legs make mistakes, he has played every second since the tournament started. Afful has a yellow, Inkoom must replace him.

  15. Johnny says:

    Damnnnn, Ghana is playing like shit!!!

  16. Adebayo says:

    Kwesi Appiah has no idea how to come from behind to win a match! He should have immediately introduced Opare as right back transferred Afful to the left and sent Kwadwo Asamoah into midfield and withdrawn Waris!

  17. Johnny says:

    Who, Appiah? Tactical changes? Good luck on that! His brain is shut off.

  18. PITO says:


  19. Johnny says:

    Do you all see why Kwadwo Asamoah should not be playing in defense? A wasted talent by a clueless coach

  20. apianagalge says:

    Boye kissed the stash of dough and kissed the world cup

  21. Adebayo says:

    Someone tell me what Akwasi Appiah is waiting for in the 70 minute?

  22. Johnny says:

    Come on!! one more goal!!

  23. Johnny says:

    More changes. Appiah, we need a goal

  24. Johnny says:

    Fatau in the air again!? What a soorry goalkeeper! Who does what Dauda just did?

  25. Stallion says:

    Ghana’s #1: Dauda…yesssss

  26. mikron says:

    hahahahaha the ronaldo they thought will not play scored his first world cup goal this year against them. what a shitty team, they said they will beat an angry portugal 2-0. for real?

  27. Stallion says:

    You can’t have such a huge sum of money hidden in your bag, and concentrate on a game…its not possible.

  28. mikron says:

    even a non fit ronaldo still scores. wonders. ur native doctors are really fake

  29. Nana(RSA) says:

    Who can tell me why Akwasi Appiah changed Dede Ayew? Akwasi Appiah is a terrible Coach

    • PITO says:

      Terrible Coach? You call this Nyantakyi pet a Coach?
      What was his basis for playing Kwarasey in the first game and Swapping him for Dauda the second game? What is the point of begging Essien to return and bench him for a rookie? Bythe way it is good we are back home. Now time to support FIFA and the to prosecute Corrupt! Nyantakyi! It looks like everyone in Ghana is toothless!

  30. maka says:

    Dauda, Dauda, Dauda, Dauda, Dauda, Dauda, Dauda, Dauda, Dauda, Dauda, Dauda…….wasa papapapapapa…….akoa yi asa o —-yet, akwasi says “he is number one”! Yeah….we are witnesses …ladies and gentlemen!

    Enough said!

    Akwasi Appiah shouldn’t even get home before they give him his sack letter! The most abysmal and shambolic performance by Ghana ever….since 2006! And it was spearheaded by a “local”, “home bred”, useless and clueless coach!

    Twiaaaa……that’s what u get from Africa —-so talented yet not enough brains to go with the talent or manage the talent! Akwasi Appiah has no tactical brains —and the players are not happy about him —and if the foolish GFA cannot see, then everyone of them must go!


  31. SHANGO says:

    Where are those bastards?,steezy, banger samedge and co were insulting me. May God hammer their head. Ass holes s children of Ashawos

  32. mikron says:

    i thought another useless native doctor that calls himself a prophet prophesied that Ghana will qualify for 2nd round? hahahahahahahahahahahahahah this people can boast. very bad team play. u disgraced Africa. ivory coast should not have crashed out. they played well

  33. Johnny says:

    See ur Dauda? Who does that! If Appiah is not fired, Ghanaians should go and physically remove him. The midfield was dead. Dede Ayew refused to play, apparently due to sending home of his friend KPB, Appiah can’t handle the players. They know he is clueless and don’t respect him, so Appiah is always mad.

  34. 9ja says:

    that prophet need beating yeye man, said ghana wil win

  35. banger says:


  36. Solo-uk says:

    Kwasi appiah and kwasi Nyantakyi very useless and hopeless letS kick them out

  37. CARTELMAN says:

    Dont blame Dauda for that 2nd goal but Boye. Boye should have shielded the poaching Portuguese player instead of jumping aimlessly like a headless fowl into Dauda’s body,, to allow Dauda more space to either catch or punch the ball far more better than he did. Ghana defence sucks

  38. Nwa Naija says:

    Ghana could have got out of the group stage if they had played unitedly. It appeared there were a lot of squabbles in the team. Internal rife is not good. This is the bane of Africa as a whole. Let’s hope that Algeria scale through!

  39. Zargon says:

    Selfishness, overconfidence, too known and lack of focus Ghana paaaa

  40. Kwabena says:

    So kwanku bonsam was right,y didn’t GFA pay his money??

  41. achimotan says:

    @ Adebayo .I completely agree with you . K Asamoah should have been been brought into the middle

  42. Chukar says:

    Ghana played like school boys today n should be grateful for the slender loss.

  43. Nwa Naija says:

    What about the Ghanaian witch doctor that said that Ronaldo would not be fit to play Ghana. He did not only play the whole 90 minutes, but also went on to score! We need to be careful with our utterances!

  44. Piotoo says:

    What a clueless coach… Atsu wasn’t functioning and instead of AA substituting him, he went in for dede. This is the best coach we in the country….tweaaaa…. What a stupid coach….Clueless and incoherent.

  45. steezy says:

    why would you remove ayew #1. #2 duada, grab the ball. #3 waris….oh my days. #4 Michael Essien may be old BUT HE STILL GOT A CONTRACT FROM AC MILAN. Not orlando pirates or some sweedish football club. You need the leadership from a veteran. #4 Ghana FA you need a total sweep through of all officials. The corruption is inexcusable. How can you send players to play for your country and not play them. Meanwhile you give your coach an extension and he has only won once in the last 7 games.
    I cant’t even cheer for Ghana until they fix things drastically.

  46. PITO says:

    GFA has turned into a ruling MAFIA organisation run by a THUG called Nyantakyi. Then again this is what we get for keeping someone as president for over 13 years! Till He is now capable of challenging EOCO over auditing, disqualifying ALL his opponents from elections and recently caught on video arranging Blackstar friendly matches with an ‘investor’ on the porch of a first class hotel in miami whilst wearing sunnies and asking if their name is really “Diamond”… only a few seconds after giving them the green light to organise a test friendly match! ARE WE DUMB IN GHANA? CAN’T WE SEE???? CAN’T WE SEEE??? Oh How we have sat on our ass and allowed this man once competent man to become too powerful and corrrrrrupt!. Even players fear him…He has tasted corrruption and now he is rotten like MOMINI!!! Who can kick Nyantakyi out?

  47. Jafaru dokurugu says:

    I dont blem any one but the coach.

  48. bj says:

    The whole Africa expected this vibrant Ghana team to beat the tired Portugal. Ronaldo singlehandedly qualified them for the world cup and the so called Ronaldo is 40% fit.Ghana failed to take their chances. They failed woefully. It is a shame that Africa teams failed to live up to the expectation. I pray Algeria beat Russian tonight.

  49. Boardroom says:

    We lost to a better side …so kwanku bonsam was right about exiting group stages.

  50. AKWESI says:

    buhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahha RIP GAYNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Adebayo says:

    I repeat, any coach that cannot come from behind to win a match, even against Montenegro, is not a good coach! After Ghana equalized, AA should have brought in Opare and moved Kwadwo Asamoah to central midfield to work with Ayew behind Gyan Pulled out Waris and Agyeman Badu and play Aquah and Rabiu in front of the defense When you need goals you don’t wait till the 75th minute to make subs as though everything is ok! Even his assistant Max Konadu was struggling to convince him to make changes! With regards to Kwarassey, it just unfair to expect any continuity and harmony with the defense when you don’t give the keeper the chance! No good coach changes his keeper after an initial shaky outing in the FIRST game of a tournament! Most players and teams grow and begin to blend as tournaments progress and this is the reason experienced and good coaches stick with their starting eleven unless forced by injury or suspension to make changes! Overall, AA neither has the fire, the enthusiasm, the confidence nor competence to manage a team with such talented professional players. He should return to Kotoko!

  52. Ghanaman says:

    We need serious preps for the AFCON and 2018 w/cup.

  53. OHENENANA says:

    Oke what we have to do now is change out whole squad we have to forgef this as fast as possible because afcon is coming and we need a new squad if we want to win it


  54. Kwabena says:

    How cn you leave out Dauda n Muntari??@ Ohenenana.

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