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Luis Suarez: Nothing evil about World Cup handball against Ghana

Published on: 06 March 2014
Luis Suarez saved the ball with his hand insisting he has no regret over the move

Uruguay superstar Luis Suarez is unrepentant as he has strongly defended his infamous handball against Ghana at the 2010 World Cup insisting “I did nothing evil to anyone.”

The quarter-final between the two sides had been level at 1-1 as the match approached extra time, but Ghana would have taken the lead in the last minute had Suarez not used his hand to keep out Dominic Adiyah’s header.

Suarez was sent off but Asamoah Gyan failed to convert the resulting penalty and, with the match ending 1-1, Uruguay claimed victory after a shootout.

The Liverpool striker, who had said after the game that his was “the real ‘hand of God,’” has again spoken of his pride at helping his country into the semifinals.

“I stick with the feeling of having helped my team,” he said ahead of the friendly with Austria.

“I stopped a goal, and I believe that it is worse when you stop a goal and injure an opponent, seriously injure them, and get sent off for that.

“Stopping a goal with my hand I believe did nothing evil to anyone -- it was just stopping a goal."

He insisted Gyan should bear the responsibility for Ghana’s failure to progress, adding: "The referee did the right thing -- he sent me off and [Ghana] had a penalty. But the taker was a Ghana player, not me.”

Suarez was initially in tears after the incident but celebrated after Gyan missed.

“Afterwards came all the joy that Uruguay had won on penalties,” he said. “That is not something to feel bad about either, nor is it something strange.

“The referee did what he had to do. I stopped a goal and did not hit any opponent, nor did I injure anyone.”


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  • aberico says:
    March 06, 2014 10:35 am
    But why shooud ghanasoccernet describe what Suarez said as "Unrepentant." Does this require any repentance on his part? The game of football is such that every opponent does anything possible to win a game, and even though an opponent may break the rules of the game to win a match, thats why there are laws governing and regulating the game. Sometimes a Ghanaian defender also try to stop a player who is going with the ball to put it into the net by bringing the player down. And my questions is have our defenders not done this several times. Don't we conceive penalties too?  Don't we also sometimes break the rules of the game? I know what Luis Suarez did is still fresh in the memories of most Ghanaians, but he was panished and we got a penalty reward, and the  referee said put it into the end for me to bring the match into an end. But we couldn't convert it. Therefore if there is anybody to blame, then we must blame our own incompetency not Luis Suarez. Whiles a player like suazez did what is required to send his country into semis finals of the world cup, ONE odomfo kumfo by the person of Gyan failed to do what is required of him to send his country and Africa as a whole to the semis for the first time in the history of the World Cup. Did Uruguay won the match when suarez denied the goal from entering the net? No! On the contrary the won the match when Gyan sent the ball off-wide over the bar. It is time we stop the hullabaloo and the noise saying "If it had not been Luis Suarez we would have been in the semis."  There is a big contrast between infants of football followers and matured followers of football
  • Noni says:
    March 06, 2014 09:57 pm
    @aberico....thank you bro and for all holier than thous,I suggest you don't cry 4 spilt milk.It's been 4 yrs ago.Diego Maradona put it in with his hand and England crushed out,yet I were given opportunity to redeem selves and failed to convert a spot kick.
  • Ash says:
    March 06, 2014 10:28 pm
    Let bygones be's bn 4 yrs ago and y'all still wailing.
  • aberico says:
    March 06, 2014 07:06 pm
    Nobody is justifying what Suarez did. His action was totally wrong n that's why u were awarded to u, but if u fail to convert, then u have urself to be blamed not suarez. And where is the evidence to substantiate that if a Ghanaian has done that against south american team he will be ban for 10yrs. That's not true because football is govern by rules & that's they want to introduce the goal line technology. The rule says that any player who uses his hand to guard a ball from entering the net should be giving a red card and a penalty awarded to the defaulted team. Any Ghanaian player can do what suarez did in any given much, but he will suffer the same punishment given to suarez
  • Ken says:
    March 06, 2014 02:01 pm
    Suarez has a sick mind. Where did he learn that stupidity? If a Ghanaian player had done that to a South American country he would have been banned for 10 years.