Ayariga rubbishes doubts over FIFA letter to Ghana over interference

Published on: 3 years ago
Ayariga rubbishes doubts over FIFA letter to Ghana over interference
Mahama Ayariga has confirmed receiving the FIFA letter

Ghana's sports minister Mahama Ayariga has rubbished reports by a section of the Ghana media that FIFA's recent letter over potential government interference is fake.

A section of the Ghana media cast doubt over the legitimacy of the FIFA letter to the GFA seeking clarification of the setting up of a commission of enquiry on the Black Stars World Cup failure.

Government set up a commission of enquiry to investigate Ghana's participation but the terms of reference of the enquiry raised eyebrows over possible government interference in the sport.

Media reports prompted FIFA to write to the Ghana FA to seek clarification over the issue but some have called the authenticity of the letter into question saying it was cooked by the GFA.

But sports minister Mahama Ayariga, who has confirmed receiving a copy of the letter, says he has no doubts about the authenticity of the FIFA missive.

"FIFA is legitimate to write to the local G.F.A requesting to be briefed on events in Ghana," Ayariga said.

“We are in a digital world so it’s easier to have information by so doing they want concrete evidence from the source and I think it’s legitimate. There is nothing wrong with that,’’ he stated.

The three-man commission set up by the Ghana government is yet to start its work.


  • OGYA
    says: 3 years ago
    Ayariga show me that you are not going to listen to the nonsense coming from the Ghana media, which I believe is one of the most unqualified in the whole of Africa. Use your smarts to proceed diligently to expose any wrong doings by Nyantakyi and his cronies at the GFA. They will try to distract you from the main job at hand exposing their corrupt practices that has been going on for years. You owe Ghanaians the information of pilfering of the GFA coffers by Nyantakyi. I would be very grateful if you could stop the renewal of Akwasi Appiah's contract until your investigations are over.
  • James, Hohoe
    says: 3 years ago
    I think it is time to wage a war of positive defiance against FIFA because FIFA itself has a lot of bones in its wardrobe. I mean FIFA has become so corrupt that it should no longer be respected nor feared for sanctions. We as a country should be bold enough to call the bluff of FIFA by going ahead to audit the accounts of the GFA and if possible asking the entire GFA membership to step aside for investigations to be conducted into the Brazil fiasco! This is the time for CAF to stand up to defend its members by going ahead with its own competitions even if African teams are banned by FIFA because of the so-called government interference. Can FIFA successfully organize any category of the world cup without Africa? Should FIFA go ahead to effect a ban, the government (Min. of Fin) should withdraw all financial support to the GFA.
  • Kwabena
    says: 3 years ago
    This government is seriously naively confused. Even in an area where it is within the governments reach to bring justice this government has failed. The woyome's, Isofoton's etc. Simply retrieve money for the state after court ruling you could not do and think you can operate within the reach of FIFA? This is another move of wasting the public purse. Pretending to be working government.