Mario Balotelli finally admits he is Ghanaian after posting a picture of himself eating a Ghanaian food

Mario Balotelli eating Ghanaian delicacy Jollof rice and admits its his first time in 15 years

Mario Balotelli eating Ghanaian delicacy Jollof rice and admits its his first time in 15 years

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson 

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There is an African proverb that says no matter how long a leopard gets pelted by the rains, it will never lose its spots. Well, Italian striker Mario Balotelli has confirmed this African adage. 

After all, he says he’s back to his Ghanaian roots.

After denying for several years that he is a Ghanaian and even went to the extent of using abusive words on the West African country who were trying to get him to honour his roots by playing for their main senior national – The Black Stars, Balotelli has finally admitted he is a Ghanaian.

The controversial AC Milan star striker who played for Italy at the 2014 World Cup posted a picture of himself on his official Facebook page eating a typical Ghanaian delicacy – Jollof rice and wrote: “Back to my Ghanaian roots. Eating Jollof rice for the first time in 15 years.”

The post attracted over 90,000 shares on the social media site and claimed up to 3,000 comments within 5 hours with most Ghanaian fans storming the page splash their comments.

Balotelli was born to immigrate Ghanaian parents in Italy but was adopted by an Italian couple as his then poverty-stricken Ghanaian family could not take proper care of him.

The striker grew up rather allying himself to the culture and beliefs of the European country, ditching his roots to commit his international future with the Azzuris (Italy’s senior men’s football team).

The Ghana Football Association courted Mario Balotelli for years

The Ghana Football Association courted Mario Balotelli for years

It is not as if Ghana expected him to just ‘come to his senses’ and honour his roots by responding to numerous invitations and efforts put in by former Ghana coach Claude Leroy who did everything possible together with the Kwesi Nyantakyi led Ghana Football Association administration to convince him to play for Ghana.

But this rather created a small feud between some Italian and Ghanaian fans as the West African fans responded to social media insults that Ghanaians were thieves.

In 2010, the Italian personal condemned his biological parents for granting an interview to a local newspaper lamenting how they lost him to his adopted parents.

However, could the new twist to his story mean a personal regret for ditching his roots since his teen age?

Do you think Ghanaians should ever consider Mario Balotelli as one of them after representing Italy and rejecting Ghana?


  1. tbdarko says:

    A personal regret for ditching his roots because of food? TRUST ME GSN…. I don’t think he has any regrets. Especially the way GFA is running things. He’s rather celebrating by eating jollof rice :-)….. Mario is growing up so he will definitely acknowledge his roots but he doesn’t regret not playing for Ghana.

    • OGYA says:

      Well! Mario is hungary and the only way he could quench that hunger is to claim Ghanaian citizenship to eat the real hunger busting food. The question is “WHO GAVE HIM THAT FOOD”?

    • KS says:

      They will not pass him the ball because he does not speak TWI. I am glad he is happy where he is. Forget Muntari, Mario with his height and strength will give triple slaps with no returns and GFA cant handle him at all. Had he played for Ghana he will be among the players excommunicated for good and his international games would have come to an end already. We need him – He dont need us. Heck we cant even pay him appreance fees. Tweaaaa.

      • Alexander says:

        Adam Kwarasey is being neglected and not protected by his defenders because he doesn’t speak TWI either. What is the difference? The Ghanaian coach and management are equally guilty of racism. They need to go so we can have a better team.

  2. Kweku says:

    wow breaking news i think today should be a national holiday

  3. Mumbi says:

    Ask President Mahama to kneel down to Balloteli B4 2015 afcon kicks off. H.E Mahama did the same to KPB & Ayew brothers when entire Ghana was sweting to face the Copper Bullets in Kumasi.
    Still again you will be disgraced for begging foreingners to play 4 U like what happened @ the WC.
    KPB a Germany international ditched u in Brazil, now u turn your asses to Balloteli for Morocco 2015 afcon.
    Apes never learn!!!!

  4. sade says:

    Usesless ghanasoccernet with nothing to report about.hey let me give you an ideal report about zambia

  5. Milky says:

    I bet had he come and played for Ghana and done one of his crazy Balotelli big ego things, people will be saying he is not a Ghanaian. I dont think this should even be a new article here. And I also think he did the right thing by not playing for Ghana.

  6. Selfmade says:

    Balloteli was from a poor family in Ghana but decided to seek asylum in Italy and he is very smart now.
    Oh Ghana, when will its citizens stop seeking asylum in other countries?

  7. He-goat says:

    “Thou should not point to your father’s house with your left hand”.
    An African adage.

  8. kobby L says:

    So to come and play for the corruption infested Ghana national team when all you know is Italy is to come to your senses ?? Looooool this is a joke. congrats to Welbeck Balotelli and Depay for escaping the clutches of greed and corruption which is personified in the form of the GFA. I feel sorry for KPB. If only we acted professionally then we would have world class players fighting for our shirts.


  9. GK says:

    What kind of Jollof rice is this?

  10. gingerbread says:

    Moral Illiteracy is dangerous than Ebola. Very infectious and it creat a lot of distress picture to the family ot country link to such idiot.

  11. Gyeabour Dormaa says:

    Where are this things from Mumbi n Sade.where are these good for notin morons from.zambia a country wt no history n u ppl re proud that u re frm ther.don’t u ever show disrespect to Gh.a civilised country. If we talkin aba civilised countries in Africa u ppl frm Zambia re nt considered, tym if u two sad ass chipolopo losers mumbi n sade are on gsn no hw to address issues concerning mother Gh.wats the meaning of chipolopo ? Nonsense

  12. les bobo says:

    How can eating a delicacy means going back to one’s root… If Obama eats a Kenyan dish, does that act turn Obama to a kenyan…. Playing football as a career and eating a meal a two separate things. Please stop this unnecessary story captions… If u have nothing to write do not waste our time with these stories… U can talk about the rot in our sports ministry and offer solutions to uproot these predicaments. Thank you…

  13. Alexander says:

    We level headed Ghanaians have always considered Balotelli to be a Ghanaian and loved him regardless of he playing for Italy. With the kind of football management we have right now, it is even a good thing he did not come to play for Ghana. It would have been a whole new story. Just look at how heroes like Kevin, Kwarasey and even Muntari have been treated.

  14. bawah says:

    “……There is no such thing as black Italian.” And there he was: A black Italian, in the flesh, letting everyone know who was singlehandedly responsible for taking Italy to the World Cup Final.

  15. selfmade says:

    Ignored that bloody Zambian turned Nigerian who loves using my I.d to pass comments here! He has no identity!

  16. riky says:

    he has nothing to be ashamed of…Ghana leaders have made ghana a disgrace…who would want to associate with a nation where its own natives are not respected. and or regarded as human beings…ridiculous!