Mario Balotelli visited Sulley Muntari's new car pimping business 4fk Motorsport on Thursday

Mario Balotelli visits Sulley Muntari's car pimping company.

Mario Balotelli visits Sulley Muntari’s car pimping company.

Ghana international Sulley Muntari has opened the doors to his new 4fk Motorsport garage in Milan where rich Italians can go to pimp their rides.

Several AC Milan players have already been to visit Muntari’s new business over the past few months, and on Thursday it was the turn of AC Milan’s Mario Balotelli to make an appearance at the shop.

Muntari updated his Instagram page with the message: Crazy but amazing guy #mario #balotelli visit @4fkmotorsport @sup_edo @eddymaz #appreciated

Picture of Mario Balotelli’s visit to Sulley Muntari’s brand new car pimping business can be seen above.


  1. May his peace prevails says:

    And so ?

  2. OGYA says:

    GSN, are you out of your mind? What’s so important about Mario Balotelli visiting an Auto detailing shop?

    You guys are a bunch of morons, come to the states and you will see Car Detailing shops everywhere, and not a big deal as you villagers at GSN think it is. Every street corner has something like that, even in the Ghetto.

    Are you kidding me, unbelievable how people at GSN, behave like cave men.

  3. JAY TEE says:

    i will visit there soon.
    good job bros.

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