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Marseille looking to further delay AFCON arrival of Ayews

Published on: 06 January 2012

Didier Deschamps hopes to further delay the arrivals of influential Andre and Jordan Ayew to the Black Stars camp ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations.

Olympique Marseille’s request to hold onto the players beyond the January 7 deadline prescribed by Fifa laws was granted by the Ghana FA but for only a day more.

This was a token of goodwill by the GFA to underscore the good relationship which exists between the two outfits but it appears OM will be looking to abuse the magnanimous gesture.

Marseille hopes to keep the Ayew brothers for the League Cup quarter-final at Caen on Tuesday by delaying the duo’s arrival for a further three days even though Deschamps admits it will be difficult to do so considering the earlier deal struck.

The Ghana FA however insists it will not go beyond the agreed extension – fearing it couls disrupt preparations towards Ghana’s quest to win the first Nations Cup trophy in 30-years.

“We have very good relationship with most of the clubs that our players are engaged with and Olympique Marseille is one of them and they made a request to delay player arrivals,” Ghana FA boss Kwasi Nyantakyi had earlier stated.

“Initially the request was for them (Andre and Jordan) to play three games; on the 7th, on the 10th and on the 14th of January and they happen to conflict with our team program.

“But we had to bend a bit backwards in order to them half way so the compromise we struck was to allow Olympique Marseille access to the players to the first game which will be played on the 7th and then we expect the players to leave on the 8th and arrive to camp on the 9th.

“We cannot meet them 100% but we’ve tried to do something, the same dispensation has been granted Udinese and so Emmanuel Agyeman-Badu and Kwadwo Asamoah will also be playing a game on the 7th and they leave on the 8th.

“The same applies to Stade Rennes so John Boye will also be allowed to play on the 7th and then come on the 8th so by 9th we should have a full house.

“We think that if we did anything more than that it will affect the team’s preparations  and if the team is not well prepared nothing can compensate us for any poor showing in Gabon.

“Therefore to prevent that we pleaded with them to bear with us that at this particular moment there is little we can do and the best we can do is to offer them this limited dispensation which they accepted and everyone is happy.”


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  • D LIGHT says:
    January 06, 2012 09:43 am
    may God shield em frm any injury for a successful afcon stint
  • kosty costy says:
    January 06, 2012 10:09 am
    whites always think they are wise,when we needed Jordan for the unda 20 didnt they refuse nd now they want to delay the players nd GFA calls this a gud foot
    January 06, 2012 10:37 am
    It is still fresh in my mind how badly this Didier Deschamps guy treated Andre a few years back. Today he is clamoring for his services. Play the match on the 7th, Andre, and join your BS team mates.
  • Dube frimpong says:
    January 06, 2012 11:56 am
    Hope no more injuries,since gyan is doubtful.
  • kwabas says:
    January 06, 2012 12:09 pm
    @ KOSTY COSTY ,CHRIS OPOKU---This is nothing to do with skin colour.This is the typical attitude in Europe,America,Asia ETC ,greediness and being selfish.Some of our own Ghanaian brothers here in europe are worse than the skin colour you lot are blaming. In the west if you don't speak out,stick out for yourself you will always be taken advantage of. That is why the GFA shouldn't have been too timid and stupid to grant that useless request. Point is, AFCON is dated and THE DIRECTORATE AT OM knew that come AFCON 2012 ,DEDE AND JORDAN will not be available so it is their duty to sort themselves out and it should be nothing to do with us to compromise. That decision by NYANTAKYI and his cohorts is plain daft. God forbid,but if the unfortune should happen and we don't get the results,NYANTAKYI AND ANYBODY AT THE GFA DIRECTORATE WHO TOOK PART IN THIS STUPID COMPROMISE should face the same brunt as PLAVI BECAUSE WITH SERIOUS TOURNAMENTS LIKE AFCON EVERY SECOND BETWEEN THE COACH AND THE PLAYERS COUNT. I will not be suprised if this plain silly compromise is as a result of some BACK-HANDS otherwise l don't see any logical explanation. What annoys me is that,it took some folks to fight tooth and nail to bring about this FIFA LAW only for do goodies GFA TO REDICULE THE THE WHOLE IDEA. WISH I HAVE TIME TO GO ON BUT TIME MMMMMMM,I REST MY CASE.
  • Chris opoku SA. says:
    January 06, 2012 08:51 am
    You guyz dont know white they are like that,why they want to go out off fifa rules
  • kritikal says:
    January 06, 2012 12:33 pm
    we need them afta tomoro. Foolish white daft
  • Sane says:
    January 06, 2012 02:41 pm
    I agree with you about the cultural difference. Indeed, anywhere outside of Ghana(and some parts of Africa), if you want something, you should ask for it. The worst the other party can say is no. They asked for the Ayews time and we said yes. I hope we conditioned it on receiving some other favor in the future because we will need that favor - eg early release for friendlies and such.
  • Sane says:
    January 06, 2012 02:45 pm
    Please don't turn this into a race thing. We are just not used to speaking up. Other cultures, including some African cultures, speak up to preserve their interests. Every team would want the Ayews to keep playing in spite of the start of a competition, but they can't make them without our consent. We can't just be given away stuff and then blaming the white man.
  • Chu says:
    January 06, 2012 05:00 pm
    **** didier.he 3ted dede as a rag nd wud nt hestet 2 get rid of im 2 yrs ago-dede is nt like esien nd das nt fear de sac