Match fixing SCANDAL rocks Nigeria's 2010 World Cup qualification, fixer claims he helped Eagles

A convicted Singaporean match-fixer has shockingly claimed that he helped Nigeria to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa through his match fixing shenanigans.

Nigeria’s Super Eagles qualified for the 2010 World Cup but failed to impress at the tournament

A convicted Singaporean match-fixer has shockingly claimed that he helped Nigeria to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa through his match fixing shenanigans.

In a mind-blowing revelation published in a book that will send shockwaves throughout the football world, Wilson Raj Perumal, claims he influenced results to help the Super Eagles to qualify.

In a shocking claim, the match fixer said that Nigeria football authorities promised him the right to organise their pre-2010 World Cup friendlies as well as part of the money FIFA pays to help teams prepare for the tournament.

Perumal, a self-confessed match-fixer who was part of a syndicate that has been placed at the heart of a sophisticated network responsible for fixing hundreds of matches around the world, also claimed in the new book that he also assisted Honduras in reaching the World Cup through his activities.

Perumal’s book, written in conjunction with the investigative journalists Alessandro Righi and Emanuele Piano, details the huge sums of money he won and lost – up to €3m in a single night – and the huge reach of the match-fixing syndicate.

He details a meeting with a football official in which he promises to help Nigeria qualify for the World Cup in return for free rein in organising three warm-up matches and a cut of the money Fifa provides for hosting a training camp during the tournament.

First, he claims to influence three players on his payroll to help Nigeria to victory in one of their qualifiers.

Then he claims to have promised the Mozambique FA a $100,000 bonus if they were able to hold Tunisia to a draw and so stop Tunisia leapfrogging Nigeria and seizing automatic qualification. Mozambique secured an unlikely 1-0 victory.

“My plan had worked and I was the unsung hero of Nigeria’s qualification to the final rounds of the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa,” writes Perumal.

“Ferrying Nigeria and Honduras to the World Cup was a personal achievement. ‘Fuck,’ I considered. ‘I got two teams to qualify for the World Cup but I cannot tell anyone.'”

Perumal had already admitted to being part of a syndicate that fixed a string of international friendlies by bribing corrupt officials and compromised players, but this is the first time that he has claimed to have influenced World Cup qualifiers.

Perumal was arrested in Helsinki in 2011 and sentenced to two years in prison.

He agreed to co-operate with the authorities and implicated his fellow Singaporean Dan Tan, alleged to be at the heart of the fixing and gambling ring that placed bets on illicit Chinese markets.

Perumal, who served a year of his sentence in Finland after promising to co-operate with the authorities, claims to have had a hand in or profited from fixed matches all over the globe, from Latin America to Serie A.

They included two occasions on which he is alleged to have arranged for bogus African teams to play official friendlies and deliver the required result.

Last year Europol alleged that more than 380 professional matches in Europe and more than 300 matches played in Africa, Asia and central and South America were under suspicion as the scale of the activities of match-fixing gangs from eastern Europe and Asia became clear.

He also claims to have attempted unsuccessfully to bribe referees at the World Cup itself.


  1. One bullet ! says:

    There goes Jealousy Ghanaians

    • spellBOUND says:

      what has your failed state achieved that Ghana has not surpassed??? please list them…. and don’t bring up your economic ranking…. for a country of 1 billion, its not a yardstick to compare with one with 20 million…

      when it comes to quality of life, the economic ranking completely fails..
      this is why HE-GOATS like NONI reside in Ghana with a better quality of life, yet has the balls to insult us. the stadium incident a month ago should get u started..

      if 9ja and Ghana had switched places in their respective qualifying groups for brazil, 9ja would be sitting home in june…. the easiest group, and yet u sweat to qualify… please, let our ears rest with your jealousy talk..

  2. Mohammed ibrahim says:

    some times this things have to be investigated and the one guilty should be punished accordingly with this we can even say Nigeria won the cup of nation by match fixing

  3. Benito says:

    No wonder!!!!,a country like naija with 419 curse hanging on every one,s neck will easily for this….oh naija ninjas

    • Highest says:

      Ghana Can Not And Will Never Attain The Same Level Till The End Of Time.This Simple Act Of Felony Has Gone A Long Way In Telling The World How Stupid Ghananians Could Be.
      You Called Us Boko Haramist,but Nigeria Will Continue To Be That Undisputable Giant Of Africa Both In GDP,security,quality Of Life.So I Must Tell You That Nigeria Was Commended By USA,S.African Etc. For The Best African Country In Implementing Alternative Crisis Resolution And I Think You Should Do Just That For A Peace Of Mind Because Ghananians Have None.

  4. banger says:


  5. Mumbi says:

    These Apes are full of jelous and lies. Infact its ghana who bribed the referee in the 2013 Afcon semi finals against Burkina Faso. Still the apes of ghana were beaten.

  6. spellBOUND says:

    LOL… are these claims being made by Ghana????? read the article again….zambia and 9ja has nothing that Ghana can be jealous of… for what those 2 failed states have achieved, ghana has surpassed. Mumbi, please get over that qualifying loss to Ghana and experience relief on your troubled soul..

  7. Obiba Ebo says:

    Here we go again. If is true dat he fix matches for nigeria to qualify in a world cup den dey shuld press him harder coz I believe dat it may not be only nigeria but most of de african countries.
    He shuld be sentence for abt 25yrs in prison.
    I dont believe nigeria get involved in match fixing coz their group was not dat strong, I think Tunisia was their biggest rival in their group n I think by den tunisia was no where near nigeria.
    I want de nigeria FA to cum out n clear dis accusations from dis useless man who want to disgrace de most popular country in Africa.

  8. Benny says:

    Boko haramites ,this is what they do best .Criminal and murder.

    • Emmalot says:

      Why!Why!Why! Thousands are dead but you deem it fit to say such a terrible stuff.MAY THE gods OF YOUR LAND FORGIVE YOU.To clear the air it is only the part of arabic north that is affected and God willing,we shall overcome.

  9. theprince says:

    No news boko haram boys are known in the world for these. And mumubi the least said about ur filthy country is better

  10. Emmalot says:

    U see that was during super chicken era.If not for corruption should ghana be talking where NIGERIA is talking.I wonder why these low life moribunds should fall for the plot by ghana soccer net who are ready to tear apart nations just to get comments.

  11. Chu says:

    I would not take this bullshit eventhough it is against our rivals. Remember we also have patches of match fixing against Brazil according to Ryan Speagle. So GSN should stop pocking noses into peoples affairs

  12. Emmalot says:

    I love this soccer net.See how it was written to suit their BLOODY taste.I know for sure that no nigerian soccer pundit will put it like this if it were the other way.Due to ghana’s arrogance they lost two major trophies in the space of a year,consequently loosing penalty shoot-outs when they should have won.THEY blew the air when they won Egypt only to forget Cairo’s football influence and the ancient gor..llas were put in group of death.

  13. dunga says:

    BLACK STARS will surely come out of their group stage with flying colours n will set a new record

  14. Ujulu says:

    Then we, Ethiopians would like to urge Fifa to investigate the latest world cup qualifications that is held between Nigeria and Ethiopia. #Brasil 2014

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