Michael Essien admits he is fully fit for new season

Essien and 'dad' Mourinho

Essien and ‘dad’ Mourinho

Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien says he is fully fit for the upcoming season.

Essien returned to England after a successful one-year loan spell at Real Madrid.

The former Lyon enforcer has shown amazing spirit and belief by recovering from from three career threatening knee injuries to play active football.

Prior to the injuries he sustained, he was unquestionably one of the most dominant midfielders on the planet.

The Ghanaian international says he is healthy and raring to play an important part in Chelsea’s campaign this term.

“My knees are not giving me any problems. I just have to keep myself fit and get ready to do a good job for the team,” Essien said

“My style hasn’t changed. I’m still the same.”

“When you bump into me you can tell I am still as strong and keeping fit.

“When you have these injuries it’s hard to get back but I go with the flow. I don’t put pressure on myself or anything.

“I just listen to the doctors and once I’m fit and training I give everything.”

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has already spoken highly of the player describing him as ‘the wall’.


  1. Nimo says:

    Essien admits ….. Why choose ‘admit’? Wey can journalism dat?

  2. millennium says:

    Chelsea’s defense and midfield are set with which players? Do you guys really know football at all and who game-winners,great and valuable players are? We even don’t know of the value of our own. Who in the current Chelsea defense and midfield is comparable to Essein in experience, power, and soccer skills? We disdained such a valuable material and cost Ghana black star his valuable service and we want to pass it on others. Well, Mourinho is smarter than that, and that is why he is a winner.

    You see why any cockroach nation in world football will get up and rub shoulders with us, with the gust to tell us they will beat us in our own backyard for world cup qualification. All because forumites, I mean soccer novice here, make noise against the best we have and cause our senseless soccer managers to omit key players from our set up. What we get is, disrespect for our nation and its nationals, of which I am one. so allow me to air these few lines.

  3. COCONUTHEAD says:

    @Nimo, thank you for your comment. I was wondering at the use of “admit.” A simple word like “says” would suffice. Wow, is this a GSN piece?

  4. Essien all the way.chelsea 4 u

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