Mikel or Essien? Who will be Chelsea's enforcer next season?

Jose Mourinho's Chelsea side are set to be major Premier League contenders next season, with the west Londoners strengthening and looking to regain the title from Manchester United.

Essien and Mikel

Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea side are set to be major Premier League contenders next season, with the west Londoners strengthening and looking to regain the title from Manchester United.

With the Portuguese coach back at Stamford Bridge, all players will need to prove their worth and fight for a place in the starting position. One important position of key interest will be in defensive midfield, with Jon Obi Mikel and Michael Essien set to battle it out for the honour.

Chelsea’s title odds will be improved if they can get a central midfield enforcer in form to go toe-to-toe with their opponents. In Mikel and Essien they potentially have two players capable of filling the role, but both have issues to overcome if they are to prove a crucial link in Chelsea’s title challenge.

Mikel has been hot and cold since joining the Stamford Bridge outfit. At times he has shown the rounded game that many expected when he first signed for the Premier League side, and his industry and passing range are two of his major pluses. That said, the Nigeria international has had lapses in concentration and positional issues in his time with the club that are unforgivable at the highest level.

Essien was a key player for Mourinho is his first tenure at Chelsea, but has since suffered injury and dips in form. Mourinho clearly rates Essien as he brought him to Real Madrid on loan last season, and on his day the Ghanaian has the ability to be as good as anyone in the world in his position. An injury free and positive pre-season is needed for Essien to stand a chance of getting back to his best.

At first glance it would appear that Essien will reclaim his berth in the centre of Chelsea’s midfield if he can stay fit, with Mikel potentially victim to the wealth of talent at Mourinho’s disposal. It may well be that Mikel finds first-team opportunities limited, and Essien certainly has the ability to be a key player for the Stamford Bridge club once more if he stays fit.

Source: Nigeriasoccernet.com


  1. GSN is such a funny site. If i want to laugh out my stress all i do is to log in. How dare you compare Mikel vs Essien. Essien is an old meat for crying out loud, he should as a matter of fact retire from football. Even the pix of both players speaks volume. See how physically fit Mikel is? Mikel all the way. Up NIGERIAAAAA

    • phacic says:

      Have u been missing the adage that goes “a Half fit Essien is far better than a fully fit Mikel”. He’s a fine player in the Green Shirt, wont take that from him but in the Blue, he’s way way way below fine even that youngster Romeu took his position in Benitez reign for only injury to save him

    • Smoking Columbia says:

      @ Noni, Oloshi! You are just exposing your ignorance. The player, you claim is old (Essien) keeps scoring even as a defender and your godamn ‘young’ man can’t even score a single goal as a midfielder. Is this Mikel guy not a disgrace? Honestly, Anthony Annan or Agyemang Badu is way better than Mikel (even with Mikel’s height and exposure to so many games). I respect Nigerians for their good strikers esp in the past but for midfielders, please give CREDIT when it is due. The only skillful player now in Nigeria is my man Victor Moses. I wish he is injury free. Mikel would have been in our Team C cos Gh is abound with so many midfielders and YOU KNOW THAT.

    • dadaba gonshots says:

      Yes I am Ghanaian, and yes I would use Mikel instead of Essien, that is based on current form. Let us get real and forget sentiments. As much as we( GH and 9ja) are just accommodating each other, I believe this should nullify all other opinions to be expressed by my GH brothers.

      • Ogya says:

        You guys should remember one thing, its not who is in form, its always who, the coach feels confortable with to marshall his plans on the field and we all know the answer to that.

  2. King says:

    GSN has set up another war am ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ghanaians bring it on! Bring it on!!! Lol

  3. phacic says:

    Chelsea is almost selling Mikel and even if he stays his chances will be very much limited

  4. Sam Praise says:

    Noni, you should have made it clear that you are speaking for Nigeria, they both have their pluses and minuses, its left for the coach to decide, can’t wait for the season to begin! Noni I need a site for Nigeria sports.

  5. Sam Praise says:

    You this Nigerians, incase you don’t know, I will like to tell you that its was Essien who showed Mikel how to shine in Chelsea, he showed him how to stand firm, right now, he’s ready to show him the way out! Mikel will be sold!

  6. Pevnorbemol says:

    Lower ur voice to make ur argument. Badu is far better than mikel. Anyway let the game begins

  7. Hahahahahaha. Sam Praise pls stop giving Essien hopeless hope, faithless faith and visionless vision. Essien knows he has come to the end of the road. We Nigerian non dey carry last. For Essien to bench Mikel, rain go fall.

  8. King says:

    @sam praise and pevnorbemol shut up you stupid fools!you useless Apes! You filthy Pigs!you scary hedgehogs!you crazy hyenas!you Ugly Ghouls!you shameless Sasquatch!you dirthy zombies!you clueless Goats!you stinking Dogs! Mikel is better than Essien! 26 and Essien 30 should retire!understand? You useless chimpanzees,you disgusting porcupines hahahahaha

  9. Pk dee says:

    Ibrahimovic n Morinho r nt ghanains or 9ja so why shuld ecowas suffer.Mikel n Essien for west africa al de way.am a gh,i lov mikel n essien!

  10. Bad record for mikel obi
    Play over 280 matches. No goal
    He’s da record holder. it has neva happened in the history of epl

  11. King says:

    @PK dee nice comment!!

  12. google maps says:


  13. We African we like fighting ourself 4 nothing.mikel & essien do there have d same play ability that we have 2 compare d both,d both hav contributed alot 2 chelsea.d season wil speak.efu victor,Nigeria says:

    We African we like fighting 2much,d season wil speak 4 them,chelseafc and fans love them both.Efu victor,Nigeria

  14. ghanaboy says:

    i have never felt the presence of mikel in any chelsea game,aww,poor technical eye of noni,i will prefer under 20 star seidu salifu to mikel

  15. pakzi says:

    No need for the fight, it doesn’t ‘matta’ who plays as long as both can cause ‘hazard’ 2 our oppositions! Up chelsea, Up 9ja

  16. Dr Who says:

    Obi is pure shit….the only player with over 6ft height and stature who cant hit the leather ball hard to score….I miss Sunday Oliseh…Obi has toy legs so he is afraid when he throws them they would come off…

  17. sholay says:

    This Ghana newspaper sometime funny and lied. You first told us that essien In, mikel out. Now its mikel and essien. Pls stop this nonsense post and let the coach decide. Olodo

  18. Boateng and google map may amadioha rip you off this earth. Foolish products from expired sperm. King, Essien should be 39 this yr. The whole world knows Gaynaians are age cheatz. Long live Nigeria.

  19. Nimo says:

    Oh there’s no competition, Essien is better, he got all the qualities – a better crosser, tackler passer, he’s sharper, more powerful etc. He could also score, creates assists and he’s more dynamic than mikel who’s always anxious to release the ball quickly to the nearest player – he’s so ordinary at the club level but nails it at the international

  20. ghanaboy says:

    when it comes to age cheat,then nigeria is the top among all,look at this old men who were saying they are under 20 and under 17,thieves

  21. Sam Praise says:

    I told you Essien showed Mikel the way in, he will show him the way out, put Mikel and Essien together and Mourhino will take Essien any day day any time, those of you insulting, can’t you see that your insults are old? Out dated brains, Nigeria is known for all the wrong reasons in the world, Mikel will be sold!

  22. ghanaboy says:

    how many nigeria players were caught by caf as over age during the recnt under 17..the whole world knw about you people

  23. sholay says:

    Ghana people here, you better shut ur dirty mouth. Your best player(essien) that couldn’t play in ur national team. Is that ?o? he know ?o? to play ball. Oloshi gbogbo. Pls cover ur face joo

  24. collynzo says:

    @Sam http://www.kickoffnigeria.com
    Truth be told I want Mikel to leave Chelsea and go to Monaco, he needs new challenges to wake him up. As for Essien, his career is dead.

  25. ghanaboy says:

    sholay,if we could score u people without our top players,then what do u think will happen when they are available?

  26. ABC says:

    Anyone who think that Mikel is better than Essien is fooling themselves. Mikel is nowhere near Essien! Essien is too powerful

  27. collynzo says:

    @Sholay what made them unavailable? Are they having spiritual problems? You guys need to stop that excuse, Nigeria won AFCON in February without those so called top players.

  28. sholay says:

    @ghana boy, when was that? Even with the crops of players you had that time, you found it difficult to win the nation cup.

  29. collynzo says:

    correction -> @Ghanaboy what made them unavailable? Are they having spiritual problems? You guys need to stop that excuse, Nigeria won AFCON in February without those so called top players.

  30. Colynzo hahahahahahahaha. Where have you been man, i’ve really missed ya on this fucking site. King, Sholay and other Nigerians in the house lets nail these foolish gaynaians before the Zambians(COSAFA champ) finally nails the coffin in september. Three days national morning must hold in Ghana after losing to Zambia come september. Somebody say Haleluyah. :)

  31. Pk dee says:

    Guys,is al abt braging rights,bt sincerely argumnts btwn 9ja n gh is argmnt btwn abuja,lagos or accra,kumasi.lets undrstn we r 1st cousins.it doesnt make sense in a lng run.

  32. Nelson says:

    You guys re really with out shame en honor, an xample of scom to ur respective Nations en ur routes. I won’t even say half the shits u guys say to each other to a Brit. I see that ur viles knows no civil bounds, is this a football site or disgust site? I’ve a friend I call my Brother en he is a Ghanian we practically adore each other. You guys re a like a snag to the aspiration of a united Africa. I wish I never opened this site.

  33. King says:

    @Gaynaboy u filthy Chimp! U cannot win AFCON even when you hosted it in 2008! You useless duck!

  34. Nimo says:

    All u nigerian loudmouths u know nothing about football, eat my shit and die y’all

  35. King says:

    @nimo fuck you die slow motherfucker!!!!!!!!

  36. sholay says:

    Where is essien when chelsea played bacelona in champions league semi final (both leg), where is essien when chelsea played bayarn munich in the final? These are the questions we gat to ask you ghanian. Tired leg essien, he called mourinho his daddy bcs he wanted to force himself to play football. I don’t know maybe mourinho came to ghana to pregnate essien mother? Omo ale

  37. Big Daddy Kosho says:

    Nigeria and Ghana we are ONE people. Please stop this nonsense Ok. Mikel and Essien are good players and we the chelsea fans really appreciate their good works… My brother no need for abusive words. ONE LOVE AFRICA.

  38. collynzo says:

    Lol @ Nimo, I feel your pain. @PK Dee when did you change?

  39. collynzo says:

    @Noni I saw that the Zambians were already dealing with them, so I stayed away.

  40. King says:

    Essien and mourinho love hurting real madrid and now chelsea hmm. httpm.bleacherreport.com/articles/1363973-why-jose-mourinhos-relationship-with-michael-essien-is-hurting-real-madrid

  41. sam says:

    well sometimes i like essien. other times too i like mikel. I think am confused! they are both good and i think mikel brings lots of flair whilst essien brings power! age favours mikel whereas essien is more offensive minded than mikel! hmm, the season wud be interesting oo

  42. Austin says:

    Essien is too old to play in the fast and physical EPL.

  43. Pk dee says:

    @collyzo-u may also realise change sooner.we hav an in-born relatnshp inseprable dat surfaces whn it realy mattrs.n i rediscovrd dat durng de conferatns cup.my blood ws purely green n white no mata wht.we r de same guys,dnt fool urselvs.

  44. zambiaalltheway says:

    nigerians are bragging with this afcon,we zambians can disgrace your team..u dont even deserve to represent african in the world cup..if it wasnt the mercy of tahiti,u people would have totally disgrace us in the cofed.cup..african champions my foot..super vultures who play football with nigeria juju

  45. Blakroze GH says:

    Oh so Noni the non entity you actually believe that that fake guy called @king is trully YOUR King? Hmm, boys nni adwen koraa…smh!!!

  46. ghanaboy says:

    super vultures,u always brag,what is wrong with u..only good at insults,where were u when we whip u 4~1 in a friendly match,when we whip u 1~ in afcon 2010,tell ur fa to call us friendly match with ur current form and see the damage we will cause u,even kenya become a task for u,and who said you can beat zambia?it become a nightmare for u to play kenya,apuuuu

  47. Chaka says:

    I know you guys supporting Mikel dont know what you are about.Mikel know Essien is his Icon and thus has decided to seek for a transfer in order to be fit for the World Cup.I wonder what these Nigayrians and Mumu Zombians want here

  48. ben says:

    For now,mikel is far better than essien.is not just a nigeria/ghana thing.when nigerians woke up,ghanians were still sleeping,lets face football and stop making useless noise.clubs are biding for mikel because they know the stuff is made of.how many clubs has come for essien?chelsea will not sell mikel because they are not stupid.essien will surelly play,but in FA CUP,while mikel plays in the league and champions league.

  49. sam says:

    hahahahahaha! anyway we talking aba essien and mikel here, not Ghana and Nigeria! lol

  50. Anyebe Benjamin Anyebe says:

    Guys, am disappointed with the way & manners u brothers quarrel over the issue of Mikel vs Essian. They are best of friends, both of them can even play @ d same time. Besides, Essian,s sound like a Nigerian from Akwa Ibom state South South Nigeria.

  51. King says:

    @Gaynaboy now u have proved that you are a pathetic hungry wretched Goat!! Mali beat Ghana twice in loosers final with the same two goals margin 2-0 and 3-1 respectively hahaha DEJA VU!.mali have not beaten Nigeria in their history.liberia we beat 6-1 beat Ghana 2-0 what a shame.are we talking about burkina faso?haha. Fool we beat you Ghana 3-0 in a friendly and 2006 we beat you 1-0 in afcon group stage.you exited the tournament hahaha when was the last time nigeria exited afcon group stage?and fool who told you we can’t beat zambia?? We beaten zambia 2-0 in a friendly match in january 2012.beat them in 1994 afcon final.beat them in 2010. 2013 they drew with us with a fluke penality.zambia is nothing to Nigeria you fool…….hahahahahahahahaha zambia is Ghana’s nemisis.just as we are to them!!!

  52. mike says:

    what stupid article is this i mean GSN when will u people grow up and write something better there is no sense in this article…. grow up fools

  53. King says:

    @phacic yeah the adage your father composed.you filthy son of a whore!! Stinking rat!

  54. MY says:

    I don’t know why burnt charcoal Gaynaian apes are primitive and stupid. They claim they have world class players, yet their Ghana Baboon Stars have not win any trophy for 32 years. What a disgrace? Even Nigeria local player Sunday Mba is far better than all Ghana Baboon Stars including dwarf Essien because he scored for his country in final AFCON 2013 and that help Nigeria to win AFCON 2013.

  55. Blakroze GH says:

    @Ben, well when Essien was down and out, Juventus,Arsenal,AC Milan and Inter Milan wanted him, but eventually REAL MADRID had him…and he went there AND scored 2 goals……whilst your Mikel is now being linked to Galactasaray in his best of forms……can you even compare Gala to any of the teams that came calling for Essien when he was below par? Secondly, tell us how many goals he has scored so far in 7 seasons for Chelsea?….and @ King…hmmm…you want to claim nemesis status over us when we have been bashing you carelessly, left, right, center, front, back since 2001 till date…..erm so tell me once again how you felt when you went to wikipedia to get some dirt against us on the Naija/Gh issue only to realize that we had given your Galant super chickens 7-0? The most damning scoreline your country has received since it came to being? And oh, lest I forget, did you know that your case is not at all bad? Cos Kenya too got 13-0 and inthe not too distant past, Lesotho graced our eyes with an eye catching 7-0 too…. I was like hey 7-0? We spelt Lesotho just like how we spelt N.I.G.E.R.I.A then? Ooooh…….

  56. MY says:

    @Smoking Columbia ur name said it all. Any way i don’t know what u smoke before wrote that rubish. Honestly, i don’t why Gaynaian are senseless, primitive and stupid. Scumbag, which club are Agyamang Badu and Anthony Annan playing and what are their football achievements to compared them to Mikel Obi? What have Gyana Baboon Stars achieved in the past 32 years? Listen u slowpoke, Nigeria local player Sunday Mba is far better than those useless Gayna Baboon Stars including dwarf Essein because he scored in AFCON 2013 final and that help Nigeria to win AFCON 2013.

  57. Both Zambiaians and Ghanaians are full of shits. The Zambian foolish team filled with policemen managed to lift Cosafa cup and they are happy. I watched the just concluded COSAFA cup hosted by Zambia and i shared tears. It was just like watching some sets of pry school students training in a pry school. No single talent emerged. What a shame… Ghanaians are just envious of Nigeria. Every country wants to play super eagles of Nigeria. August 14th–> NIGERIA VS S/AFRICA…. Mandela’s challenge. Just watch eagles destroy South Africa. Oh lest i forget. I heard Odamptey Lamtey u-17 gold medal was stolen from his treasury by Ghanaians. Hahahaha. What a country! Full of gays and thefts…… Long live Nigeria jor.

  58. sholay says:

    @ blakrozeGH, he went to real madrid and he scored 2 goals, accepted, but let me ask you guy, throughout his spell @ real madrid what does he achieve ? He went there to magnetised his bad luck on them. After this season, essien will eventually go to stoke city. He call mourinho his daddy hahaha!! Pls essiens name has changed to Mr essienmourinho(omo ale). see something, van Gikel the new sighning will put essenmourinho into bench. Watch out guy.

  59. King says:

    @Blakroze GH ok let me reply you ooo!!since you like stalking me on Gsn and kissing my ass lolz. When wise man points at the moon the fool looks at the finger. You keep looking at my fingers.dummy u don’t understand what I said. I said Zambia is Ghana’s nemesis. Just as we (Nigeria) are nemesis to zambia got it? They don’t relish facing us.ask renard.about Ghana trashing Nigeria 7-0.atleast our biggest defeat didn’t reach double figure compared to your Ghana’s 10-0 suffered in the hands of bulgaria.by the way does that mean that bulgaria is better than Ghana? Dude use ur head!!KID!

  60. MY says:

    @Blakroze GH, are u OK. Honestly, u sound like a village mad man. U wrote garbage, nonsense, useless easy without a source. I don’t know who let this village mad man out. Pls scumbag, go and take ur drugs.

  61. nana yaw says:

    none of them is good. both are weeds

  62. Cliffxy says:

    Mikel can never play in madrid but essien was able. Remember that tackle he made on messi. Mikel with all height score only 1 goal in his whole career, even essien return frm injury to score. So dn’t even think to compare them.

  63. Cliffxy says:

    @dadaba what form, now even luis is used in mid field and mikel is on bench, so what are u saying

  64. Y.M says:

    I think football in Africa used to be for Ghana…though, Nigeria has always been a very exposed country almost in all fields…but truth be told Nigeria’s time is back again…d jst concluded AFCON is an evident to that…the likes of Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon, ivory coast, Zambia are going back into their shells…new countries are nw coming in..u can imagine bukina Faso beating Ghana and gettin to d finals! Ghana was an uncelebrated legend…u can imagine he never won d Africa best..neither d AFCON, anytin can sti happen with Mikel!

  65. 4real says:

    Im from ivory coast and a true chelsea fan,but honestly speaking if de rossi is going to be signed,then both mikel and essien are going to warm the bench next season.Because we have ramires and lampard already,of which none of mikel or essien are up to.So if derossi is eventually signed it would limit the game time of both mikel and essien.
    But if no defensive midfielder is signed,essien and mikel would have to fight for the starting spot to patner with ramires or lampard in the pivot.
    Essien was soo awful the season before he left chelsea(probably due to the injury he had) and mikel was by miles better and was prefered to essien.But essien went to madrid and did well and got recharged back to form.He is back now to the blue and from what i saw in the two pre-season games we’ve played so far,essien-the-bison like he used to be in his good old days is back to top form.He offered something that had being missing in the chelsea midfield for a while now.
    Although the quality of opposition s were poor,if he replicates those performances in the EPL then mikel’s spot in the starting XI might overthrown by the return of the BISON.Essien offers what mikel can’t offer(confidence,good vision,attacking abilities,urgency and sharpness,hard tackling,good workrate e.t.c).And also,mikel offers what essien can’t offer(stability,discipline,aerial treat,physical presence,good positional sense).
    Jose is a top class coach and he knows how to make good use of the talents he has.i tell you essien would start some games over mikel against some teams where his abilities are needed more and also mikel would start some games over essien against some teams where his abilitlies are needed more.
    So stop arguing about who would play and who would not.Both would be given equal opportunities.Jose knows how to bring the best outta players and i believe mikel would improve a lot next season(watch out for him).

  66. 4real says:

    A useless ivorien donkey copying my Id lmfaooo.Mikel is better than essien period!!

  67. 4real says:

    No need for all these your useless long story.

  68. Blakroze GH says:

    Hey @MY the dumbo, which part of Ghana scored you 7-0 didn’t you get? Yes man we spelt your beloved country on the field of play….and now “accursed dog” who said anything about chasing the dog? Don’t worry, we know you have become a “rabid accursed dog” now but I won’t kill you, I’ll leave you for the HARAM familly, you can take @MY with you cos he’s such a dumb man that it’s pathetic….yes @MY the DUMBO, we dished out a whopping 7-0 to nigayria and it was so kind of you to remind me to take my antibiotics before replying you cos you reek of all sorts of diseases and illiteracy…thank you once again, but you are STILL dumb for not catching the understanding that we sent 7 goals into your net then…

  69. John says:

    Ghanians and nigerians in this forum needs serious deliverance.This site is sickening me,mikel and essien are best of friend.Why do you want to kill yourself over unnecessary debate? Mtcheeeeeewww!!!

  70. King says:

    @blakroze Gh hahahah essien is not real madrid standard. Mourinho is just helping him to revive his career boy!! Take it again Essien is not Good enough!! http://m.bleacherreport.com/articles/1363973-why-jose-mourinhos-relationship-with-michael-essien-is-hurting-real-madrid

  71. CRIKENY says:

    How can u compare mikel to essien. Nigerians shud be veri ashamed of their sef for dis argument. Mikel wl set @ bench 4 e all season,his juju wlnt work @ dis tym arond

  72. Blakroze GH says:

    Oh so “accursed dog” you now see why mikel will be benched?…..according to your source Mou has sentimental feelings for Essien, not mikel, this even told on Madrid, aclub way bigger than your mikel…. but you koraa tell me how many goals has mikel scored at club level? And when was that? Cos I’m an avid Cfc fan and I just can’t imagine how mikel’s celebration will be like….I wonder o…mikel scoring for Cfc? I think his celebration will be like that of the nigerian at the WC in america….who was it? That guy who was just screaming and shaking the net like he wanted to carry it away to naija…..defenders are even scoring!!! for crying out loud…..

  73. King says:

    @CRIKENY are you high or something? Since when do a Nigerian start running Gsn to post article comparing mikel to Essien? Ghanaians should be ashamed rather.Essien is even 4 and half years older than mikel. Nigerians don’t even compare mikel and Essien.Ghana believe JUJU works in football.hahaha mikel uses juju…the former white serbian Ghanaian coach is right!!!! That’s has been the problem of Ghana football Juju,juju all the time Gosh

  74. collynzo says:

    @Blarkoze you are talking about Rashidi, the son of Yekeni! Better than any striker Gayna will ever produce.

  75. King says:

    Cliffxy what do u mean. Remember the tackle on messi? Hmm is essien the only player to tackle messi? And Essien was able to play for madrid bcos of mou!! They also jumped ship together

  76. bismark says:

    @ collynzo u re a fool what nigerian striker reaches the standard of Anthony yeboah,abedi ayew pele himself among others,hahahaa funny alata people when gh was playing soccer n winning trophies to have rich history nig was fighting over land,32 no afcon funny whilst gh fighting to win senior men world cup u still thinking of afcon which weve won 4 already.

  77. King says:

    @bismark idiot! You are the biggest fool.what stops Ghana from winning trophies again?the last time I checked Ghana is fighting with burkina faso to win afcon despite REf help you still lost kai! U cannot win afcon is worldcup that u can win? Big fool

  78. Y.M says:

    I can see dat the Ghanaians in this place are jst a bunch of loose canons. Essien of all players? Come to 9ja n let us teach u football…9ja won d AFCON with a 6 home-based players n u pple are sittin there dependin on dose black farmers u called footballers! U pple had better gone for hybernation instead of disgracin ursef all in d name of playin football…poverty-driven country.

  79. Y.M says:

    Hmmmnn…I can see dat the Ghanaians in this place are jst a bunch of loose canons. Essien of all players? Come to 9ja n let us teach u football…9ja won d AFCON with a 6 home-based players n u pple are sittin there dependin on dose black farmers u called footballers! U pple had better gone for hybernation instead of disgracin ursef all in d name of playin football…poverty-driven country.

  80. Blakroze GH says:

    Hmmmm@collynzo so true, that guy was a prolific striker o…..but he had just scored his 1st WC goal(something mikel can only dream of) and look at his reaction? Now imagine mikel scoring a single goal for Chelsea?(Something oldman Essien does paa), I tell you, he will collapse on the park…..he will delay time for at least 5mins by just jubilating……so wait, are you guys now telling us that scoring isn’t necessary in football again? When the going gets tough, Keepers even run to the opposing half and head in corner kicks….mikel has waited for over 1000 crosses in Chelsea and has failed to even convert 1….Ivanovic, D.Luiz Cahill(new boy) Merirlles(1season) Essien(axed from 1stteam) they all have one thing in common, they are all by mikel’s side or behind him, and they have recorded GOALS!!!!!but our mikel who is better than Essien can’t score!!!!even in Chelsea Essien has won best player before, how many has mikel won? I tell you every year mikel will keep voting for people, he will never be voted for in Chelsea

  81. Blakroze GH says:

    Look at another twart called @Y.M….have you finished….or better yet have you completly hidden your sorrowful self from the Boko Harams before you are commenting on our economy? We poverty driven? I LOVE IT IF I STAY IN A POVERTY DRIVEN COUNTRY AND KEEP MY FAMILLY SAFE than in a rich nigayria with the B.HARAM guys shooting at me and using my wife and kids carelessly….oh not forgetting getting robbed in broad daylight and things, did I mention the part where mikel helps your nation through soccer and you thank the poor lad by kidnapping his mum and killing her?

  82. wazeeno says:

    They are different players.

  83. collynzo says:

    @Blarkoze are you stupid? When was Mike’s mum kindnapped and killed? Is that how false news spread in Gayna?

  84. RANT says:

    why compare Mikel to Essien? Mikel is by far a much better player than Essien. He has won more laurels too. Though not a gaol-getter thanks to mourinho (Mikel was attack minded until he met mouriho), he’s still better than Essien. Let us note that he is more fluent in english than Essien.

  85. RANT says:

    why compare Mikel to Essien? Mikel is by far a much better player than Essien. Though not a goal-getter thanks to mourinho (Mikel was attack minded until he met mouriho), he’s still better than Essien. Let us note that he is more fluent in english than Essien too.

  86. RANT says:

    Mikel has been a maverick in the midfield both in the national team & in chelsea. Although he’s not a goal-getter thanks to mourinho (Mikel was attack minded until he met mourinho who converrted him to DM cos of Makalele’s consistency).Nonetheless, Mikel contributed with many assists. Mikel has had the most assists @ afcon 2013,he’s won the afcon tophy, the europa cup & participated in confederations cup @ 25 yrs of age,something Essien cannot even dream of. Essien is an old man who has lost his creativity.

  87. Y.M says:

    @ collynzo, thanks for reminding that fool that calls himsef Blarkose or wateva dat he needs to keep himsef updated on valid n reliable news n nt disseminating false news…Anyway, Blarkose, never in ur life compare ur country, Ghana (a country whose landmass n evrytin is lower dan dat of Lagos) to Nigeria (the most populous n one of d most developed countries in Africa). Anyway, i’m not surprise since ur so called super stars are retiring from active football dis days why won’t u be beefin us and sayin all sort of tins…even Asamoah Gyan affirmed to d fact dat his playin days for u pple is numbered! Or maybe u think we both knw d problem d young Ayew is facin playing for ur frustrated country. U beta go support Kuwait maybe with dat ur lyf wil change for beta!

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