Mohammed Polo admits wife's pressure to quit Hearts job

Mohammed Polo

Mohammed Polo

Under-fire Hearts coach Mohammed Polo says his wife wants him to quit the job.

The club legend has failed to inspire the Phobians since replacing David Duncan last November.

Polo remains unpopular among the club faithful after Hearts failed to amount a strong challenge for the title.

He has been criticized severely by the fans and that is getting to his better half.

“From time to time my wife calls me to beg me to leave the job because she cannot take some of the insults that supporters hurl at me on a daily basis on radio,” Polo is quoted by the 90 Minutes newspaper.

“I know I am old but this job has made me older because it has drained me a lot. I am tired, very tired but I love this club so much. What is happening is also affecting me.”


  1. me says:

    Who cares. Becos of greed u have not resigned. I can’t wait for the day MP3 would be fired. I would celebrate more than my wedding day

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