Mourinho tells Essien playing time is not guaranteed, Ghanaian can leave Chelsea

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says he will not guarantee Michael Essien playing time if he stays at the English club this January as the Ghanaian midfielder is seeking game time with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil looming.

Mourinho says Essien must consider leaving Chelsea because playing time is not guaranteed.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says he will not guarantee Michael Essien playing time if he stays at the English club this January as the Ghanaian midfielder is seeking game time with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil looming.

Mourinho, who has a special relationship with the Ghana international, has told the midfielder that he can leave the club this month if he wants an automatic starting place in the team without a fight.

The Portuguese manager says even though he wants Essien to stay at the club, the Ghanaian Essien must fight to earn a place in Chelsea’s starting line-up.

Otherwise Essien must consider the several offers to secure his signature after his agent Fabien Piveteau suggested that the Ghanaian could leave the club this month because of the lack of playing time at the club.

Essien has told Mourinho that he wants regular playing time to be fit for Ghana in June’s World Cup in Brazil and will not compromise on that before the tournament as it could negatively affect his performances in football’s flagship event with the whole world watching.

But Mourinho says Essien must fight for his place in the team or look elsehwhere for playing time before the World Cup.

“I offer nobody – not Michael, not nobody (guaranteed playing time),” the Portuguese manager after Wednesday’s 3-0 win over Southampton with Essien playing a role in the emphatic victory.

“I understand that players think about national team, the World Cup and playing regularly, but my players have to think of the team before the players. Michael knows that perfectly.”

The revelation of Mourinho means Essien must consider the several clubs seeking his signature and sign for them before the winter transfer shuts at the end of the month.

The other option could be for Essien to stay at Chelsea and fight for playing time before the season ends in May then head to the 2014 World Cup with Ghana.

But the last option could prove risky as staying at Chelsea will not guarantee him playing time at a time that several clubs are willing to offer him some action.

Do you think Michael Essien should stay at Chelsea? Do you think he should just snub Mourinho and look for another club? Or do you think because Mourinho has a special relationship with Essien, the midfielder must listen to the boss and stay at Chelsea? Make your views known in the box below:


  1. Diidi says:

    i really think he must go for the sake of GH. we of the blue family will always be grateful for his contributions towards making the Chelsea story so worth telling and hearing.
    the kente colors of the Black Stars at this moment means more than the royal blue of chelsea.

  2. daska0202 says:

    Personally I think Essien should stay at Chelsea till the end of this season before making a move. irrespective of his relationship with the boss, even if he pays 30 min a week @ chelsea its ok considering his age.

  3. Joe says:

    I thk Mourinho is ryt ba to me i thk Essien is somehow better than some of de midfielders in de team lookn at his philosophy. But u guyz shudn’t be surprise to see Essien in de arsenal colours.

  4. Geeman says:

    I’ll say he should leave but he should take only offers from EPL teams. Same time no matter his decision I will always support Essien great cool guy.

  5. kuukuphilly says:

    bull shit,if other clubs wil give him more playing time why should he stay in Chelsea and rot on the bench.go join asamoah gyan in al ain.

  6. Coconuthead says:

    Mourinho gives Essien such little playtime that when he is given the opportunity to get on the field, he is a bit rusty. It is a catch 22 situation here. You give the guy very little playtime; he does not perform exceptionally and he is benched because of that. Regular playtime is key to any players performance improvement.

    I think Michael Essien has a lot of football left in him; he should seek to ply his skills elsewhere. Ghana needs him to be in top form for the WC come this June. GO MICHAEL YOU WILL BE BETTER OFF ELSEWHERE. Chelsea is not the only team you can play at. You have done at lot for the club. No situation is permanent.

  7. sir ken says:

    I advice esien to leav chelsea, becos mikel and remires is far beta Dan esien .

  8. OGYA says:

    Snub the damn stupid coach who is making a fool out of Essien

  9. Boro says:

    If Essien really want to improve on his form now then, the best thing will be to take his opportunity and leave for where he can get enough playing time to get his form back. His form is dipping at a faster rate. Look at his performance during the last play-off with Egypt, he was losing all 50-50 balls, his passes were not going through, he was not ruthless when he has the ball, the Egyptian were almost always wrestling the ball from him. He cannot be with the BS with this can of form! At 31(although we all know Essien will be at his early forties) the best he can do is to be active so that he can use his experience to maintain his previous form. His warming the bench is really affecting his play.

    • Fiscko says:

      Essien,is about time you leave Chelsea for the youngsters.Follow Mourinhos instructions and do the right thing.When one door is close,many more is open.I will love to see you in the world cup for your lastime.

  10. Fiscko says:

    Essien is about time to leave Chelsea for the youngsters.Follow Mourinhos instructions,and do the right thing.When one door is close many more is open.We love to see u in the world cup.

  11. compliments says:

    l love Michael Essien

  12. chris says:

    In my humble opinion i think the time for Michael to bid farewell to the blues is now.its pretty obvious that he needs game time to be fit for the mundial and i don’t think staying put at chelsea wud guarantee him that as the manager has said.

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