Mourinho reveals plans to play Essien against Stoke City on Sunday

Michael Essien

Michael Essien

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed he plans to play Ghana midfielder Michael Essien against Stoke City on Sunday if he decides to remain at the Stamford Bridge. 

Thr Portuguese gaffer has been speaking ahead of imminent transfers from Chelsea in the next five days and has insisted Essien’s future remains in his own hands.

The 31-year-old is close to a switch to the San Siro to join AC Milan after failing to grind out regular appearances in the Premiership.

Essien, who is   former fans favourite at the West London club has played just five times in the English top-tier division but has captained the Blues in their Cup games.

Mourinho has revealed he had plans to play the Black Stars midfielder on Sunday against Stoke City if he decides to stay at the club.

“Michael Essien is in this moment a situation where he can go or can stay,” he said.

If he stays, we are more than happy for him to stay but he is another player who gave everything to this club in the past.

If he stays, he stays and is he stays, he is playing against Stoke.”


  1. Ben Ankrah says:

    No Essien do not agree

  2. ato says:

    Essien if you stay and play against “Stoke” you are a “toke”

  3. Joe says:

    This mourinho man is playing with the psyche of Essien. He is getting the guy more confused. He feel shy to tell Essien in the face tht, hey guy I don’t need u again so he’s pretending as if he still like him.

  4. dzidula says:

    do you know What mou is up to? he only wants to contribute meaningfully to the qualifications of his home nation, Portugal at the world cup by keeping essien on the bench. in so doing, the player becomes rusty and of little relevance to Ghana’s qualifications. essien, dont get enticed by this stoke offer, leave for Ghana needs you than mou do.

  5. Tanko says:

    I think Mou us boosting essien’s moral before he leaves. Essien must have the feel of ” I quit” and Chelsea wanted to me to stay but I chided to go. Psychologically, Essien needs a moral booster and I believe that’s what Mou is doing. Good luck Ess

  6. Tanko says:

    Point if correction: I quit and Chelsea wanted me stay but I chosed to go”

  7. bawah bisung joshua says:

    After stoke game what?

  8. bawah bisung joshua says:

    Do not stay because of a game. please you must go. San siro awaits you as well as the champions league

  9. sejay says:

    That’s bullshit morinyo or how u spell ur name. U just want to waste Essien for us huh? Dumb Ass. Leave the guy and let him go get play time and stop trying to convince him to warm bench

  10. Adebayo says:

    Essien should actually be in Milan by now. Milan has officially announced on their website that an agreement has been reached with Chelsea and that Essien is on his way to Milan for medical tomorrow. Mourinho is aware Esiien will not be available on Sunday!

  11. Oswen Adjei says:

    That’s absolutely nonsense! I could Mou do pass such comment .the question I have for Essien is ” do u really wanna play regularly or play only in the stoke city game on Sunday” ? Essien pls look sharp.moreover Ghana will play against Portugal at the summer World Cup 2014.hmmmmmm! Mourinho that ‘s weekend.

  12. Alomo says:

    beloved don’t listen to counter offers. if your employer gives you a counter offer run. they just realised how valuable you’re while you were about to leave them-that’s bull if you asked me.

  13. BenjiRoHE says:

    Very Fruitful deal Ess. Jux focus n ignore Mour’s mind games.

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