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Muntari, KP Boateng won't be released by clubs for World Cup commission hearing

Published on: 07 August 2014
Suspended Black Stars midfielders, Sulley Muntari and Kevin-Prince Boateng, will be among the the headline-makers

Suspended Ghana midfielders Sulley Muntari and Kevin-Prince Boateng won't be released by their European clubs next week to appear before the commission to investigate the Black Stars failure at the World Cup, can exclusively reveal.

This means the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the World Cup fiasco, which begins its sitting on Monday, must consider taking evidence from the players by telephone.

The two players, who were slapped with indefinite suspensions from the Ghana team at the World Cup for various disciplinary problems, were expected be among the the headline-makers when the commission starts its work.

But officials of the clubs of the two players have indicated that they will not release the players for the exercise as they are seriously preparing for the start of the season.

Clubs are only obliged to release their players for FIFA-sanctioned matches which means the commission's work does not fall within the range of things that would allow their clubs to release them.

Boateng, who plays for German side Schalke, is preparing with the Bundesliga side ahead of the start of the league on 22 August when they face Hannover in their opening game.

With just 11 days before the start of the league, Schalke are not willing to allow their player to be away for three days to face the commission when Boateng's account can be taken by telephone.

Muntari finds himself in a similar situation even though their competition, The Serie A, starts one week after the Bundesliga has kicked off.

AC Milan's opening tough match against Lazio is something coach Inzaghi is unwilling to gamble on which means Muntari must consider giving evidence by phone too as well.

The chairman of the Commission, Justice Senyo Dzamefe, hinted that the Muntari and Boateng, who were at the centre of the Stars’ chaotic campaign as some of the people who are likely to be invited to give evidence before the three-man body.

“For instance, some players who were sanctioned during the tournament will be given the opportunity to give their side of the story,”  the soft-spoken Appeals Court Judge said.

Asked how the foreign-based players would be flown down to appear before the Commission now that the European leagues are in session, Justice Dzamefe said the Ministry of Youth and Sports would be tasked to liaise with the clubs involved to ensure the players’ release.

“I don’t think that will be a problem since the players will be needed for just one day. if there is the need to invite any player the Ministry will liaise with their clubs to bring them down,” he stressed.

It is clear Justice Dzamefe is unaware of the difficulties they will face in getting the two players to appear in flesh in Accra for the hearing.

Boateng was booted out of the Ghana camp for verbally assaulting Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah while Muntari was sacked for physically attacking Black Stars management committee member Moses Armah during a meeting.


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    August 07, 2014 02:19 am
    With so much technology to boot, why do you have to have them appear in person? The commission can question them by live video telecast.
  • selfmade says:
    August 07, 2014 03:10 am
    Listen to this clueless justice " when a player is needed, the ministry of youth and sports ll liase with their clubs to bring them down"!! Wow! And this this the justice we have entrusted our fate into! Amazing! It seems most Ghanaian leaders and even the educated lot are myopic and they live in a hole watching the world from a small crack! The world is not run lawlessly like Ghana and in most countries and organizations, the law works unlike our own! How can the ministry of youth and sports just get up and liase with any foreign club to release our players without the laid down procedure? How can it be done? FIFA has its established rules and regulations for player release but this justice is bypassing the rules! Amazing! We, Africans always take our BIG MEN SYNDROME to everywhere thinking like Ghana is just like other countries,that, every society or corporate entity is the same like the ones we have in Ghana and if this justice is thinking like that, am sorry to tell him that, he is lost because, rules, laws and regulations works in certain countries and organizations unlike our banana republic!
  • Collins Cudjoe says:
    August 07, 2014 02:52 am
    Why is the whole nation wasting it time on this two indiscipline players. Ghana is bigger than them and moreover they are not the best players Gh has ever produced, so we need not to waste time on them. We have a lot to do as a nation in all sectors and we need not to loose focus on getting the black stars back into top shape with up and coming young discipline players. The commission shouldn't waste state resources because of these two vagabonds. We don't need them and if u don't understand you can go to hell.
  • selfmade says:
    August 07, 2014 03:00 am
    This shows the incompetence of our leaders!! Lol! What a wow! In this modern era, when there are video conference from anywhere in the world, our good for nothing old school officials have made a fool of themselves again! Haha! Sometimes, when I read such news like this one, I always crack up and wonder what sort of world our leaders are living in esp the old folks!! Haha! These guys are professional players who plies their trades with serious professional outfits or business entity as Milan and schalke and some good for nothing old school officials ll sit somewhere in Ghana and brag about dragging them to their useless commission when these guys are pay by their respective clubs!! Haha!! In most advance countries, they are serious and they have no time for trivialities!! What a jokers that we are and we are lead by a bunch of clueless buffoons!!
  • selfmade says:
    August 07, 2014 03:17 am
    Again, mister justice, who is going to finance or play for these players air ticket and other expenses? This country is sick to the bone and is no wonder that, we find ourselves like this!! When Ghanaians can't even afford two square meals a day and some live on less than a dollar a day, this educated man is thinking of bringing certain players from Europe to appear in his commission at the state expense! Add the amount of money that ll be spend on the air ticket on these players as well as the per diem that ll be spend on this justice and his friends, can build a school or public toilet for poor Ghanaians! What happen to video conferencing mister justice? Lack of knowledge my people perish!! This commission ll amount to nothing because the three members have no football knowledge!!
  • milky says:
    August 07, 2014 04:25 am
    Yep, we are lead by a bunch of ignorant leaders who just sit in Ghana and run their mouths. They think everyone would bow down to them because they are big man in Ghana. Can we for once think and act like a country with smart and intelligent leaders? I guess this is too much to ask since all the smart people have run out of the country to where they can share their ideas freely and be cherished.
  • chaze says:
    August 07, 2014 08:16 am
    what for are they the best players in ghana muntari who always creat prblm in camp fr every tournament still plays fr ghbna hv u pple heard muntari misbehaving at any foreign clua ,kevin whos dat guy no wonder u went to beg him to play fr ghana SHAME unto u guys .are they messi what hv they achieve fr ghana tink of dat u leaders
  • shine says:
    August 07, 2014 08:01 am
    Collings Cudjo your Mother virgina. Listen to your fucking self made Devil. Who are you anyway a bitch? or a deadly snake? If Ghana produce many stars what did they achieved for Ghana tell me. Are you even a human being or a sheep fool? If they did not dick deeper to get the truth next time your mother and your father and your most idiotmatic Kwesi Appiah will distroy the whole team as his yet to devided it. Collings your mother and mother and mother. In fact becareful with your Language some of us shall kill you. Just becareful next time if you repeat this Ebola message you shall die **** you to hell all you mother fucker. Kwesi Appiah is a mother fucker and a bomb sell. **** them off in fact you Collings. Just becareful here i knew you in person ur stomach will received something you dont know about. watch your fucking mouth or you shall be hunt. We the fans are out to fight anyone who are jealousing Muntari and Kevin Boateng. It is a done deal!