My talented sons are still learning - Abedi Pele

Abedi Pele with his sons; Andre and Jordan Ayew

Abedi Pele with his sons; Andre and Jordan Ayew

By Ameenu Shardow

Abedi Pele insists his talented kids; Andre and Jordan Ayew still have a lot to learn despite their relative personal successes in the just ended season.

Andre grew more in stature this term with Olympique Marseille and is currently being considered as the most likely candidate to captain the side in future.

Jordan on the other hand earned more first team action this season under Elie Baup from his bit-part role since getting promoted to the first team.

Both players have also evolved to become key players of the Ghana national team.

Abedi Pele however insists his talented sons are still in their formative years of their careers.

“I do not like to talk about them that much but they have the character and talent,” he said.

“But they are still children, Jordan 21 and Andrew 23 years.

“They still have a lot to learn. They made ??a good season but we are still waiting more. 

They are themselves but I still guide them to avoid missteps and to ensure that they become stars of their own while they keep their feet on the ground.


  1. MUSAH FIFA says:

    Guide them well, because this GFA Mafias wanted to finish them by force.

  2. togbe pHobia says:

    That is ghana’s best EVER. ** long live the AYEWS

  3. He-goat says:

    Lecture them on patriotism.
    In your time you even chartered planes to honour Balck star matches, when GFA was not properly organised as it is today.
    You killed yourself for Ghana many times.

    • Black Stars Fan says:

      Thank you, Abedi loved Ghana too much, but unfortunately, many people saw this patriotism as arrogance and egoistic.
      The best Ghana football ambassador of all time.

      If Abedi had received all the help Dede and Jordan have been endowed with, he could have become a house-name in the entire world.
      As of now; ABEDI IS FAR SUPERIOR THAN HIS CHILDREN. He could take the ball from the midfield dribbled his way through entire defenders to score a goal.
      Dede and Jordan needs to move away from France to Spain or Italy for serious competitions to solidify their talents.

  4. Kwaku Tee says:

    Tell your kids not to learn those bad habits of yours bcos your detractors have used those things to taunt you,that to those of us who love you we find it difficult to defend.I am glad you said they are still learning.

    • MUSAH FIFA says:

      @Kwaku tee, you’ve show your self,you act as lover but we know where you come from and where you’re going,hahahahaha,Asantiman can never change no matter how.

  5. Thegreatest says:

    Tell them nobody will kotow to them

  6. kealeboga says:

    Tell them no one will stop them they must keep on working hard.they represent Ghana with pride

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