Nana Konadu Is Leading Rawlings Into Destruction - Ben Ephson

Renowned Pollster Ben Ephson says former first lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings is leading former President Rawlings into what he describes as political destruction.

The Daily Dispatch Managing Editor in an interview with XYZ News said he suspects Mrs. Rawlings is the one fuelling Mr Rawlings?s outburst against the Mills administration.

According to him, the upcoming December elections may spell the end of Mr Rawlings?s political influence in the NDC.

?Clearly the wife I think is leading Rawlings to political destruction.” He said adding “Mrs. Rawlings is likely to throw his weight behind a party that would be formed by some elements within the NDC hierarchy and Rawlings would be behind pulling the strings but I will be very surprised if Rawlings openly supports that party”.

?I think that this is the last straw for Rawlings? political obituary in the NDC?.

Ex President Rawlings on Tuesday launched another scathing attack on President Mills describing members of his government as traitors and self seeking politicians who have invaded the corridors of power.

He was boldly replied by aide to President Mills and Parliamentary candidate for Odododiodoo, Nii Lantey Vanderpuije, who said ex President Rawlings has lost his NDC values.

Speaking to XYZ News, Mr. Ephson stated that Mr Rawlings ought to come to terms with the harsh reality that his grip on the party has waned over the years as democracy gets strengthened in the NDC.

?Rawlings is the most popular individual but what he is not coming to terms with is that given the democratic structure his influence is gone? Mr. Ephson said.


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