Nazi sympathizer invades pitch during Ghana-Germany game

Sulley Muntari and pitch invader.

Sulley Muntari and pitch invader.

FIFA’s plea to eliminate racism at this year’s World Cup continues to fall on deaf ears.

Despite a vehement campaign from the organization and pleas and public service announcements from teams and players, it has been one of the overriding themes of the 2014 World Cup.

The anti-discrimination Fare network, which made reports to FIFA about the matter on Thursday, noted that there were several neo-Nazi signs at matches involving Russia and Croatia.

And on Saturday, it took center stage again when a Nazi sympathizer rushed the field during the Ghana-Germany game. No security attempted to stop him as he took his shirt off to reveal a pro-Nazi message. He had to be ushered off the field by Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari.

Several German fans also showed up to the game with their faces painted black.



  1. kwasi nkroma says:

    please I did not see anything wrong with a fun painting him self black .this can’t be racism but favouritism of pls don’t use that painting to make people think negative .when it has no attention .thank u god bless our home land GHANA

  2. leebasky says:

    Those are pro Nazi inscriptions. .. it is not the colour of the inscription.

  3. Zuluman says:

    @ Kwasi
    White people painting their faces black is an offence to black people.Its not fun its humiliation.This mans body graffiti is clearly Nazi stuff.It is forbiddin in Germany so please be more carefull before you write stuff that also puts your blackself down.

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