Nigeria's Kanu warns Ghana that Super Eagles will avenge defeat

Nwankwo Kanu says Super Eagles will thrash Ghana in next month's friendly

Nigeria legend Nkwankwo Kanu says the Super Eagles will end their recent defeats to Ghana when the two sides meet on 9 August in an international friendly.

Last Sunday, the Dream Team V were eliminated from the All Africa Games qualifier by Ghana’s Olympic team.

The Black Meteors overturned a 3-1 deficit to beat Nigeria 2-0 in Kumasi and go through to this year’s final in Maputo, Mozambique on away goals.

Two months ago, the Super Falcons, having played out a lacklustre 1-1 draw in Abuja, slumped to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Ghana’s Under-20 ladies.

This means Ghanaian teams have knocked out Nigeria from both the women and men’s football competition at the All Africa Games scheduled for September.

Looking ahead to the international friendly in London, Kanu said:

”Don’t worry, the Super Eagles will get them and it will not be Ghana on top anymore but Nigeria.”

The Super Eagles face Fifa 2010 World Cup quarter-finalists Ghana at Vicarage Road.

The last time the two nations met in London, the Black Stars won 4-1 in 2007.


  1. Billymoore says:

    Keep dreaming. You think we are afraid of you? If you knew the blazing fire heading your Super Chickens (or Eagles?) you would run for cover before August 9

  2. Billymoore says:

    Keep dreaming. You think we are afraid of you? If you knew the blazing fire heading towards your Super Chickens (or Eagles?) you would run for cover before August 9

  3. fred genuwine says:

    my man you billymore you have said all , they think we are joking with them, i think they have forgotten that we are their masters,come August 9 they will see that in Africa , no size, i wish he Kanu play so that we will bow down in Big Shame

    • sunny says:

      wow ghanaians u hv forgoten so soon, when did ur team jst wake up. u are jst started. but we are on it for long time, dnt think because we rested for a while and nw u think u are the head. we will meet again on 9 augst and we are going to put u ahanaian team where u belong. bet me nireria will win the match with 3:i victory

  4. kossovo says:

    Badu will kill them …..he is wanted at man city.

  5. 21 guns says:

    this nigerians are full of JOKES ,no wonder their presidents is a joke too.who cant deal with boko haram.

    kanu you can even play for super chickens in london ,we will beat your ass again ,was you not among them when we beat your chickens 4-1 ,grow up old man ,i wonder a man like you can do what on your head ,you look like an old woman tho….

    take it or leave it beating nigerians in football is our hobby .

    naija is my slave

  6. marcel says:

    pls someone help me say hello 2 dat chimpanzee , ….. Wats his name again…. Abedi pele

  7. Alkadi Samed says:

    Hahahahahaha… the ussual noise before the slaughter of the eagle, supper chikens will fall in London again..Nigeria never learn their lessons

  8. 21 guns says:

    na your mama na your papa be chimpanzee ,go tell your president good luck jonathan he is a gorilla..mboa mba

  9. kossovo says:

    So teribo west is a very nice looking man.hahaha lol

  10. kossovo says:

    Nigerian don’t like taking their bath.

  11. edward USA says:

    i beg go sit down don’t you have nothing better to do,the eagles can fly but can’t never touch the sky remember that kanu or what ever the name is,why are they so much of them self.nigeria, am sorry you can’t play there is no way black stars gonna be up three goals to one and give it up, am sorry

  12. Gbormorhii says:

    This medium is not to be used for insult. Please stop those expensive plays

  13. tpapa says:

    Ghanians hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. Uche says:

    Kanu, please the Super Eagles cannot beat this African football masters.

  15. fela nana says:

    AAG win and this Apes are
    the MOON, this shows how
    mighty we 9jah are. Can u
    Imagine, this rubbish AAG
    qualifier. @p.e, since you guys
    can speak d good English I
    wonder why u guys has never
    produce a Noble
    Laureate,Mediocre. The real
    stuff is d Olympics and that
    where men will be not this
    useless AAG. Seems to me like
    any win over 9jah by this APES
    are celebrated like a world
    finals but we don’t see it that
    way. Ghanaian wake up,
    nawaoooooooooo, can’t
    remember u guys knocking
    9jah out of the world cup race
    Olympics where the games
    not this useless AAG. AAG my
    foot, London 2012 here we
    comes, that were men will be
    playing and crying babies will
    be at home hating.
    9jah dats me land.

  16. marcel says:

    well said fela, their president even declared monday a public holiday to celebrate the victory over an U23 nigerian side. Imagine the mentality of these mentally retarded monkeys.

  17. Dayo says:


    the nigerians have fire their coach Eguevon and their entire team which played in kumasi,the sunday defeat has cause heart attack in nigeria ,it has lead to 157 people dead only in lagos,their president goodluck jonathan has promise to play against ghana in london ,i am wondering what that good for nothing who call himself president will do on the field infact he look like a crocodile his lips is too long..

  18. Sam says:

    I hope every Nigerian is reading what Kanu is saying.
    They would later accuse Ghana of being hostile and unfriendly.
    Blame Kanu if Nigerian is mercilessly beaten and disgraced come August 9.
    Respect begets respect.

  19. Phillbanger says:

    After u finish puttin on deodaorant and then talk everywere u go niherians are put into the thief category.your country is cursed.u eben bribe argentina for a comon wonder fifa is investigating u.wat u need to be doin is lean how to put on some roll on

  20. DAYO says:


  21. kossovo says:

    It’s in their blood. Just take it bath plz.

    • DAYO says:

      if it is in their blood then we dont need them here ,they are smelling all over here ,their body odour is too much ,i wonder how their girls pussiees will smell after that their ashawo thing..

  22. tpapa says:

    Ghanians Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  23. DUBOIS says:


  24. stone says:

    When nija is beaten 30times they are not shy. U know why? they are shameless, arogant and hubrics who know nothing except sakawa and 419.

  25. OK BOY says:

    I just can’t believe why some Ghanaians and Nigerians hate each other. Please ladies and Gentlemen. I am a Ghanaian and see Nigerians as my brothers and sisters. We are indeed brothers and sisters no matter what. Let me tell you something, do you guys know that is only Ghana and Nigeria who are combined should any war breakout in Africa against any of this two countries? Stop behaving like children.

  26. Baffour Uche says:

    Are you guys serious?!whats with this counter attack at each other?you people do not understand english,you suppose to comment not to insult.seriously,guys u should grow sensing some immature and uncivilized people around here.

  27. lucan says:

    Nigerians should no know better than reply this dim-wits called Ghanaians…they are inferior wannabees who can never be great like Nigeria…fu***ck Ghana the rest of Africa love and respect us as much as we the Naija blood keeps running! Osheeeee!

  28. crizz ghana says:

    kanu ur mother go avenge idiot

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