Odartey Lamptey wants Essien to captain Ghana at 2013 AFCON finals

Odartey Lamptey wants the Black Stars armband to be given to Essien

By Patrick Akoto

Ex-Ghana international Odartey Lamptey wants Michael Essien to be given the armand for the 2013 African Cup of Nations.

The 29-year-old is in a quandary over his international future after the Black Stars booked its ticket to the continental showpiece in South Africa.

Essien joined Real Madrid on a season-long loan from Chelsea and yet to decide whether to play in the tournament.

But the former Under-17 star, who has been pushing for the return of the former Lyon ace, believes he should be handed the armband.

“Essien should be back and captain the team to the African Cup of Nations,” Lamptey told Accra-based Happy FM

“Sometimes players go through a lot of things that they don’t tell you guys. They get the money alright, but there are lots of things they go through.”

Essien has not played for the Black Stars since he featured in a 2012 Nations Cup qualifier against Congo in 2011.


  1. Carbonite says:

    Essien is not 28! Why do you always say that??? Even with his football age, he will be 30 in december.

  2. kuuku philly says:

    R u is mother?

  3. zambians are pigs says:

    Odartey should shut his mouth with his useless mouth running.
    Essien at the moment is on a cross-road.His last chance of securing his football future is at MADRID.If he is rushed to play in the AFCON 2013 and gets injured,he will be finished.
    Personally l reckon AFCON 2013 will be too early for Essien.He would decide for himself.

  4. bbc says:

    Odarty i respect you but you have to back up about this Essien thing you have been saying since last week or so. Are you going to get him a permanent deal to stay in Madrid to enjoy his football if he leaves for 6 weeks? If yes then you can appoint him to captain the team and if no then shut your mouth and let him solve his problems first.

  5. Chu says:

    this would not work. Perhaps, let stop all this captain nonsense and have one standing captain, offcourse which should be painstil or muntari

  6. craze-K says:

    With Marcelo out for 3months and Mourinho behind Barca by 8 points. Essien should forget the AFCON….. Its not gonna happen…

  7. dread says:

    Odartey should better shut the fuck up for real.Since when did you become a coach.And why does he keep telling AA what to do.The heck of it,absolutely nonesense!

  8. selfmade says:

    I don’t understand this odartey guy at all… now that some players has toiled so hard to qualified the nation to the afcon,we should give the armband to somebody who didn’t toiled like the rest of the squad to captain them right!! Whiles the players were sweating it out in malawi on a very bumpy pitch,this so called under 17 star want the captain to be given to essien!! I thank god that this so called under 17 star has no such powers and he can continue to vomit those nonsensical nonsense to his numerous girlfriends whiles the rest of ghanaians ll be seriously planning to annex the afcon for the first time in 30 yrs… he didn’t do shit for Ghana!! Bye loser!!! Viva the revolutionciooooo!!

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