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OFFICIAL: State-owned GNPC end Black Stars $15 million sponsorship deal over 'misplaced priority'

Published on: 21 April 2017

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation has terminated its sponsorship agreement with the Black Stars.

The state-owned oil exploration firm say it's not financially viable to continue its financial obligation to the national team.

GNPC's decision to pump a staggering $3million into the Black Stars annually sparked controversy in the West African nation.

However, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Majority Leader Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu, who has been championing the cancellation of the deal since the new government took office, has confirmed the outfit has ended its association with the Ghana FA,

“A Committee of Parliament – Mines and Energy met with the GNPC over their annual budgetary allocation and the committee pointed out to them that their sponsorship of the Black Stars and its supporters was not worthwhile,"he told Kumasi-base Nhyira FM

“They asked them to focus on their core duties of oil exploration. One-third of the country’s oil revenue is what is given to GNPC. Last year, they received over $230 million.

“The GNPC has factored it in its budget and omitted the sponsorship allocation."

GNPC have been sponsoring the Black Stars for the last five years and provide a reported $ 3 million dollar annual support.

The Black Stars is regarded as one of the most lucrative entities to invest in and command a huge interest in the sponsorship kitty.

Currently Puma, Unibank and GNPC are the blocks of finance in the team but that appears to come crashing down because government want GNPC to channel the money used in powering the Stars into education.

By Patrick Akoto


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  • john akpa says:
    April 21, 2017 03:07 pm
    This is a sad day for Ghana football. We will soon start owing our managers and coaches several months' back pay like some African countries because of the ignorance of some MP's about the benefits of sports.
  • maka says:
    April 21, 2017 09:01 pm
    @ john akpa: i have always resepcted ur views---but on this one, am very disappointed at ur response! Can u please show me what the nation has benefitted from, regarding the black stars in the past 5 years...or even past 30 years? By the way, do u know what $15MILLION could have done for the economy and the people of Ghana ---thru education and infrastructure building, roads, hospitlas, libraries, better pay for teachers, doctors, policemen, etc? This is what we call re-channeling our priorities! And please, akpa, tell me: has the black stars put food on ur table in the past 5 years? Yet Nyantakyi, Saani Daara and co have become richmen cos of black stars! As a nation, we were making education useless and putting football ahead of everything else ----how stupid could we have been? And if u say it is a sad day for Ghana football? is a good day, because the GFA and blackstars should be self-sufficient ---they want no government inteference yet want government money to spend, right? What happened to our common sense as Ghanaians? Way to go NPP...great job for beginning to put priorities right! Cos we love football...yeah...but at the end of the day, it is JUST A GAME...and people come back to face realities of hardships! Use the money to build the nation! Invest in education, not football! In the animal kingdom, only monekys invest in games and "monkey around" when they dont yet have their meal for the day...but at the end of the day, even the monkeys start seeking food to survive! How do u play football or enjoy watching it when u are struggling to survive? Beats me Akpa....please think about ur comment and come again! You talked about the benefits of SPORTS ---WE ARE TALKING ABOUT GHANA FOOTBALL specfifically....yea...the GFA---not sports! Do u think the GFA was giving the national sports council any of the GNPC monies they were receiving so that sports is developed? Look at sports in the nation now; all were negelected sake of soccer ---and what has the blackstars brought us all these years....tell me pls. So kindly check what u are saying and come again!
  • Ogazy says:
    April 22, 2017 06:14 am
    Akpa, how sad is this story , My Brother. It's not as if it was said that the parliamentary committee on sports cuteam the sponsorship to use the money to enrich themselves, they have realised that it's a misplaced priority and they're going to channel this money into other important ventures like education. It would even had been better if GNPC had supported sports in general unlike sponsoring blackstars only with this huge sums of money. Look at other sports coats in the country, our sports facilities, children play grounds and even our just 2008 renovated sports stadia. What has these leaders strive to do to even help with maintenance of these facilities. The working conditions of the sports council in the country has nothing to write home about. With all these problems yet u cud take this huge sum of money to sponsor the black stars only? Let's call a spade a spade and know that some one is enriching his pockets with this huge amount of money by using the blackstars as a yeastic. Rechannelling this money into education is a good course. Majority of we Ghanaians support this. BAM!
  • john akpa says:
    April 22, 2017 08:04 am
    Football provides employment and reduces crime and drug abuse. Football boosts the national income through remittances from footballers playing abroad. I just hope the coaches will be paid and that is why this arrangement was done so the GFA does not rely on the government directly. If the government thought the money was too much it could have audited the accounts to find out how the money was being spent. Essentially what we are being told is that the GNPC cannot sponsor sports. In Ghana $50000 a month for the coach sounds like a lot of money but football is now big business. Fabio Capello was earning about $6Million a year as England coach. When I was in Ghana we had 3 univ. but now there are several. I foresee Kwesi Appiah and his asst. dragging the GFA to FIFA over unpaid salaries.