Opinion: Ghanaians view on referee's performance in Madrid's controversial win over United

Opinion: Ghanaians view on referee's performance in Madrid's controversial win over United

Nani shockingly sent off by referee Cuneyt Cakir

By Ameenu Shardow

Several Ghanaian football fans took to social networking sites to vent their fury over the poor performance of Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir in Real Madrid’s controversial win over Manchester United on Tuesday.

The English giants were in firm control of the Uefa Champions League tie on the away goal rule haven secured a vital 1-1 draw in the first leg match three weeks ago at the Santiago Bernabeu.

United had taken a vital lead early in the second half through an own goal by Sergio Ramos and were on the path of progression with a 2-1 aggregate lead.

All their efforts then were however undone by a shocking decision by referee Cakir to send off winger Nani with a straight red card for a totally innocent challenge in the 56th minute.

The Portuguese star in the process of bringing the ball down in mid-air, unknowingly lunged into the on-rushing Alvaro Arbeloa.

A yellow card at worst was expected but the 36-year-old insurance agent rather flashed a straight red to mar what would have been a beautiful European night at Old Trafford.

The 10-man Manchester United could no longer hold on and conceded the equalizer through a sublime 66th minute striker by substitute Luka Modric and fell behind three minutes later to a Cristiano Ronaldo goal.

United’s European dream had been ended by the massive effect of the sending off and fans had their say.

“Whaaaaaat! A very stupid decision. This referee is a f*****g joke!!!,” Manchester United fan Tamimu Issah posted on his Facebook page.

“We too we will steal sum…hehehehe…we we take the refree go the course,” a presumed Real Madrid fan Nii Adotey Addo also posted.

“What the heck????? Disgraceful decision,” Nathan Quao Tweeted.

“The ref is mad. For what? Attention seeking idiot. If I met this ref in Accra I promise him beatings. Ahh,” Godfred Akoto Tweeted.

“Daylight robbery, De whole world saw it,” Razak Andani posted.

Others around the world also had their say:”The refs decision changed the game. It wasn’t even hard. It was WRONG. I am sure you will be quick with examples benefitting United,” Janusz Michallik Tweeted.

“That can’t be red I think the ref got it wrong there,even though am happy for my team.that’s not how to get a result,” Idah Peterside Tweeted.

“Anyway it won’t be the first time or last! Just ruined a fascinating match and didn’t feel right to Utd or Madrid people in the stadium!” Tweeted Gary Neville.

What is your take? Was Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir right to send Nani off?

Was the effect of Nani’s sending off telling on the result? What should be done to the referee if you believe he made a big mistake as many suggest.

Make your thoughts known on this issue by commenting in the box below…


  1. Law Tefuttor says:

    We all saw the penalties given against Liverpool and the red cards to Chelsea. Ask Haword Webb and Mark Clattenburg and come again Man Utd fans.

  2. disgustin to say de least but we true red devils tink de game was onli 56min played de rest of de match was madrid vrs madrid

  3. guy says:

    sore losers. That was a good decision. it does not matter whether it was intentional or not. But why are Man U complaining when other teams face these kind of decisions against man u every day. Teams are robbed for man u every day. In any case who said REAL would not have won with Nani on the field or have we not seen teams reduced to 10 win matches?. Let mau u stop disturbing our ears

  4. Dr Who says:

    Its not the intent but the effect of Nani‘s action is what resulted in the red card.2ndly,Nani‘s prolonged lying on the pitch made it to appear to the ref as if it was intensional.I agree with the ref.

  5. Edward jackson says:

    Oh,man utd fans hav u fogetten so soon wat mark clattenburg did to chelsea hahahaha,wat goes around surely kams around.

  6. zambia one says:

    if i met that dog on de street of lusaka jehovah knows wat i wud do to him

  7. Ajax says:

    The referee did very very well.

  8. Jb says:

    United fans are a were shown the red card and a goal up..what should u have done? Change tactics and play a defensive game..
    Chelsea were shown the red card with 2 goals down,but managed to get 2 goals back and draw 2-2 at the Camp Nou.:) The red card isn’t any excuse.:)
    I bet u have now seen how it feels like to be cheated by a refree.:-P


    well i fergie got his tactics wrong, why did bring in rooney and not a defender, inter was able to progress against barca with 10 men , the ref was right the move was dangerous.

  10. Paul says:

    Utd fans want all refs be by dem side..nani himself knew wha he had done jst wntd 2 deceive the ref. Utd was afraid throughtout the match

  11. Yankeeman says:

    what is man utd fans barking of?are they waiting for Nani to injured his opponent before they see a straigth red card?the tackle by Nani was rediculous and uncalled for and he rightly deserve the red card.

  12. Blakroze GH says:

    Oh so united fans are mad at the ref? Tell me more about how united never had help from referees before…. Puhlease, man u fans STFU…after what u did to Cfc and l’pool this season, I suggest u walk straight up to Karma and thank it for slapping u in the face this way. U had it coming cheats….now truthfully speaking if nani was arbeloa and arbeloa was nani what would have been SAF’s reaction to the tackle where the studs had contact with the ribs of a fellow human being…mcheew senile old man

  13. masoud says:

    enlish teams are always cheated in europe.
    fifa and uefa(platini) suck!


    Phwahhaha hahaha haha haha haha hahah hahaha hahaa hahah ahaha hahaha haha haha haha!!!!!!

  15. stephen says:

    hahahah de ref was right because nani wanted to do some smart thing and if you are a good ref you will no dat, and nani should have get up early and see de player who is on de floor so dat de ref will conceder u for a yellow card, all de fans on united better luck nest tym, you dat united can’t beat madrid under de special one, how I saw de united team yesterday on de old traford united was shaking because of de first league on madrid haw madrid play dem so they were trying to do something if dey can, .madrid is tired some players need some rest, real madrid go go go go go high no one can stop you even barcelona no.

  16. phaze says:

    why does refs always favor spanis clubs. uefa must do somthing about it. watch how MILAN will be rubed @ camp nou.

  17. Tunji says:

    What goes around comes around. It’s painful to Man utd fans, but they’ve forgotten how loyalty Referee Howard Webb and others Referees used to win match for them. I think this is the reward.

  18. stephen says:

    I support de ref 100% good job, nani is a good player he should’t have dan dat united consentrate on de EPL dat is de place you deserved dis year you try your best, you wanted to beat de best team in de world madrid? no, not dis tym because de champions league is for madrid, nest tym when you meet madrid let bani stay away from de squad so dat you can get good result like draw to win against madrid is impossible coach feg’s should notice dis madrid keep winning all de games ,and my best team kumasi asante kotoko keep de fire burning madrid & kotoko no size

  19. Andrews says:

    Though the refs decision may be wrong,we got not to use bad/infamous words on him.Especially our prominent sports journalists @ citi.