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Opoku Nti calls for more Ghana playing time for Derek Boateng

Published on: 04 April 2011

Ghana legend Opoku Nti is requesting for more game time for midfielder Derek Boateng in the national team after his exploits at Wembley last Tuesday.

The Getafe enforcer was a second half substitute and turned the match on its head as Ghana struck a late equalizer in a 1-1 draw with England in a friendly international.

Boateng enjoyed limited playing during the reign of Milovan Rajevac but wants to change that under new man Goran Stevanovic.

Nti believes the player's impressive showcase should earn him a starting role in subsequent Black Stars matches.

"In truth I haven't followed his exploits for a long time but from what I saw at Wembley, I sincerely believe he ought to be given more playing time," Nti, nicknamed after Brazil legend Zico is quoted by the Africa Sport newspaper.

"He introduced some steel and authority, thanks to his brilliant technical ability and more importantly his physical presence. England's midfield then had a good run for their money."


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  • lawrence, kumasi says:
    April 04, 2011 03:46 pm
    4rm all d analysis, i think he (D. Boateng) wil b an enforcer in d midfield whn paired with Essien. We cannot ryt Annan off since he is also a force 2 reckon on. Our strength lies in d comptitn in d team. Let's encourage evry1 2 put in his best in GH shirt.
  • Billymoore says:
    April 04, 2011 11:40 am
    Good call. This could bring more competition in the team to the benefit of Ghana. Some people feel they are indispensable in the team. The emergence of Kwadwo Asamoah and Andre Ayew has forced some people to rethink. When Opoku Agyeman gets back into the team, the competiton will even be fierce. Opoku 'Zico' Nti, thanks for the call.
  • Rattus says:
    April 04, 2011 11:42 am
    But he loves passing the ball backwards or sideways too much instead of forwards. No Ghanaian wants to see that kind of "safety first" football. And back when Coach Milo was around, the team was already too defensive. Maybe now under Goran he can find a way to fit in.
  • Augustine - Manchester says:
    April 04, 2011 12:02 pm
    Good point Rattus. It is a very bad practise to always pass the ball backwards. Here in England, the main problem with a team like Blackpool is the issue of players always passing the ball backwards. Any time the opponents intercept that pass they move through on goal and Olele can tell more how many goals have been scored as a result of this style of play. Derrick Boateng must try and put a stop to the backward passing and he will be a fine player in the middle for Ghana. However, I endorse the passing to the sides because it opens up the defence of opposing teams and de-congest the midfield for occasional runs through the middle. In all, he is a fine player and can contribute a lot to the Black Stars. Good call from Opoku Nti!!! I thing the coach should keep calling him and give him a starting role and use Anthony Annan as a back up because Boateng is stronger, taller and can dribble and also protect the ball more that Anthony Annan.
  • Kojo Moscow says:
    April 04, 2011 12:38 pm
    Derek Boateng is better than Agyeman Badu, and he's much more experienced.. In the U-20 WC in Argentina 2001, he was one of the most promising youngsters. I think Goran should give him a starting place, he is a midfield dynamo
  • Johnny says:
    April 04, 2011 12:43 pm
    Annan had a mediocre game against England, maybe due to fatigue. He was rock solid during the world cup. He shields the ball, gives accurate passes and advances play. I don't think D. Boateng's good second-half display is enough to supplant Annan as a starter, yet. D. Boateng played in the '06 WC and did not perform nearly as well as did Annan in the '10 WC.
  • alfie says:
    April 04, 2011 12:48 pm
    Truth be told, Derrick has not translated his club form to the Black Stars in the rcent past. He pleasant surprised me during the England - Ghana game. 'Zico' is not far from the truth, maybe more playing time for Derrick with the black Stars will improve his game with the National Team
  • Yahuuz says:
    April 04, 2011 01:49 pm
    Simply dis guy needs more playing time in de Black Stars setup mr Opoku Nti is very right.
  • Elvis says:
    April 04, 2011 01:59 pm
    Yeah, I agree with "Zico" this guy should be given more playing time. No, Annan is one of our best holding midfielders,I believe he was tired but the Getafe man needs more playing time and he will be there.Anytime he goes foward with the ball he creats space in the middle of the opponets and that is good.We in Ghana are blessed with very talented midfielders but lets use them wisely.Coach,over to you.
  • mike says:
    April 04, 2011 02:13 pm
    Derrick must be giving more playing time, he was excellent against England. i support that decision
  • bigeddy says:
    April 04, 2011 02:51 pm
    D.Boateng has jst not been lucky with da technical team of da B.S,he is da best pair with essien in da absence appiah.
  • tibay says:
    April 04, 2011 06:35 pm
    I am happy this has come up. I thought people didnt notice the brillance and resiliance D.Boat put up to solidify the midfield which got the England supremacy and attack foiled thereby enhancing our attackers having access to make some incursions into their 18. I think the courage the rastaman had was lacking for most of the BS boys. You can tell the name Wembley was playing a psychological part on some of them(Adiya,Kwadwo etc). If he can continue with this level of confidence he can seal a place in the squad for a long time. What I think people are not talking about is how blunt our wings were. Plavi should get wingers(fast runs and acurate crosses) who at every time a ball fall in their region should be a big threat to our opponents.Then we can say we are having a team that wants to go up high.
  • lotsu setor says:
    April 04, 2011 07:22 pm
    Frankly speaking I thought I noticed the skills and the excellent play of this experience player(d.boateng)alone,but by the help of you Nti,this has been vivid brightened once again.Undoubtedly the guy is qualified to be in the starting eleven.My prayer now is that Goran can just see this and give the guy a chance to prove himself right.But I just hope that,it will not be the same situation where Agogo shine in some few matches and was not seen again...good luck boateng.good luck Gh.