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Sammy Kuffour blasts 'incompetent' Ghana medics over Ayew's exclusion

Posted On Wednesday, 9th January 2013

Black Stars doctor Baba Adamu in the dock

By Ameenu Shardow

Samuel Osei-Kuffour has launched an astonishing attack on Ghana’s medical team, implying that their incompetence is the reason why Andre Ayew failed to turn up for his injury to be assessed before he was axed from the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations squad.

The former Bayern Munich defender was speaking in the wake of Ayew’s exclusion from the Black Stars squad for the tournament in South Africa insisting the doctors cannot be trusted.

The injured Marseille midfielder failed to join the Black Stars camp in Abu Dhabi on scheduled time claiming he was being attended to by his doctors.

The Ghana team had however assured the 23-year-old of quality treatment of his injury once he joins the Black Stars camp in the UAE.

Ayew nevertheless failed to join the side despite having his reporting deadline extended – prompting his exclusion from the provisional squad.

And Kuffour, who is not to in favour of Ayew’s exclusion, says there should have been a compromise as the Black Stars medical team have proved incompetent in the past.

“Let’s ask ourselves whether the medical staff of the FA and the medical staff of Marseille get in touch and to discuss the issue as to what was going on,” the former Bayern Munich star said.

“This shouldn’t be a problem. We want the boy to play for us and for me I think he is one of the best players in our team.

“So we should have come to a compromise whether if the medical staff will be flown there to go and see or they will take Dede there and that will solve the problem.

“For me it is very sad not to see Dede play in the African Cup.

“For me honestly, our doctors here (in Ghana) I don’t trust them, if you tell me , I don’t trust them.

“I remember when we went to Egypt for the Cup of Nations, Asamoah Gyan was having a problem and they wanted him to play and you could see that the guy couldn’t play.

“The same thing happened to Shilla Illiasu here (2008) so if Dede says he wants to see his doctor I don’t see anything wrong with it.

“It is his future. So many players play for Black Stars and when they got injured nobody cared for them again.

“So if he says he wanted to see his doctors for him to have a good health for us I don’t see the problem.”

Kuffour’s stinging comments are likely to spark some discontent in the Black Stars medical team headed by Dr Baba Adam.

The Ghana team led by coach Akwasi Appiah has already stressed on selecting only fit players for major tournaments such as the Africa Cup of Nations.

What do you think of Sammy Kuffuor’s comments on Ayew’s exclusion?

Are the Ghana team doctors to be blame for Ayew exclusions?

Do you trust Ghana’s team doctors? Please make your views known in the box below:


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  1. Ghanaman says:

    Just shut up fool! You cost us against Italy in 2006!

    • Ghanaman says:

      What did this Kwaseapanyin win for Ghana in his whole senior career?/

      NOTHING! He is a loser whose opinion should not count!!

      • Sammy says:

        Look at you! Tell us one person in you sorry bloodline that has achieved anything for Gh? People like you Ghanaman should not have access to the Internet because you are a disgrace to this forum. He won the bbc African footballer of the year and was twice the first runner up in the CAF footballer of the year. At club level he has won it all including the CWC.

  2. real sabacious says:

    @Ghanaman,i hope u die 2nite!what have u and ur useless family done for Ghana?he’s Ghanaian,asuch has every right to express his u have the right to abuse or insult him because u share different views? i’ve been following ur comments lately and all u do is just insulting ppl instead of making ur our comment.losser! get a life and learn to respect others opinions!

  3. Dr Who says:

    Kuffour,you fingered the wrong person.We are not interested in sending half fit players to AFCON period! In 2006 AFCON Stephen Appiah had to play through pain with injury & we were kicked out.Illiasu and Gyan were also good examples.In Angola 2010 AFCON,Essien, who had not recovered fully went to Angola due to pressure from Ghanaians and you remember what happened. “A live dog is better than a dead lion“.We have learnt our lessons so if Dede is really injured like he claimed, he should heal himself.

  4. Ben Arthur says:

    This damn illiterate called Sammy kuffuor is displays how ignorant he is. In fact he has insulted all Ghanaian doctors without him setting foot in the the Ghana team doctors should leave all the 24 players in camp and go to ayew. How stupid!!!!!

    • Sammy says:

      Kufour does not need formal education to be a first class footballer. He is only saying that whatever prefesion you choose, be the best at it. Kufour chose to be a footballer and was an expert in it. If you choose to be a doctor, be the best you can be. You don’t go around flaunting you degrees only to wrongly diagnose players. Essien’s career was almost ended through wrong diagnosis from the black stars medical team. There have been other victims in the same team. Unfortunately, GFA. Is not making attempts at modern facilities and capacity building for improvement of sports science. The money FIFA gave for participation in the World Cup could have been invested in this area. Don’t fault kufour. Call a spade a spade . Why should Dede risk it knowing that the best medical care is in France. Ronaldo left inter Milan just to be operated in France. Other key players seek treatment in France after injuries Dubai might have good facilities but sports science it’s its own field that requires a lot of research.

  5. simon baghdad says:

    the point we are not talking about or taking reason is that the man dede ayew himself does not want to play as his brother was axed. how can you force a horse to the river…. man he is injured he should go and heal himself, how come he is in full training in his team ? cant we see the light of the whole story?
    enough of all this and let us back the blackstars and akwasi after all he would be held responsible so lets give him his peace of mind.

    • KWAME PITO says:


    • Africanus says:

      How did you know he does not want to play because of his brother’s exclusion? He is in training because his doctors said he needed 5 days to heal. And strangely enough Coach Appiah couldn’t wait for 5 days.

  6. Coconutman says:

    Come on Kuffour you are a soccer player we are talking about a hamstring injury. We are not talking about something extraordinary here, please do not insult Ghana’s medical team just because Dede did not want to report to camp on the Coaches terms.

    This is a case of misplaced loyalties, Dede wants to stick by his brother being excluded from the Black Stars and so he decided not to report to camp on time. He is probably still miffed because of the public humiliation he suffered by having to apologize to the Coach and the technical team for his behavior after his early substitution at the Black Stars game last year.

    Coach Appiah needs to maintain discipline in the team. If the Coach sets a deadline and then extends it by two extra days and a player still does not show up because of a mere hamstring injury trust me, Kuffour this guy deserves to be excluded from the team.

    Any soccer player knows a hamstring injury is not a big deal, you lay off it for a few days and you see how you feel. I thought Dede was going to show up at camp after the Marseille doctors evaluated the extent of his injury then fly to Abu Dhabi to join his team mates stay inactive for several days then start light training. He would have been ready by the January 19th start of the tournament but every clear thinking Ghanaian knows Dede did not want to report to camp on the Coaches terms and that is not acceptable. If Coach Appiah allowed him to get away with it then he sets a bad precedent for other players in the future.

    The Coach also had to rely on his experience with Asamoah Gyan’s hamstring injury from AFCON 2012. Gyan never quite fully recovered and it affected his play. In the case of Dede his injury happened with plenty of time to rest and recover before the beginning of the tournament, Gyan did not have that much time to recover but based on the false advice of Milo’s witch doctor he was included in the squad. All Dede had to do was to just make the Coaches deadline including the two extra days and he would have been on the team.

    Ghana needs more players with less ego and more team spirit. You can be a great player but also humble. I can name a few players Dede’s age who are ideal Black Stars, but in the interest of team unity I will not mention names. It is time for Dede to take it down a notch. He is getting too big for the Black Stars maybe he should stay with his club so the team can develop.

    • Gimli says:

      Whether Andre Ayew is pissed because of Jordan’s exclusion, i wouldn’t know. If that is the case, then i absolutely back the coach’s decision. However, i firmly disagree with your opinion that Dede is an individualistic player. He has certainly a strong ego but this just proves how charismatic he is as a personality. Having watched the guy throughout his career, i can quite honestly say that he plays for the team. Always! This has been obvious since his coexistence with Sellas Tetteh in the Black Satellites squad. Andre was the coach’s man on the pitch. There lies the broblem, cos Andre has such a sparkling personality that he has come to the point to think that he somehow can replace a coach in the decision making. I’ve always felt that Ghana could face this kind of situation as Jordan’s talent was unfolding by the years. For me, this kind of discipline that Appiah is applying in Dede’s case is totally different than a disciplinary issue, due to individualistic spirit. In cases of players not performing collectively(such as Gyan or Badu and even Kwadow), yes you can take such drastic measures. But when you face a more complicated issue, this should be the last solution. I think that the technical stuff as well as the GFA should have a sincerre dialogue with Andre. He is not just the most gifted player but also the leader on the pitch. He just needs to understand some things that go outside his reach, so that he can know his limits. Not many teams have strong personalities on the field and this is the reason why CIV always fails to deliver. And make no mistake, Ghana has no one but Dede as a leader. And you always treat a personality like this, DIFFERENTLY!

      • Ghanaman says:

        No different treatment for anyone! You comment is absolutely idiotic and, I am stupider for reading it!!

        • Gimli says:

          Wow, i’m astonished by the depth of your arguments! Is this your idea of trolling? Come on, get over it, will you! Too primitive, too old fashioned! The bully boy of the site, who calls himself a man by insulting those who have a different opinion! Here is a small tip for you: Man up, it’s never too late. Otherwise, be my guest and feel free to troll under my posts. In any case, i wouldn’t expect from someone like you, neither to understand the bottom line of my argumentation, nor to have a well structured discussion, based on mutual respect. Feel free to troll and if, by reading my posts your level of stupidity is enhanced, i’ll be glad to contribute, so that you upgrade, from stupider to stupidest…

  7. papa says:

    although i find the fact that dede did not pitch to be an insult to the team. i totally understand. ESSIEN is a prime example of what these ghana doctors can do one’s career. i am sure Dede was well advised. these Ghanaian doctors will complete mess up ur career. if the player is injured he is injured. END of STORY! u cannot send a player who has had a hamstring to play in an intense tournament where players have to play an incredible amount of games in such a short period. just sack all these useless ghana docs

  8. Basty says:

    Stop messing up footing ball fans and concentrate on the AFCON 2013 and lets all pray and support the Black Stars

  9. May his peace prevails says:

    With Dede or without dede. How many cups has Ghana won so far? For me it makes no difference if he was in the squad or not in the squad. AA should even even fill in more local players who are ready to die for the country but not for those who want just fame

  10. Sammy says:

    Whoever says it makes no difference with or without Dede is a soccer ignoramus. Football is not all about winning trophies. It also has to do with entertainment for lover of the game. The mere presence of some players on a teams bench is enough to get an opposing coach confused. Imagine playing a Ivory Coast with Yahaya Toure on the bench? It is enough to scare the opposing coach from making changes not knowing what is up the sleeves of his opposite number.

  11. kuuku philly says:

    This kuffour guy is dick,so Ghana should continue to kiss his ass while others are yearning 4 the opportunity!

  12. KWAME PITO says:


  13. Nana Yaw says:

    People, why are you all just insulting one another. I don’t think what Kuffour is saying is wrong. There is something wrong with our medical system in Ghana and so we should open our eyes and face the fact. Even our politicians like the President always go outside Ghana whenever they are sick for treatment. If the doctors they are paying are soo good, why will they always go to South Africa for check up. I believe the GFA needs to look at how best they can make their medical team more appealing to this guys to trust because that is their career and they cannot put their career in the hands of someone they cannot trust. Let us as Ghanaian learn how to accept blame and correct our short falls instead of always insulting someone if we have different views.

  14. obele says:

    dede did’nt want to play becouse his brother was not selected and i want to tell him that he has let a lot of his funs down for turning his back on our dear nation. that was childish dede, think twice

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