Patrick Vieira hails Kevin Boateng racism action

Published on: 5 years ago

French legend Patrick Vieira has described Kevin-Prince Boateng's action as 'bold' as he led AC Milan players to walk off the field in protest of racist attacks by Pro Patria fans during a friendly match on Thursday. 

The  24-year-old ripped off his jersey and immediately began heading off the pitch after Pro Patria fans were heard loudly racially abusing Boateng and other black players on the field.

The former German youth international was joined by other black players in both AC Milan's team and the opposition.

Vieira who also suffered similar racist attacks during his stint with Inter Milan hailed the bravery of retired Ghana international.

"It was brave of Kevin Prince Boateng to do what he did today, and it was the right thing. We need to stand up and stand together. Well done," he tweeted.

English football writer Henry Winter claims Boateng has done more in one day to tackle racism than what Fifa has done in 58 years.


  • julius
    says: 5 years ago
    that was a really bold and matured decision.
  • Atta Sarfo
    says: 5 years ago
    Well done Kevin. FIFA I know for sure will solve racist abuse this time.
  • Kwaku Tee
    says: 5 years ago
    Is Kelvin Prince Boateng a blackman I thought he was a white,you see if you are not proud of where you come from this is what happens.This reminds me of my friend Andre Bwala,a Nigerian-Russian he claims he's a whiteman meanwhile when he gets closer to whites they say he's a blackman.
  • Adam...Ghana
    says: 5 years ago
    well, i believe he would learn some lessons from this. Once Peter Mccintosh said "it doesn't matter how light your skin looks you are still a blackman".If Kelvin had known this from the beginning he wouldn't behave the way he did towards a country that gave him a name 'Boateng' To so-called 'white people' it doesn't matter how handsome or urgly one look like ones you are not a"whiteman" deserved to be maltreated...So Kevin eventhough you did well on this issue it still doesn't heal the pains you created in Ghanaians heart...