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Picture: Ghanaian midfielder Chibsah joins campaign in Italy for a mosque in Sassuolo

Published on: 11 February 2014
Chibsah wants fairness for all and a mosque in his city of Sassuolo

Ghanaian midfielder Yussif Chibsah Raman has joined a campaign in Italy to build in mosque in the city of Sassuolo where Muslims worship in open space.

The 20-year-old is seen as the biggest name yet to join the campaign to give a decent place of worship for Muslims in the city who number more than 3,000.

Muslims and human rights activists in Sassuolo started the campaign to force the city authorities to reserve their decision of banning the building of the city's first mosque.

Immigration has brought several Muslims from North and West Africa to Sassuolo which is somewhat alien to the citizen of Sassuolo.

Despite the presence of hundreds of Muslim, the city council is reluctant to grant them the permission to build a place of worship.

Chibsah has joined the campaign with holding the placard hoping it will catch the attention of the public and city authorities to force them to rescind their decision.

“In Sassuolo I’d like a place of worship for all!” Chibsah's placard read.

The Ghanaian midfielder, who was born in the Ghanaian town of Madina in Accra, is a devout Muslim.


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