Pidgin English: Wata pass garri for Tiote

Chiek Tiote

Newcastle United and Ivory Coast midfilda Cheick Tiote don emta kasala with Queen ekelebe for England dia as dem don arrest am, as per say dem dey suspect say in do fraud.
Media pipu bin repot say, Tiote wey juss kom bak Engalnd dis month afta in play for Ivory Coast for the African Cup of Nations wey juss finish, dey wahala as dem don seize in car.

” Around dat kain 1.30 pm for Februari 12, we bin stop one car for Benton Park Road, for Newcastle and we don arress one man wey b 26 years as per we dey suspec say in do fraud as per wetin concern driving.” Olopa for Northumbria tok for Wednesday.

Wahala fit dey for Newcastle if the no nonsense Tiote no go fit play, dem dey numba 16 for table, and na onli four point take separte dem from relegashun mata.

But good news come dey small for Alan Pardew boys, the manaja sef tok say dia France strika Yoann Gouffran suppose come training ness week afta the leg injuri wey in get for the 2-1 wey Tottenham beat dem lass Saturday so.

Na for strecha dem cari am comot afta in score in fess gol for Premier League, dokitas sef been fear say in don break the leg, but as dem come do test leta, e come shoe say e no too serious like dat.

” The good news don shele b dat, we bilif say in go train for Monday” Pardew tell the klub website

“That’s all good news, fortunately. We think he’ll train on Monday,” Pardew told the club website


  1. Rabit says:

    dis no be pidgin. dis be broken

  2. Ghanaman says:

    Can we get rid of this pathetic Nigerian English in Ghana…

  3. Kwame says:

    Pidgin English is unfortunately the official language of ghanasoccernet. The official motto: Trying to take Ghana backwards since 2007.

  4. Ghanaman says:

    Get rid of it or it will only attract Nigerian criminals…. Most members here speak Twi, Ga, Ewe or English! Lets stick with that and not this broken English spoken mainly by F00LS!!

  5. mikron says:

    @ ghanaman u re just a fool. a big fool to insult a great nation like Nigeria because they carved out a lingua franca in broken English for themselves. we Nigerians have broken English as our identity but what about u guys? apart from ur traditional language of twi, ga or whatever u call it do u have any other general language u communicate with? we re proud of our pidgin English, how is that ur business i dont know. if u dont like it why dont u go jump into a hot boiling water or better still go hug a transformer. fool. dirty poverty strichen wrapper tying gorrila look alike mother fucker breathren.

  6. dnaz says:

    See dis ghanaians dey form as if English na deir papa language. Anyway wetin concern agboro with overload

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