Pot-bellied referee Oppong lashes at critcis after passing fitness test

Otis Oppong passed the Referee Fitness test over the weekend

Otis Oppong passed the Referee Fitness test over the weekend

By Ameenu Shardow, follow on Twitter @alooameenu

Otis Oppong has hit out at his critics who claim he is not fit enough to be a referee in the Premier League due to his pot-belly.

Oppong was one of the impressive performers at the Referee’s Fitness Test held at the El-Wak Stadium on Sunday.

The much-maligned referee run the full course of the training program despite his bulging belly much to the admiration of the few present observers.

Oppong who came under heavy criticism after his role as the centre referee in the 1-1 draw between Hearts of Oak and King Faisal insists his predicament with his belly has never been a hindrance to distinguishing himself in the referee job.

“People who always make a case against me I would say are speaking out of ignorance,” he told Metro FM.

“Everyone here saw my performance during this training exercise. I proved my fitness beyound any reasonable doubt.

“I hope this puts to bed the numerous calls suggesting that I am unfit to be the referee because judging from what went on here, I am very fit for the job.

“My belly has never been a problem for me in this job.”


  1. Kay says:

    Lol!! What kind of training test did they go through? Go Daddy, you made it. Lol

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