Rahim Ayew backs Andre to win CAF Player of the Year award

Andre Ayew has been tipped by his brother Rahim to win Africa's top individual award

By Patrick Akoto

Rahim Ayew believes his junior brother Andre deserves to win the coveted African Player of the Year award ahead of Yaya Toure and Didier Drogba.

The 22-year-old is the only Ghanaian shortlisted for the individual award where is expected to battle it out with 9 other nominees.

The second of Ghana legend Abedi Pele played a pivotal role for Marseille last season where he made 39 appearances and scored 16 goals for the French Lique 1 outfit despite struggling with a shoulder injury.

He was also a key member of the Black Stars squad that placed fourth at the 2012 African Cup of Nations held in Gabon and Equitorial Guinea.

He will however face stiff competition from Ivorian trio Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure and Gervinho.

Zambian icon Christopher Katongo as well as John Mikel Obi, Alex Song and Demba Ba are all in the reckoning for the top award.

But the Lierse midfieder thinks Andre will be a worthy winner.

“I think he deserves it and so they should give it to him. He had good season and so given him the award will serve as a morale booster for him ahead of the Nations Cup,” Ayew told Radio ZYZ

“The young players should also be encouraged by given the award to Andre. I seriously believe if you look at what he’s done in the past three years or so he deserves this award.

CAF is expected to prune the number down to three in the last week of November with the ceremony scheduled to take place in Ghana’s capital, Accra on December 20.


  1. Papa says:

    How can you ask a relative for an objective opinion. No Ghanaian player will win this award unless juju is used. The only players that should be in the running for this coveted prize are those with gold medals of major continental titles such as Uefa Champions League or Afcon.

  2. KWAME PITO says:

    this is my analysis:
    Christopher Katongo: he will win only if the award is a charity show.

    Mikel Obi: Only there to appease nigerian fans.

    Demba Ba: useless in senegal jersey. only there as a passenger.

    Alex song: only there to appease cameroon fans

    Gervinho: wellnot too bad an addition.

    YAYA TOURE, DIDIER DROGBA, Andre Morgan AYEW: main contenders, lets leave it to the votes.

  3. Papa says:

    @ Kwame Pito, I agree with you when you say that Mikel Obi, Demba Ba, and Alex Song are just passengers. When the likes of Abedi Pele, George Weah,Kalusha Bwalya and Samuel Eto won the award in years past, their achievements went beyond club level. Yaya Toure’s Man City did not go far in the Champions League and he lost in the Afcon Final. Andre Ayew’s achievements are also only domestic in 2012 for Marseilles. Only Didier Drogba and Christopher Katongo deserve to win this award as they have continental titles to show for their sweat.

    • KWAME PITO says:

      making it to the FINAL of Afcon to win silver plus contribution at club level overtakes just the achievement of winning the Afcon gold with your team on penalties. Katongo cannot ride on that to attain Africa’s most prestigious award. Like I said if it was awarded on sentiments then katongo would have won. Drogba even after helping chelsea to EUFA glory also just qualified Iv.Coast to this Afcon in style with 2 goals which sent senegal crazy. Have we heard anything on Katongo? This no be charity event, VAMOOSE. All those you mentioned did well for both club and country in selling African football.

  4. Ghanaians are PUSSY says:

    I strongly feel it will go to either drogba or katongo because the two have medals under their belts, this is the AFRICAN player of the year,thats means someone who done well on the african field of play, that makes KATONGO the MAN,

    The coach of the year goes to RENARD and the team of the year goes to ZAMBIA, am Nigerian but i feel thats how things will move.

  5. One Andy says:

    what charity show my friend?Its true Ayew perfomed well in the french domestic league and thats all for this year.Didier Drogbah inspired Chelsea to a memorable champions league victory before inspiring his national team to the finals of Afcon 2012 were he showed exceptional leadreship skills.Katongo on the other end led his national team to a well deserved gold at Afcon 2012 were he also showed remarkable leardership skills in inspiring his team against more experienced and formidable west African opponents.He later went on to bag the man of the tournament prize before goal.com named him world footballer of the week.He has continued to lead his side in both the SA 2013 and Brazil 2014 qualifiers as witnessed in Uganda were he instilled a sense of resillience in the team even if the odds were against them.In short the race is between Katongo and Drogba. Period

    • KWAME PITO says:

      that katongo person you are talking about even the first penalty kick against uganda. check your facts. what is the inspiration? Zambians appear to be very inward looking. first place you guys only won one afcon and you almost destroyed our ears. outside Africa nobody knows the player called katongo. Even some African soccer enthusiast know little about a katongo. Stop wasting your breath cos katongo has no chance. The fact he is among the final 10 is the only glory CAF can bestow on him. hahaha

      • KWAME PITO says:

        i mean katongo even MISSED his penalty kick which was the first penalty kick against uganda in the Afcon qualifiers.

        • One Andy says:

          yes he did but still showed his leadership to encourage the youngsters to hold on till we qualified.As for not being known outside Africa its you who is so inward looking coz the last time i checked his profile he played in SA,Germany and Greece before moving to China.YOU are so inward coz you want to sell Ayew for this coveted prize which is purely impossible.The last time he participated he had a credible profile not this time around.Besides who said you have to be known outside Africa to win this prize?

          • KWAME PITO says:

            you have made constructive arguments brother but in my opinion Drogba merits it. Katongo is the least favoured to win it, He has not done anything exceptional. Watch this space and when the award is anounced you will know kwame pito my views are always objective. Thank you

          • One Andy says:

            This is more the reason i said the battle is between Drogba and Katongo.I didnt swear Katongo will win it

      • Bwalya says:

        That’s what makes him a winner. A player of unknown quantity facing the likes of Drogba and won with a team of not so big names and playing at home or in some small league is such a revelation.
        Drogba and other have big name clubs to fall back on. So crop of players from a non big club walks into town and kicked big $#%$ then they are true hores. This also means African local football has the potential to rise high. So if CAF whats to prove to the world that the game has matured then they need to look within Africa. Zambia is a good example and Katongo deserves it.

  6. KWAME PITO says:

    just go on transfer market and look at the difference between ayew and katongo. hahahaa

    • Bwalya says:

      But look it really does not matter. Look twice Katongo played the Ayew team twice beaten. In southern Africa we dont look to Europe to make teams. It s within our good economies that fund our good players.

  7. One Andy says:

    what has the transfer market got to do with the subject matter? I havent said Ayew is not good but that he simply didnt achieve enough this year to make him win the prize .period!

  8. One Andy says:

    And in any case we still have Kalaba and Sunzu shortlisted in the best 5 to make African footballer of the year based in Africa so wats this hustle.this tells you these players are doing fine just like we commend berekum Chelsea for going all the way to knock off stages of the CAF champions league.It means your league is doing fine!

  9. Desmond says:


    • Randy says:

      You are not talking with mind. How do you insult people for expressing themselves?
      2006 World Cup and 2010 World Cup, U20 World Cup which country carried the whole of Africa’s hope? Why should we belittle ourselves? Do you see Ghana as a small football country?

  10. Chiku says:

    Yes…u are taking a speedy nose-dive!!!!

  11. kimco says:

    i swear gsn gh members have some of the worst logic out there. Seriously, sometyms i’m ashamed to call myself a ghanaian. this is just bad, i think i should stop comming to this site cos it’s really bodering on madness now.

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