Rajevac is delighted to be returning to Ghana, ex-agent Goran Milovanovic

Milovan Rajevac with his ex agent Goran Milovanovic

Milovan Rajevac with his ex agent Goran Milovanovic

Ex agent of Milovan Rajevac – Goran Milovanovic – says the Serbian coach is delighted with the prospect of working once more again with Ghana.

The 60-year-old appear certain to be named the new technical adviser for the Black Stars having made the final two-man shortlist.

Rajevac is up against Dane Flemming Serritslev for the new job being created by the Ghana FA.

The Serbian tactician however appear to have an edge over his rival due to his impressive work in his initial capacity as head coach of the Black Stars between 2008 and 2010.

Rajevac will however prove a very costly preposition especially having tasted ‘real’ money when he an off to go coach in the oil rich gulf region after the 2010 World Cup.

But his former agent Milovanovic, who fell out with the coach over his refusal to extend his contract with the Black Stars 2010, says the former Qatar coach is head over hills with the chance to return to work in Ghana due to the strong bond he has with the West African coutry.

“Ghanaians know that Milo was very successful in the past and he has a very good feeling regarding Ghanaians, regarding the Black Stars, regarding the GFA,” he told Metro FM.

“He is very happy to have a chance to come back. He feels Ghanaians love and accept him.

“He has chances to work for other nations but Ghana is always special for him.”

Ghana is yet to formally name the coach to be the technical adviser for the Black Stars.


  1. KK says:

    “He has chances to work for other nations but Ghana is always special for him.”

    This is absolute bullshit!! Why are idiots being allowed to make decisions for my country? Taking this guy in, as a TD and possibly pay an interpreter as well? What a mess!! Black man!? Oh Ghana, what happened to you?

  2. Jamesy says:

    Whoever is responsible for making that decision must have prayed to a white God from his infancy so what do you expect?

  3. Jamesy says:

    The osagyefo must be turning in his grave. I repeat no white technical director and no white God.

  4. Dr Who says:

    this coach ditched us and went in for more money after enriching his cv with the Black Stars.Now,we want to go for him again…are we not fools???

  5. selfmade says:

    Another useless, good for nothing Serbian coach who only football formation and tactics is packed the bus for 90 mins and counter attack when the opposition is upfield!!

    A coach who cannot play proactive soccer but destructive and negative football!

    A one goal project Serbian coach who couldn’t succeed anywhere else aside ghana and was fires continuously from all his football endeavors!!

    A jobless serbian coach who ungrately left us for greener pastures but cldnt succeed because the other countries saw how limited his technical abilities are!!

    He wants to ce back for what and besides he is in a tight corner because no serious football nation ll hire him and he is now coming back to milk us again togather with his INTERPRETOR on the expense of poor Ghanaian tax payers!!

    I always thought most Ghanaians are innately smart but is really awful that the smart ones have been sidelined whiles the DUMB ASS EDUCATED ILLITERATES ARE HAVING A FIELD DAY!

    This Serbian traitor ll ditched us again !!

    U see, the mins understanding of the present grows fatally from the IGNORANCE OF THE PAST!!

  6. ernest says:

    oo ghana..why are our leaders destroyin the country..they always take wrong decision..the white man will always b our master forever…tweaa coach milo have nothing good for us

  7. Black Stars Fan says:

    Everybody deserves a second chance in life.

  8. Galileo says:

    bomboclatts gfa pple dem wan take milo den get sam moni again . fire bomb dem all . bomboclatts pple !!!

  9. Black Stars Fan says:

    When he almost won the AFCON with our U20 kids in 2009, we loved him when he almost broke the African record at the world cup in South Africa he was worshipped by Ghana soccer fans (He beat his own country to advance Ghana). He made a mistake in his decision to go for more money (which everyone in his right mind would have done the same thing).
    Let’s give him the second chance, Akwasi Appiah learned NOTHING from this Master Tactician.

  10. Black&White says:

    Milo made a historical success with Black Stars.
    I believe that he is the only one who can do it again.
    Like him or not, there is some obvious facts… RESULT.

  11. Russia 2018 says:

    Let him lead us at 2018 WC in Russia. He is the best coach that Ghana ever had.
    If we want results, we should take him back, otherwise Appiah is good enough.

  12. Tywane Gunes says:

    Some of you guys talks like you will not choose money first, who is not working for nothing?

    Even our own leaders choose money first before the nation, if he is your father will you not advice him to go for the money,

    What are the GFA’S members working, were not they fixing matches,

    If we the Ghanains don’t put our dear country first,a foreigner is who we are expecting to put the country first???

    Ungrateful Ghanains, ungrateful Africans, why are you not telling us about his achievements, but his short coming,

    Which Ghanain coach or foreign coach did what he did, he set records and breaked some.

    Let the man be Ghanains for our leaders are those who are the real DEVILS

    This is 21Guns

    Don’t get it Twisted

  13. Galileo says:

    u menes wan talk say gh has bincam a stepping stone for de someone called foreign coaches

  14. Galileo says:

    dem wan use gh to enrich their cv den damp we!!! na na na na. fire bomb dem alll

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