Randy Abbey's Ghana FA presidential election T-shirts emerge, set to contest Nyantakyi?

Randy Abbey t-shirts seeking to fight Kwesi Nyantakyi have emerged

Randy Abbey t-shirts seeking to fight Kwesi Nyantakyi have emerged

The clearest evidence of Randy Abbey seeking to takeover as the Ghana Football Association president has emerged after T-shirts campaigning for him emerged in Kumasi over the weekend. 

The stage is now set for a fierce fight to unseat Kwesi Nyantakyi, who has led Ghana to many successes, as a member of his own GFA’s powerful executive committee is apparently seeking to oust him.

The GFA top job will be up for grabs in 2015 when elections are scheduled to take place and Abbey has consistently denied his interest in the job after initial rumours of his interest in the top post.

But the Randy Abbey’s 2015 campaign T-Shirts have been circulating in Kumasi since Friday with bold letters “We want Randy to rule GFA” with the rear reading BRING RANDY NOW.

Nyantakyi has signalled his intention to run for his third term in office – during which period Ghana football has undergone massive administrative and structural transformations.

Rumours were rife that fellow Executive Committee member Abbey would challenge Nyantakyi during the 2015 polls and the emergence of the T-shirts has given some legs to the story.

The printing of the t-shirts have become something of public concern which sparked the distributor Bushkay to publicly declare that Abbey is not the source of funding for the elections campaign.

Abbey also insists he has no knowledge of the printing of the t-shirts but the saga is expected to spark huge debates over next year’s elections.

“I don’t know the person called Buskay and I have not contracted anybody for the printing of campaign T-Shirts,” Abbey told Hot FM in Accra on Sunday night.

“I even got the message from two media men (Bright of Angel FM and Okocha of  Happy FM) and I told them that I don’t have a stake in the printing of the T-Shirts.

“People should not promoting rumours which is being peddled around that I’m the main financier of the printing of the T-Shirts.”

Despite the denials, the media and public will not take the matter lying down following the recent reports of people seeking to topple Nyantakyi.

He has previously thrashed his opponents at the polls but this is the first time an Executive Committee member has been linked with seeking to fight the incumbent at elections.

 This will also spark a debate about the credentials of the two people with their gravitas set to be analysed by the media to provide some interesting times ahead for Ghana football.


  1. Mumbi says:

    Too much confusion in Ghanaian football.
    I don’t think if Ghana can even qualify to Morocco 2015 Afcon.

  2. samedge says:

    man, u better think about what u & ur family will eat & forget about us. This tym round we will chipopotamus 6 points free during the qualifiers yet they cannot make it to Morocco in 2015

  3. Rasheed says:

    Nyantakyie is not my favorite,but for arrogant Randy Abbey to win,over my dead body.Mark my words.

  4. Sterlingz says:

    We don’t need all dis chop chop people. We want Toney Baffour

    • Big Boss says:

      @Sterling, I support your view. I believe it makes more sense to replace a colour Cathode-Ray Tube TV with a Plasma rather than a black & white. Tony Baffoe should be a more credible replacement than arrogant & inexperienced Randy Abbey else we should leave Nyantakyi alone.

  5. Samedge says:

    Without Nyantakyie Ghana is doomed and we can kiss 2015 AFCON goodbye.

  6. PITO says:

    I respect Tony Baffoe.

  7. tweaaaaaaaa says:

    Pot belly Randy Abbey is jux like Mr Akwasia Nyantakyi

  8. Tanko says:

    We want Baffour. We want Baffour….. Sing along folks! WE WANT BAFFOUR

    • cofie says:

      @ Tanko, shut up there!!!! That is how you Ghanaian are. one day you praise a person, when things are getting tough and the person needs you support, you turn and start making false allegation and tarnish the person’s image. you easily forget the good people do for you. If i were Tony, i wont even look your way. i will focus on what am doing and maintain my name and my peace of mind

  9. shieava says:

    i dont think randy can win the election if he even decide to contest,bcos all those executive members seems to be in the pocket of mr.nyantakyie but fully agree with u guyz in any given day i would endorse Mr. tony baffour ahead of both MR,nyantakyi and randy abbey

  10. selfmade says:

    We want randy abbey to rule gfa??? Even the slogan speaks volumes of the supporters of this man!

    To rule like the fa is his fathers cocoa farm!

    So anybody can rule regardless of if the person is competent or not!

    To rule? Over what? This country is a jokers and most of these so called supporters of ppoliticians are jokers themselves!

    Any FOOT SOLDIER OR FOOL SOLDIER can stand up after given a few stolen CEDI’s to write total gibberish!

    U don’t become a leader to rule but rather to serve so this FOOL SOLDIERS OF RANDY SHOULD COME AGAIN!

  11. selfmade says:

    WE WANT RANDY ABBEY TO RULE AT GFA and is this slogan coming from abbey himself or coming from some deluded ASS LICKERS?

    Our politicians are sometimes are joke and their mentalities refletlct or shows the behavior and characters of their followers!

    If his supporters are saying that, they want ABBEY TO RULE AT THE GFA, then it means he is going to turn the GFA presidency into some sort of COCOA BUSINESS and rule with his FOOT SOLDIERS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

    His first public slogan is a BIG GOOF and is very shameful that this is coming from abbey and his supporters! Now, is clear from this slogan that, abbey has already introduced dirty NDC/NPP dirty politics into this simple football elections!

    No man is born to RULE ALONE AND GOD SHOILD HAVE MERCY ON US if this man wins the presidency!

  12. Rass says:

    Tony baffour is way foreword

  13. judicael says:

    i think Tony Baffour or Abedi Ayew Pele will handle this position better. Corrupt Nyantekyi and Sanny Dara “the luyer”, should go away.

    • cofie says:

      Who? Abedi the match fixer? i think you guyz don’t think. someone who could fix a match for his team to win by 28 goals in a single match. is it basket ball or cricket? and you stuid people are callin for him to lead GFA.

  14. Sterlingz says:

    Tony Baffour….u have the full support of Ghabaians….we need u nd either osei kuffuor or Herbert Mensah as ur assistant.

  15. suraj says:

    when a person is in a high position for a long time he turns to mis behave,I think nyetakye should pave way 4 randy.

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