Real Madrid players snubbed Essien birthday party

Real Madrid's stars failed to attend Michael Essien's birthday bash last year.

Real Madrid’s stars failed to attend Michael Essien’s birthday bash last year.

Several Real Madrid players snubbed Michael Essien 30th birthday party last December even though the Ghanaian invited all of them, it has been revealed.

According to an English newspaper the Sun, the on-loan Chelsea star invited all his Madrid colleagues to his birthday bash but only a handful of them turned up.

The underwhelming response at the birthday party was just further confirmation for coach Jose Mourinho of what he knew already.

That his Real Madrid squad was a gathering of egotistical Galacticos more interested in themselves than the team.

And it was left to the Bernabeu boss to console his upset player.

He told the Ghana international that it was nothing personal — it was not that his team-mates did not like him and, sadly, it was not because they had anything better to do.

It was simply because they were more interested in themselves than anything or anyone else.

A superstar ego to go with their superstar talents. Mourinho was speaking from bitter experience because he had come up against it himself.

Players believing they were bigger than their coach, maybe even bigger than the club.

And Mourinho had to try to counter that attitude from day one.

Essien’s birthday snub was not the incident that convinced Mourinho he had to leave Los Blancos.

He had already made his mind up by then.

It was just the perfect example of the flawed philosophy that festered within the dressing room.





  1. Pk dee says:

    Its spanish culture.same as Tores nd Mata snubed drogbas party. Black for life

  2. Collynzo says:

    When I wrote that Essien was a houseboy, a servant who would only be used and dumped by Madrid you guys attacked me, It has been proven.

  3. Soba says:

    Essien and Mourinho should have known that they are far away from home(Chelsea), so all this shouldn’t be a surprise.

  4. Samedge says:

    It’s just bcos u don’t know football. All guys who really understand football knows why Essien’s team mates couldn’t attend his birthday party.

  5. Chu says:

    Ego vs ego. No race problems – well no pee. The english would never act this way. Viva Brits damn Spaniards

  6. Blow says:

    The English have their own negative side yet more cultured than the Americans, Spaniards and the rest of the world.



  8. tony says:

    The coach has the biggest ego of them all so he certainly would understand….

  9. mojahadine says:

    Who cares. Who is Essien anyway. He is just a loaner player, he is not going to be there too long so why is he trying so hard to be liked.

  10. Charles says:

    whats the big deal I get invited to parties and dont go mainly due to my family commitments and vice versa most friends dont come to mine-its really nothing at all-black people must get out of this never ending self persecution complex

    • Ricardo says:

      Why do you attack ALL black people? This is a story about Essien and yet you betray your own racist perception by attacking an entire race? What is it about black people that ignorant bigots like you are so afraid of? Search yourself and remedy that inadequacies that makes you think you are superior to a black person. You will not even measure up to the little toe of Essien. I pity you.

  11. Indigo says:

    stupid thing to worry about when there are so many people out there that need food and basic everyday stuff-bo-ho-ho they did not come to my party-real childish

  12. The Don says:

    90% of this story is fabrication!!!!!
    ‘And it was left to the Bernabeu boss to console his upset player.

    He told the Ghana international that it was nothing personal — it was not that his team-mates did not like him and, sadly, it was not because they had anything better to do.

    It was simply because they were more interested in themselves than anything or anyone else.’….were you there to hear him say this?? No morals…making Essien look silly with your stories…GET A LIFE!!

  13. kweku Basabasa says:

    Oh See? Inviting team mates to a birthday party is trying too hard to be liked? What if Essien had gone ahead with a birth day party and not invited any team mates,how will that be taken? You get invited to a party and if you can’t make it just let your host know; simple courtesy.
    I watched some of their matches where some players wouldn’t pass to Essien.But that’s life, some where you are adored elsewhere you are despised.I also know Essien is a great person and player capalble of big things in any league he finds himslef playing next season.

  14. G'nas Philz says:

    That’s spainiard for you,they only care about their own. F**k em all

  15. blue lion says:

    Still counting the 5-1 smash by Netherlands. Hahahaha, iker the biggest loser! I would rather love monkeys than this little nation called spain. Bullshit…

  16. hilds says:

    Haven’t this shambles of a team just won the Champions league? Didn’t Chelsea win it without Jose as well?


  17. Tino says:

    Haha dats y spanish people ve dicks… E mst btful gal z blck.. E mst lvd guy z blck…Spanish acsent z gay, blck for lyf. E brit nd french r gud

  18. Tino says:

    I meant small dicks we niggers we have hors dicks

  19. such brains do not know dat thier clubs success depend on foreigners curse on them:esp1- NER 5

  20. zack mwas says:

    ego n racism.Esien u r bwtter than them

  21. Goon says:

    Tino I hhbv nh idfa whrt ur sajng.

  22. Ahmad says:

    Real Madrid?isn’t that the same club that got rid of there best central midfielder(Angil Di maria) because he didn’t look pretty enough for their outfit then got eliminated by juventus because he wasn’t around to help them anymore

  23. Kamara Alhaji says:

    No Man, that’s not the right thing okay!

  24. Raymond Takyie-Mensah says:

    The truth is that, Essien was never liked by his team mates at Real Madrid. If it was Casillas who was celebrating his birthday you can imagine Perez their president would have attended. It’s a shame but mourinho wanted to console Essien. Fuck them all

  25. drae says:

    d prob d Spaniards got is that they aren’t literally, socially, psychologically, culturally & mentally civilised…they shouldn’t have gotten republica independence up till now…they possess a kinda toddler-cerebrum… British are literal, civilised, enlighten & welcoming people who would never act foolishly as the Spaniards…Essien thought they were like the my dear Britons

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