Referee Okine blasts 'illiterate' Kotoko supporters after Medeama match violence

Silas Okine has hit hard at irate Kotoko supporters

Silas Okine has hit hard at irate Kotoko supporters

By Patrick Akoto

Referee Silas Okine has launched a blistering attack on Kotoko supporters likening them to ‘illiterates’ who lack the understanding of the game.

Okine came under fire from irate fans of the club following their barren draw against Medeama in the race for the Premier League title on Wednesday.

Kotoko failed to spark against the Mauves and Yellows but the fans turned their attention on the match officials for alleged bias officiating.

Okine and his assistants had to wait for about five minutes on the pitch after fans started throwing plastic bottles at them, prompting the Police to be on guard.

With the situation worsening, Okine and his assistants ran with blistering speed like ‘Sprint King Usain Bolt’ into the tunnel and to their changing room.

The Accra-based referee has taken a swipe at the behavior of the supporters whom he has accused of displaying ignorance.

“They claim both Kotoko and Medeama had penalties which I gonored. Why didn’t the Medeama people throw missiles at me? If you think a referee has cheated you, why is there the need for a review committee? Okine asked on Fox FM

“Why did the GFA establish the review committee? At least referees have been suspended and all that and so if you feel cheated, what do you do?

“The supporters behaved like illiterates. I have a family. People also depend on me and so if you say a referee has robbed you and you pounced on him and kill him, what do you gain?

“Yes I was afraid of my life because people depend on me. I have a family I’m taken care off.

“I have an ambition in life and haven’t gotten anywhere yet. At the moment I’m doing my masters (MBA) programme.

“I am not just passing through the school; I want to make sure the school passes through me. I will not behave like those who are going to school but will not behave as such.

He added: I’m a human being. I make mistakes. Who doesn’t make mistakes? I am a human being. I’m not Jesus Christ. I am not God. Even computers make mistakes.

“I can make mistakes but as much as possible I make sure they are minimal which will not affect the state of the game.”

Kotoko are likely to incur the wrath of the Ghana FA who are expected to come down on heavy on them for their riotous behaviour.


  1. vim! says:

    same attitude at the hearts v kotoko game. i was at the stadium and only 1 word defines kotoko supporters, ILLITRATES (includin songo) .. what a shame

  2. IKE says:

    I thought a big team like Kotoko should have learnt lessons by now,not to think of may 9 dissaster just a day after.I find it extremely deficult to understand if the laws gorvening Ghana are different from that of football.This irate and ignorant fans who call thenselves supporters should have in jail by now.Uncivilised and uncultured people like this who call themselves football fans should bow their heads down in shame.I wish one day,they themselves or their close famiies will be at the receiving end of such brutallities.Can that 5 cedis or 10 cedis paid at the gate buy an hour of a persons life?.What irretates me most is,u’ll soon hear high profile personalities in the club defending this unscrupulous act.God will judge us all.SUPPORTERS OR FOOTBALL FANS MY FOOT. Start learning now before it’s too late”MURDERERS”.Vengeance is awaiting u.

    • pp says:

      its u who will be avenged.
      do u also know how much it takes to keep a team and how passionately we contributed to see how far our team has come? you people who know nothing come around and make stupid statements. he says he has a family then he must do what is expected of a family man because what we could have given to our families is what we paid to watch the game only for him to rob us of our money paid and you stupid and uncivilized person comes to make uncivilized statement. to hell with you

  3. simon akill says:

    I don’t know why this site is so concerned about this act, though it is very bad, this site alone has taken it like a propaganda to hit kotoko on the head. there is a comitte for the g.f.a responsible which will do its work and if punishable kotoko will get it. mind you still kotoko will paly where ever you so called disciplinary judges want and will win the league hands down. is there nothing better to talk about???? Ghana soccer net????? were you at the accra stadium to watch how supporters of hearts behaved ?????? my brother all die be die

  4. adonten says:

    kotoko supporters are the same people who caused the may 9th disster 12years ago. shame to the illiterates

  5. nana Amissah songo says:

    The refrees reasons are unacceptable and irresponsible. So he came into the game with everybody mistakes attitude so that if he made a mistake he would easily attribute it to that. Such attitude is tantamount to mediocrity. No wonder Ghanaian refrees are not regarded in the world.

  6. papasi says:

    Yes no body condones evil but certain people’s comments and unnecessary vituperations are a cause for concern!! Foolish, nincompoop and stack illiterate referee, what is the point here? medeama and kotoko both had penalties and u ignored them when they were clear cut penalties? Are u suggesting medeama had a penalty and u refused so when kotoko also had penalty u ruled that not to be a penalty? Stack non-sense and absolute primitivism! Is that the clear cut interpretation of the rules of the game, which section of the rules of the game stipulates that?
    Certain idiots Nkranfuo (Ga eople) and ashantis and akans and some respectable northerners, which people are the illiterates we are talking about, talking about all facets of life, sanitation, shelter, standard of living, schooling, etc. It is crystal clear and extremely obvious that akans and some respectable northerners are civiliised in all facets of life than those gas, ewes and other inferior folks, whose comments here speaks from where they are coming from. Maybe the dfinition of literacy is ‘people defaecating along the shores of the sea unnecessarily, OR some other definition understandable by certain idiots who comments from their anus and their stinking mothers’s vagina !!!

  7. Quophai says:

    Its unfortunate for some miscreants to hide behind this network to spew rubbish and make senseless comments. I watched the match and i must admit what the fans did was wrong. Does this warrant such unguarded vilification and vituperation? to make a blanket statement that Kotoko supporters are illiterates denotes stupidity and foolishness. Kwabena Yeboah, Yaw Ampofo Ankrah, Kojo Addai Mensah (C.O.O of GCB) Kojo Bonsu, Pres. John Mahama, Nana Akuffo Addo, Pres. Kuffuor, Osafo Marfo are some of the staunch supporters of Kotoko, can they be deemed illiterates? this gibberish comments are made by clueless individuals who use such wanton silliness to court public attention and disaffection for Kotoko. What makes people think that those who go to the Babayara stadium are all uneducated? its absolutely foolhardy to think so. I watched Hearts vrs Chelsea when supporters rushed onto the pitch. Why did we not call them illiterates? was it because they were in Accra? education is not a sole reserve of those of us here. Lets learn to be decorous in our speech. After all its just football. At the end of the day, we are all one people. Lets address the issues as they come and avoid making blanket statements. I am a Kotoko fan but i have had some education. I however condemn in no uncertain terms, the action of those Kotoko supporters who masterminded that dastardly act. I wish the disciplinary committee can take up this issue and met out the appropriate sanctions. Those arrested by the police should also be dealt with to serve as a deterrent to other hooligans and hoodlums who might want to do same.

  8. Pillar says:

    This pontificate to the fact that the wreath kotoko laid last Sunday at the Accra Sports Staduim before their match against Hearts is stupid. The laid it in remembrance of the departed souls of May 9th and two days after you do this same insane act. The GFA must come out with stiffer punishment that will ban kotoko at their home grounds for the rest of the season and even beyond. GFA,this is not a matter that should take long time to adjudicate, the evidences are clear. Kotoko is a disgrace to Ghana soccer

  9. jones says:

    I have been observing this writer PATRICK AKOTO,he has never write anything good about kotoko where did he heard the referee saying that, he must be very careful and this same stupid fool writer poster today that GFA has giving Kotoko a home match ban me while there hasn’t been any meeting by the GFA. someone should advice that fool PATRICK AKOTO.

  10. daze3535 says:

    Quophai, der is no way those ppl u mentioned will behave the way the supporters behaved. Hw can u justify wat dey did jst bcos other teams ve done worse. These kimd of hooliganistic behaviour is wat killed mre dan 100 innocent ppl nt long ago. Must we wait for anoda disaster like may9 b4 we act?….

  11. Alfred mc-kenzie says:

    @quophai,did you watch the match and can you say exactly where silas okine cheated kotoko?silas was always quick to show medeama players cards but kotoko players goes away with only verbal warning with their crumtching tackles.medeama had a clear penalty but it was ignored.silas said kotoko supporters are claiming both teams had penalties and he did not whistle so why didn’t medeama fans tell me if somebody has no knowledge or is ignorant of something what word do u used for the person and please who told u president mahama and akkufo addo support’s kotoko?stop decieving urself,as for the insults i hold my peace and may God 4give you.go and sin no more!

  12. Pop Man says:

    You are right Ref. Okine, this act is barbaric, uncouth and fetishly primitive.

  13. pp says:

    foolish people like this writer and the likes of this referee are idiots

  14. agenda says:

    soo sorry this rubbish is coming from an nba chap.Mr ref u hv belittled ur conscience n status! U dont sound like an educant in ur argument.mbs student? well u guys speak this way abt Asantis n i know why;complex! Yes u guys feel inferior to Asantes n u are refusing to accept it. Mo tiri so! What rubbish has hearts n others non done n how did u describe them? As a ‘typical’ Asante i’ll never support a ga team! Apuuu!

  15. IKE says:

    Quophai,well said,bt why did some of the fans over looked this high profile names,and what name will give to someone who is ignorant?.Moreover let’s not bring tribalism into this issue.Am akan,my father is a stounge fabolous fan bt i belong to the OAK TREE.Lets all help in clearing these people from our game being it any team instead of the insults and counter insults.

  16. Alfred mc-kenzie says:

    @agenda,when u go to a school it is only those who has dul minds that move to where intelligent ones are so you seem my brother it’s only those who feels inferior who moves or run to where they will meet and see those of class and that is the main reason why you runs to Accra.kotoko is the only team and will continue to be the only team in Ghana to have banned by caf for holiganism.change oh change kotoko…….

  17. Alfred mc-kenzie says:

    @agenda,when u go to a school it is only those who has dul minds that move to where intelligent ones are so you seem my brother it’s only those who feels inferior who moves or run to where they will meet and see those of class and that is the main reason why you runs to Accra.kotoko is the only team and will continue to be the only team in Ghana to have banned by caf for u the number of better typical asantes that supports ga team and for your information hearts is not a ga team but a cosmopolitan or better still a global team that is why the ga mantse is not the life patron of the club.has anybody not informed you that the late and the current asantehene supports hearts of oak? change oh change kotoko…….

  18. Eric, Toronto. says:

    This referee is lucky, way back in 2007/2008 i watched him officiate Kotoko Vs Wa Allstars at the Sunyani coronation park and his bias towards Kotoko was mind boggling, one had to be there to get a fair idea of what am talkng about. He needs to do better assesment of his acts towards the peoples team to avoid something untoward in hissubsequent encounters with Kotoko.

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