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Rwanda President Kagame slams Africa's poor showing at the 2014 World Cup

Published on: 06 July 2014
Paul Kagame is unimpressed with Ghana's display at the World Cup

Rwanda President Paul Kagame has lashed out at the African teams following their disappointing exit from the ongoing Fifa World Cup tournament in Brazil.

Mr. Kagame, who is an ardent football fan, blamed individualism for the dismal showing of the African sides at the World Cup revealing that he nearly broke his television during some of the frustrating matches on display by teams from the continent.

Africa was represented by five countries at this year's World cup namely Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Only Algeria and Nigeria managed to go past the group stages before being knocked in the round of 16 by Germany and France respectively.

Speaking at the Pan-African Youth Conference in Kigali Serena hotel, President Kagame said that team-work other than individualism would have helped African teams stage a good show at the tournament.

His reactions came after a participant from Cameroon expressed regret for his country's disgraceful show in Brazil during the question and answer session.

Kagame, an ardent Arsenal FC supporter said, "During my free time, I have been watching some of the World Cup matches but I was not impressed by African teams' performances,"

"Some teams had good players individually but failed teamwork to get the best out of it. At some point, I felt like breaking the TV screen," the smiling Kagame added.

He also jokingly said that he may consider going into professional coaching when he retires to offer vital lessons on how working together as a team is much more productive.



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  • Benny says:
    July 06, 2014 07:24 am
    This man is a comedian.He said during my free time,l watch some if the matches.What do African presidents do?24/7 free time. Borrow,beg,borrow,steal ,holidays ,women etc because they are above the law .