Sammy Adjei apologizes to Hearts goalkeepers’ trainer for using foul language

Sammy Adjei has issued a grovelling apology to the technical staff and teammates over his conduct

By Patrick Akoto

Hearts goalkeeper Sammy Adjei has apologized to goalkeepers’ trainer Abubakar Damba following their altercation at the training grounds.  

The 32-year-old is reported to have used foul language on the former Black Stars shot-stopper after he sought to question his competence in the aftermath of their 3-1 defeat against Ebusua Dwarfs.

But Damba has moved quickly to debunk the assertions and claims the matter was blown out of proportion.

“After every game there is always post-match analysis  That is where you will look at short-comings, what the mistakes were and what you are suppose to work on,” Damba told Kumasi-based Fox FM

“Even during the Dwarfs-Hearts game, I was out of the country. But during the post- analysis, I raised certain concerns about how Sammy Adjei should have dealt with certain situations.

“It is only fair that I allowed him to explain in his own view on why he took certain decisions and why those mistakes. It was a healthy discussion as far as I am concerned.

“But some of the players especially Esme Mends thought that he should have been quiet and listen. He was not happy Sammy was trying to be defensive. But it was ok.

“At the end of the day Sammy got to know that it was for his betterment and make him a better goalkeeper. As a trainer, I have to be critical because I want  to make him a better personality and better goalkeeper.

“He understood the approach was wrong and apologized to me and the whole team and that’s the spirit of the game.  It was nothing disrespectful or he went beyond bounds.

“People are exaggerating to create something out of nothing. Sammy Adjei is not that type of player.”

Adjei was dropped to the bench in their 2-0 defeat at Berekum Chelsea last Sunday.


  1. never say die says:

    sammy need to be sack

    • Nii says:

      Sammy needs our support. Indeed, he has proved that he is a professional player by quickly apologising to his boss. Are we not seeing worst behaviour on the part more internally recognised stars like the Ballotelis, Tevez among others? Even with these players, their coaches are always on the defence. Please don’t destroy Sammy. For now besides Otoo, he is the biggest player we can boast of as a club.

  2. Tanko says:

    @Fresher: I know you are reading by now. Have you just read what Damba said about Sammy Adjei? Compare it to my earlier challenge to your initial post on the other subject. Sammy did the right thing now. That’s exactly what you should have encourage him to do. Compare my earlier suggestions and what is unwinding now. They are all not pigs with a lipstick but human!

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